Colorful Simpsons Wine Bottles Look Just Like Homer and Marge

A fancy bottle of wine might be the last thing you’d break out for a Simpsons binge-watching session. But then, you’ve probably never found a wine that looks quite like this.

Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich dreamt up a pair of wine bottles meant to resemble the iconic husband and wife duo from television’s longest running animated sitcom: Homer and Marge Simpson. Inspired by the color block paintings of Piet Mondrian, the bottles are clean and minimalistic, with sections clearly demarcated to match their characters’ appearances. As a little tongue-in-cheek nod, the wines are also said to be aged since 1987, or the year the family first debuted in shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show.



As neat as the designs are, the wines are of course just a concept. Which is probably for the better. We’d rather take a can of Duff, anyway.



Swanky Beer ‘Briefcase’ Carries 4-Pack in Capri Sun Pouches


If you ever have the urge to carry beer around like some kind of blood smuggler, look no further than the Leuven. Created by Korean designer Wonchan Lee, it’s a minimalist, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard or plastic ringed six packs, that allows you to carry four vacuum-sealed PET bags of beer in a way that probably seems way more futuristic than it actually is.

More a frame than a briefcase, the Leuven concept was developed to create a contrasting aesthetic between the clear pouches and black container, and explore new possibilities for beverage package design. In other words, just ’cause it looks cool.

“Differentiation is probably the most important factor in packaging these days as packaging is often the only way to appeal and compete with other products on the shelf,” Lee wrote in his product description, “it has to stand out among others.”


Still, it’s hip, it’s minimalist, it’s green, and if it ever comes to market, it’ll probably also be wildly overpriced. Why wouldn’t we be in?



How this Design Firm Transforms Our Favorite Food Brands is Absolutely Breathtaking


Buying snacks is never easy. All that packaging in the aisles can quickly become overwhelming.  There are simply too many mascots, bright colors, and flashy packaging clamoring for your attention.  When you consider that the “average person sees up to 5,000 ads” a day, you can imagine how exhausting it all becomes.

All of this could by cited as inspiration for Astrepo, a creative agency that released a photo series taking packaging down to a calmer place.  Minimalist versions of Nutella, Nesquik, and Tabasco sauce are only a few of the featured pieces, which show the progression from recognizable logos to more streamlined conceptual pieces.  The stark simplicity of each transformation a commentary on the folly of branding ideals.



But what do you think? Do you prefer the minimalist versions, or the tried-and-true classics?

H/T First We Feast