Food Trucks

Andrew Zimmern Gets into the Food Truck Game

Hate to break it to you, but this truck won’t be offering monkey brain sausages any time soon.

Bizarre Foods star Andrew Zimmern is opening his very own food truck with a scheduled August 25th launch date at the Minnesota State Fair. Dubbed the AZ Canteen, the new truck will serve dishes on the extreme end of the food truck spectrum, but not to the extent of things that Zimmern’s eaten on his show.

Stephanie March, senior editor at Mpls.St. Paul Magazine, reported that Zimmern’s truck plans to “expand the protein choices of Americans with the overarching goal of restoring health and wellness to our food system one plate at a time.”

According to March’s blog post, the Bizarre Foods star plans to dish up goat burgers and goat sausages that were created between Zimmern and acclaimed New York butcher Pat LaFrieda. Other menu items include cripsy pork belly, veal tongue sliders, and ice cream sandwiches made with ice cream from Izzy’s, a St. Paul-based, handmade ice cream shop.

As of now, it looks like there will be limited stops for the AZ Canteen as the truck is set to “make appearances at some local events throughout the year.” There is the prospect of more trucks popping up in other cities across the globe, so keep your hopes up if you’re nowhere near the Minnesota State Fair.

Who knows, maybe Zimmern will serve up some of the types of foods he’s eaten on Bizarre Foods by then. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

[Thx: MSPMag via TCBMag]

Camel On A Stick!

My hungry cousins in Minnesota seem to have found one crazy ingredient to the whole food-on-a-stick phenomenon. This time it’s camel, I doubt Camel Joe is happy about it, but hey, we hear it tastes like buffalo. Check out this video I found of some ballsy FoodBeasts trying some camel. I hate to be anti-foodbeast, but it really looks like a piece of turd to me. Eat on!