Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Customer Over Mentos

YouTube video by OC Register

Having a gun pulled on you isn’t fun, especially after making a seemingly harmless purchase at a gas station.

That is what happened to customer Jose Arreola, though, as an off-duty officer pulled out his firearm, believing that Arreola tried stealing Mentos from the checkout counter of a Buena Park Chevron, Friday, May 4.

The surveillance footage obtained by NBC Los Angeles, showed the incident, as Arreola can be seen quickly grabbing the Mentos from the counter and putting in his pocket. In doing that, the officer probably believed Arreola was trying to pull a fast one on the gas station.

So, the only logical course of action was to pull out his gun, tell Arreola to put the Mentos back and scram.

Arreola can be heard explaining that he paid for the mints, and then the cashier confirmed that the transaction was made.

The officer then sheepishly apologized, as a terrified Arreola grabbed his change and walked out of the store.

Maybe the officer wanted to show that he actually was a cop, and if he didn’t have ID,  pulling out and cocking his gun was the best best thing.

The officer is being investigated, and thankfully not one got hurt over a $1 candy.


18 Mentos Parodies That Were Better Than The Original Commercials

Nothing represented the ’90s better than those cheesy 30-second commercials. Between the jingles and overexaggarated expressions, it just looked like everyone was having a blast. One of our favorites was a series of advertisements for the popular mint-candy Mentos.

This would be a typical Mentos spot:

Usually, the advertisements would feature a protagonist faced with an obstacle. Upon popping a Mentos, our hero figures out a way to overcome this obstacle. Then, FREEZE FRAME.

It was perfect.

With this formula in mind, we dug around the Internet and found some of the best fan parodies of the Mentos commercials around. Check them out below. Some may be more NSFW than others.



The Warriors

Star Wars

Total Recall

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Breaking Bad

Star Trek


Jurassic Park

The Exorcist

Best of the Best

Big Trouble In Little China

Pulp Fiction



Billy Madison

Demolition Man

Death Wish III

Packaged Food

Tic Tac Creates Taste-Changing Mints For Millennials Who Can’t Commit To One Flavor


A new pack of Tic Tacs is set to hit shelves in June. The new flavor, or flavors, will be called Tic Tac Mixers. They’re designed specifically to change tastes as it dissolves in consumers’ mouths. Y’know, for those who just can’t commit to one flavor.

Bloomberg reports, there are three specific reasons why the new Tic Tacs exist. The first is, obviously, is to freshen consumers’ breaths. The second, to have a “sweet, fruity moment.” The third, to provide consumers with…”an emotional rescue.”

Because we all buy Tic Tacs to escape, right?

The two new varieties of Tic Tac Mixers are Cherry Cola and Peach Lemonade.

 Photo: Tic Tac Facebook

Packaged Food

New Summertime Tic Tacs Taste Like Rocket Popsicles


For most people, orange Tic Tacs are enough. They’re fun, they’re fruity. They’re low calorie candies that also happen to be good for your breath. But say everyone’s favorite pill-shaped mint company decided to come out with a new flavor that’s equally as, if not more, kidult-friendly than “orange”? Yeah, can’t say we’d be mad.

New for summer, Tic Tacs is launching a “Summer Ice Pop” flavor, featuring a mixture of red cherry, white lime, and blue berry capsules. Finally we can relive the joy of childhood ice cream trucks without looking like total pedobears. To be available at convenience and grocery stores for $1.29 a box, for a limited time.


DIY Serving Tray Made of Peppermints

Ever wonder what to do with all those mint candies you’ve collected overtime from restaurant lobbies and waiting rooms? Since you never actually eat those bland, miserable things, this DIY Candy Serving Tray is both a practical and darling solution.

The directions are impossibly easy and you can check them out at Tutto Bella (“Everything Beautiful”). If you’re throwing a holiday party this December, this minty tray is an eye-catching way to serve boozy christmas-themed delights and other petite desserts.  If you’re especially crafty, you’ll end up with something like this:


via Tutto Bella

Packaged Food

SPAM Mints — Not As Gross As It Sounds

SPAM, the canned precooked meat packed by Hormel Foods, has been at the butt of many jokes and tall-tales over the years. For those unfamiliar, SPAM comes from a derivative of Shoulder Pork HAM, and often gets confused with mystery meat.

As if the confusion wasn’t high enough, let’s add another wrinkle in SPAM’s history. Introducing, SPAM Mints  a package of 1.5 ounces of little cinnamon-flavored meat shaped mints. Each tin can is shaped after a retro SPAM container, surely setting the tone for confusion for years to come. ($3.99 @ Amazon)



Vampire Repellent: Garlic Mints

It doesn’t matter if you’re on team Edward, team Jacob, or team “I hate Twilight series and anything resembling it”. Protect yourself from any unwanted neck bites with these Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints. Each 2-inch tin holds 100 garlic flavored mints. Although the vampires may be at bay, no one wants a mouthful of garlic. Be prepared, because your boyfriend or girlfriend will be far away from your face for awhile. ($2.99 @ Perpetual Kid)


Narwhal Horn Mints

Narwhals are the unicorns of the ocean. I hear if you eat the horn it’s magical. Of course I’m only talking about Narwhal Horn Mints. Eat the tusk and refresh your breath instantly. It’s like magic…sort of. (On Sale: $2.49 @ Think Geek)