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McDonald’s Singapore Has An Entire Minions Menu, With Tons Of Ba-na-na-nas

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McDonald’s could have stamped the Minions on their bags, wrappers, and windows, and called it a day, but instead they went all out with an entire Minions menu that actually features some unique items.

To help promote the new Despicable Me movie, MickeyD’s Singapore will be selling Minion-shaped potatoes (hash browns), spicy nuggets, banana pies, Iced Banana Chocolate, Banana Hot Fudge Sundaes, and Minion banana ice cream cones.

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Although McDonald’s U.S. is also promoting the Despicable Me 3 film, they didn’t go all out with a menu, and the most we get is a cute commercial featuring the Minions and Happy Meals.

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Can we at least get the cursing Minion toys like we did in 2015. It’s not fair that Singapore gets all these awesome new menu items while we just have to sit here and drool while looking at photos.

While the U.S. is taking an “L” on this one, at least we can eat the Rolo McFlurry again. You have to count the small wins, too, sometimes.

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Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss News

McDonald’s Latest Recall On Fitness Tracker Sets A Company Record

We recently reported that McDonald’s was giving away a very basic fitness tracker inside Happy Meals. Less than a day after our initial report, McDonald’s pulled the plug on its STEP-iT Activity Bands, due to parents claiming the fitness tracker was causing skin irritation, “and burns from wearing the band.”

McDonald’s recalled 29 million fitness trackers in the United States and more than 3 million in Canada, according to its website. Considering the numbers and the circumstances on which McDonald’s most recent recall were issued — 32 million total units between the U.S. and Canada —  make this McDonald’s largest recall EVER.

In 2010, McDonald’s recalled a Shrek-themed drinking cup, due to exposure to paint that contained cadmium. Approximately 7.5 million units of the cups were sold to customers, which McDonald’s offered to pay $3.00 for each cup returned. In 2015, McDonald’s released Minions-themed toys, which were quickly recalled due to claims that the toy said, “What the F*ck.”

In an August 23 statement, released via McDonald’s Facebook page and website, the company announced a voluntary recall on the newly released fitness tracker.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.43.46 PM

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers, including the toys and children’s products we offer them. McDonald’s has decided to voluntarily recall the Step-iT Activity Wristbands in the U.S. and Canada after recently receiving reports of skin irritation and burns upon wearing the wristband,” McDonald’s Facebook page read.

Now, McDonald’s is encouraging customers that are still using the activity tracker to, “stop wearing them and return them to any McDonald’s for a free replacement toy and a choice of a yogurt or apple slices.”

McDonald’s is now working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission after more than 70 different cases of skin irritation promoted company officials to take action.


McDonald’s Employees Freak Out As Minion Toys Order From The Drive-Thru [WATCH]

Rahat Hossain, or MagicofRahat as he’s known as on YouTube, has tons of classic drive-thru pranks, where he’ll stroll through fast food restaurants in a variety of absurd ways. This time he gave the impression that his car was filled to the brim with Minion toys. He made his orders at McDonald’s, went up to the window and the unsuspecting employees freaked out as it appeared that no one is in the car, except for the thousands of Minion toys. Check out the reactions below:


Parents Swear The Minion Toys At McDonald’s Are Saying, ‘What The F**k’

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 11.33.47 AM

If you’ve watched the new Minions movie, you’d swear they were speaking Spanish at certain points, but some parents are hearing something more vulgar from McDonald’s new Minions toys.

“What the fuck” is the alleged profanity that one of the toys is dishing out, and it has been noted on a couple different instances.

Parents in Ohio told My Fox 28 that one of the Minion toys is clearly saying WTF.

There was another incident like this reported to WFTV where a couple of grandparents in Florida heard the same thing and threw out the potty-mouthed minion.

In the video below, it does kind of sound like he might be saying, “What the fuck” and “I’ll be damned.”

McDonald’s said that all of this is nonsense as the Minions clearly speak Minionese, which is essentially gibberish.

So parents are pissed, whoever voiced the toys is probably laughing hysterically and the Minions are probably still living the thug life. All is well with the world.

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32 Despicably Cute Photos of Minions in Your Food


Despicable Me’s minions are looking to supersede kittens and piglets as the world’s cutest creatures. You can spot these petite, bright yellow fellows everywhere these days, they’re the most coveted prize at the county fair and scene-stealing commercials with that bubbly Progressive lady.

Now, they’re in your food. Oh, yes. There’s no escaping them, and why would you want to anyhow? They make for the perfect cuddle buddy/night light and have a strange fascination with farts. Adorable, er, right?

So here’s a list of 32 minions in your food via Instagram. Because if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well make them into pretty cupcakes and latte art. Naturally.



Minion Cookies tho

Bougie Minion

Mickey Mouse Cameo

Pyro Minon

Keep Calm & Eat Minions

Beware the Evil Minion


Minion Twinkie Cupcakes


That’s Gotta Hurt

Nailed It

Sheer Genius

This one spins and talks. Overachiever much?

Minion Pops

Say It with Minions


Minion Tic Tacs are sadly not real-life

Minion Caramel Apples

Bananas Disguised as Minions


It’s official, they’re taking over the world: Minion Oreos

Hipster Minion


Mini Minion Chocolates

Minion Latte Art


Don’t Blink, It’s a Despicable Who TARDIS Cake

Despicable Who

“The minions have the phone box!”

For the Whovian who prefers her Weeping Angels a little more yellow and a little less evil time-sucking monster-y, this Minion TARDIS cake and cupcakes could be just the ticket.

Created by the “Bunny Baker” Aila Sim-Yonzon and her husband Zach, who molds the fondant, this Doctor Who x Despicable Me mash-up is the perfect example of how most Doctor Who fans are simply overgrown children watching a crazy, yet endearing, mad scientist “save” the world week after week. What? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just that the first step to recovery is acceptance. And then throwing that acceptance right out the police box window.

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Despicable Me’s Minions Disguised As Twinkie Cupcakes


Now that Twinkies are back on shelves, it’s time to welcome these little creme-filled snacks back into the dessert aisle. So, howabout we start by turning them into those adorable little minions from Despicable Me? Yes? Awesome. No? Well, gosh, you never cared about them anyway.

WALK 97.5, a New York radio station posted the photo of Gru’s minions to Facebook. From what we gather, the recipe looks pretty simple and requires a minimal amount of fancy schmancy baking skills. We’re thinking the easiest way to go about whipping up this mini army would be to pick up a dozen or so cupcakes at the grocery store, cut a bunch of Twinkies in half, and draw on the face using black icing. For the eyes, I swear those are white Smarties.

H/T Laughing Squid, PicThx WALK 97.5