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McDonald’s Houston Is Testing Out Minute Maid Slushies For The Summer

Summer’s already just around the corner, and temperatures are starting to heat up. If you’re in the Houston, Texas area next week and looking to cool down, McDonald’s restaurants in the area are gonna have you covered.

Houston-area franchises will begin testing out three new Minute Maid Slushies on April 10th, just in time for the warm summer months. Customers will be able to choose between Orangeade, Cherry Limeade, or Fruit Punch flavored slushies.

McDonald’s Houston gave a sneak preview of the Slushies at the Mcdonald’s Houston Children’s Festival this past weekend, and man, do they look refreshing.

There’s no telling yet whether these Minute Maid Slushies will come out nationwide. However, they would be perfect for everybody to cool down with during the hot summer months to come.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Offers New Berry Blast, Raspberry Lime and Orange Coolatta


Dunkin’ Donuts, rarely one to miss an opportunity, launched three new Coolatta flavors in preparation for the summer heat. The new frozen items include Berry Blast, Rasperry Lime and Orange. The new Berry Blast Coolatta features a pomegranate and blueberry “taste,” while the Raspberry Lime Coolatta carries a hint of raspberry followed by a sweet lime flavor. These two items are available for a limited time only.

The Minute Maid Orange Coolatta will be a permanent fixture to the lineup — think frozen orange juice blended and packed with more sugar. As a promotion for the new drinks, any small Coolatta can be purchased for $1.99 during the month of May. This includes their Frozen Coffee flavors (Mocha Coffee, Frozen Caramel, etc.) as well.


Minute Maid Announces ‘Pure Squeezed’ Juices

Minute Maid Pure Squeezed Orange JuicesThe Coca-Cola Company and Minute Maid have jointly announced new ‘Never From Concentrate’ Pure Squeezed Orange Juices including No Pulp, No Pulp with Calcium & Vitamin D, Some Pulp and Light with Calcium & Vitamin D varieties.

What do you guys think of juice from concentrate vs. fresh squeezed juice? Fresh juice may taste better to some, but without concentrated formulas tons of fruit and juice would be wasted with current US consumption habits.

So FOODBEASTS, what do you drink? And will Minute Maid’s established brand presence and distribution help its juices outshine Naked Juice or Simply Orange?