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Oreo Snack Hack: The Mini Dipper


Oreo just posted an ingenius way to dunk Mini Oreos on their Facebook page. Dubbed “The Mini Dipper” the hack involves a french press, milk and some mini oreos. As their vine video illustrates simply fill your coffee press about halfway or more with milk, fill the press’ plunger with Mini Oreos and dunk those bad boys. Pull up the plunger and you have yourself some nicely soaked cookies without the mess! You could probably do the same thing with regular Oreos but don’t be surprised if your cookie gets stuck.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


IHOP’s ‘Scary Face’ Pancakes and Pumpkin Pancakes Return


The “Scary Face” pancakes at IHOP are back!  The adorable (and admittedly un-scary) buttermilk pancake has a whipped topping mouth, a glazed strawberry nose, two mini-Oreos for eyes, and eight pieces of candy corn for teeth.  They’ll be around through Halloween, though little ones under twelve can get one for free on Halloween day, just like last year.


While we kind of think it would be more fitting to have the pancake base for “Scary Face” be a pumpkin pancake, which are also back this fall, we’re so swept up in how cute they are that we don’t mind.  Plus candy corn for breakfast? Yes. Please.