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Brilliant New Game Combines Jenga and Jello Shots


Watch out Beer Pong. Make way Hungry Hungry Hippo. There’s a new game in town that is both part drinking game and part board game. Introducing the Tipsy Jello Shot Tower.

According to PopSugar, this tipsy version of Jenga is the “perfect Summer party game.” And we don’t disagree. Created and sold by Minnesota-based  Stone Point Custom Woodwork, the game is just like its drier predecessor except several pieces feature jello shot slots (see above). So, if you pull one such piece, you get a treat.

The Tower comes in two sizes, a Little Tipsy Tower ($79) and a Double Tipsy Tower ($89). Both come with jello shot cups with lids, and a jello shot recipe card (not that you need one) and laminated rules for how to play (not that you need those).

Both versions are currently sold out, but you can sign up to be alerted when the game is back in stock.

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Viral Dill Pickle Pizza Gets A Nationwide Release Through Goldbelly

UPDATE: The pizzas can now be purchased through Goldbelly

Not too long ago, we discovered a pizza in Minnesota took dill pickles to the next level. Created by QC Pizza in Mahtomedi, the pie was a pickle-lover’s dream come true. As of recently you could only try the insanely viral pizza at the brick and mortar pizzeria, with folks coming from all over the US to sink their teeth into it. Soon, however, you can have it delivered straight to your own home.

Called the Kinda Big Dill Pizza, the pickled-covered pizza garnered more than nearly 16 million views on Facebook. It was inspired by the concept of Minnesota Sushi, where one would take cream cheese and spread it over a dill pickle, wrap some ham around it, and slice it like sushi.

The concept was enough to pique our interests and send us on a plane to check it out.

Made with a layer of garlic dill sauce that’s topped with slices of 48-hour smoked Canadian bacon, the process is then followed by a generous layer of fresh pickle slices, mozzarella cheese, another layer of pickle slices, and sprinkled dill.

According to owner Dennis Schneekloth, the pizza is in the final stages of joining Goldbelly‘s nationwide delivery service. This means, you can soon enjoy the sour and savory notes of this infamous dish. 

Scheekloth expects the Kinda Big Dill pizza, as well as other pies from the innovative pizzeria, to hit Goldbelly sometime in January 2020. I wasn’t a big pickle guy myself, but after trying this in Minnesota, I’ve been craving the pizza quite a bit. Can’t wait to order another one.

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Ice Cream Parlor Will Serve You Every Scoop They Have On A Single MASSIVE Platter

One of the biggest conundrums you can come across in an ice cream parlor is not knowing which flavor you want to try. Your eyes dart from flavor to flavor, with the veritable cast of 12 Angry Men deliberating in your head the final scoop verdict.

What if you didn’t have to choose?

Milkjam Creamery, in Minneapolis, MN, takes the struggle out of your ice cream-based decision dilemma by offering a platter that serves every single scoop. Yes, every flavor offered at the ice cream parlor will be served to you on what Milkjam aptly named the “All of Them” platter.

The platter includes notable flavors like Thai Tea, Turkish Coffee Toffee, Passionfruit Lychee Swirl, Hibiscus Lemonade, Peanut Butter Banana, and Oreo Peanut Butter. A large chunk of the flavor offerings are even vegan, for those unable to dabble in dairy.

For anyone who loves to indulge their sweet tooth, it doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

You can find the All of Them Sundae platter at Milkjam Creamery, as part of their permanent menu. Flavors are subject to change seasonally.

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The Prices of Food and Beer at The Super Bowl Might Make You Faint

We’ve all been to stadiums or arenas and coughed up $6 for a hot dog, and while it’s painful to hand over your credit card at that regular season game, the concession prices for the Super Bowl were twice as cringeworthy.

We’ll start off with the big one, pointed out by Will Brinson of CBS Sports. U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota was selling “House Divided Cocktails,” a green one in honor for the Eagles, and a red one for the Patriots.

One of those drink-filled plastic jars cost loyal fans a cool $35.

The insanity didn’t stop there, as bottled waters went for $6, and chicken sandwiches were priced at $13. If you wanted to dig into a whole chicken, which is usually eight pieces, you’d have to drop $23.

Let’s compare that to the other extreme in Atlanta’s new football stadium. Mercedes-Benz Stadium had its grand opening in 2017, and dramatically lowered its concession prices, even for the playoffs. From $2 water bottles to $5 cheeseburgers, watching a Falcons game was way more affordable than the insane Super Bowl prices in Minnesota.

I guess you kind of had to expect that high prices for anything Super Bowl related, but even millionaire celebrities had to be wide-eyed when seeing a $4 price tag for string cheese.

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Watch Minnesota Vikings Fans Keep Beer From Freezing With Fire Pits

Living in California, you know the weather’s getting seriously cold when the temperature dips under 40 degrees, and there’s a little ice on your windshield in the morning. In Minnesota, you know the weather’s getting seriously cold when it dips to minus 20 degrees, and you have to keep your beer over an open flame just so it won’t freeze.

And this is exactly what Minnesota Vikings fans had to go through this Sunday, as their unusual tailgating skills helped them keep their beer drinkable.

There are videos of the fans chilling in the snow, as the minus 34 windchill wasn’t going to stop them from enjoying themselves before their beloved Vikings faced the Indianapolis Colts.

Just another day in the Land of 10,000 Lakes — granted those lakes are frozen, unlike these ingenious fans’ beers.

h/t brobible


These Are 10 Of The Most Mouthwatering Foods At This Year’s Minnesota State Fair

While we’re devouring vegan tacos at the start of this year’s LA County Fair, there was another major exhibition coming to an end on the other side of the country. Our friends, the Food Dolls, spent a day at the Minnesota State Fair to highlight the most appetite crushing items they had to offer.

Known as the second largest state fair in the US, behind Texas, we were stoked to see what kind of foods the Dolls got to try.

Here are some of the hottest food items they hit us back with on their recent trip.

Maple Bacon Tipsy Pie (Tipsy Pies)


What we have here is a hand-made pie made with locally sourced whiskey and wine topped with bacon served in a miniature pie tin.

Deep fried pickles (The Perfect Pickle)


Peaking out of a deep-fried crust is a fresh pickle just waiting to be dunked in a pool of ranch.

Tater Dog (Texas Steak Out)


Potato lovers can wield their very own spiral cut potato wrapped around a Hebrew National dog and covered in parmesan cheese.

Deep Fried Nachos Supreme (Texas Steak Out)


This melty masterpiece is made from jack cheese cubes coated in a mixture of crushed seasoned tortilla chips and nacho cheese. The cubes are then deep-fried, covered with taco meat, guacamole, more nacho cheese, and sour cream.

Sheep Dog (The Lamb Shoppe)


Check out this lamb dog served in a bun with garlic sautéed kale, raw fermented sauerkraut, quinoa, and a honey mustard drizzle. Probably one of the healthiest things on this list.

Macaroni & Cheese Curds (Oodles of Noodles)


Cheese lovers will get hyped after trying this macaroni and cheese blended with fresh cheese curds.

Candied Bacon Donut Sliders (Minnesota Wine Country)


You can’t have a fair without some kind of donut dish. These glazed donut holes with thick candied bacon and a chocolate red wine ganache are this year’s answer to that annual craving.

The Gizmo (Carl’s Gizmo Sandwich)


The Gizmo is an Italian-style sandwich, made with ground beef and Italian sausage covered in red sauce. Sure you can’t see much under this blob of melted mozzarella, but just let your imagination take the wheel from there.

Curd Bucket (Mouth Trap Cheese Curds)


Who wouldn’t want to carry around a bucket of deep-fried cheese curds all day? You can find this bad boy at Mouth Trap Cheese Curds.

Cookie Pail (Sweet Martha’s Cookies)


One of the hottest stops at the Minnesota Fair, Sweet Martha’s Cookies serves about a million cookies a day. Their cookie pail is $16 and comes overflowing with the baked dessert.

Photos by Food Dolls


Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency After Bird Flu Kills 2.5 Million Turkeys


The governor of Minnesota has declared a state of emergency after highly pathogenic strains of bird flu resulted in the deaths of 2.5 million turkeys in the state. While the strains of this bird flu are unlikely to affect humans, it’s had a devastating affect on poultry.

The H5N2 bird flu is quickly moving through 46 different Minnesota farms. The National Guard have been called in by Gov. Mark Dayton to offer aid in quarantining the locations.

Earlier, two Ontario farms have also been confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with H5 bird flu. The farms have been quarantined and testing is currently underway to find the subtype and strains they carry.

States in the midwest have reached a total of 7 million poultry deaths including chickens thanks to the bird flu.

Japan and Taiwan understandably have issued import bans on poultry as a result of this epidemic.

While this is a massive loss of poultry, no human illnesses have been reported.




Restaurants Now Charging Customers, Servers For Minimum Wage Increases


In response to the recent minimum wage increase in Minnesota from $7.25 to $8, some restaurants have started tacking extra fees onto customer’s bills or taking them directly from servers’ tips to offset costs. The worst part? It’s all totally legal.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the .75 cent wage hike took effect at the beginning of the month, and is the first increase in the state in the past decade. To compensate, business owners like those at the Blue Plate Co. — which oversees eight restaurants in the area — have resorted to “creative” measures to keep costs down, such implementing a new credit card fee that will ultimately shave about 2 – 3% from servers’ tips each time a customer doesn’t pay with cash.

Another tactic used by the owner of the Oasis Cafe in Stillwater is a .35 cent “minimum wage” fee added on at the end of customer’s meals.

Locals, understandably, are pissed.

“Putting [minimum wage] fees on tickets and passing the cost on to consumers directly is strange at best, and creates an ‘us against them’ mentality while ordering dinner,” Wade Luneberg, secretary and treasurer of MN State Council of UNITE HERE Unions, told the Star Tribune.

“It’s just bad morale when [the owner] drives up in a Porsche, and yet he wants my 2 ­percent,” a Blue Plate Co. employee also said.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Dept. of Labor considers such loopholes perfectly legitimate, granted the deductions don’t result in workers making less than minimum wage. Which means, as long as we continue to live in this great, blue-blooded, capitalist-minded nation of ours, the future of higher minimum wages isn’t looking too bright. Go. Freaking. Figure.

H/T Jezebel