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Field Roast Plant-Based Mini Corn Dogs Now Available At Sam’s Club

Field Roast has partnered with Sam’s Club to bring plant-based snacking to a town near you. This is the first time a Field Roast product has been sold at Sam’s Club, a milestone which will introduce the burgeoning brand to a wider consumer base. 

Just in time for the holidays, these bite-sized doggies are the perfect appetizer for gatherings. The combo of Field Roast’s savory Classic Smoked Frankfurters wrapped up in traditional cornbread batter is sure to bring back memories of yesteryear. In addition to a great taste, each mini corn dog packs 8 grams of protein per serving.

If you’re looking to add some more plant-based tastiness to your holiday grocery list, you can check for availability here.


Mini Beer-Battered Veggie Corn Dogs


Recipe: Cooking Stoned


Dip These Mini Corn Dog Muffins in Sriracha Sauce


This simple recipe puts a spin on the classic corn dog while using a bit of imagination and ingenuity in the process. The traditionally corny batter is given a makeover with the addition of green chilies for a hint of spice but not overwhelmingly so — that task is left to America’s new favorite condiment, Sriracha. Yes, these bite sized morsels are paired with spicy sriracha sauce for dipping, just in case you felt the need to eat a fireball. Did I mention everything is placed inside a mini muffin tin and baked in the oven?! Too cutes.

So for the love of county fairs, crack out the cobwebbed muffin tins you once believed to be useless and give this one a shot! Peep the recipe here.

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Jack in the Box Releasing Mini Corn Dogs?

Continuing their streak of releasing a slew of items that continually leave college freshman foaming at the mouth, Jack in the Box seems to be testing Mini Corn Dogs at certain locations.

The Mini Corn Dogs also continues the theme of “mini” items that the chain has served in recent years, including mini sirloin burgers, mini buffalo ranch chicken sandwiches, mini cookies and mini churros.

According to product review blog The Impulsive Buy, the deep fried mini corn dogs are made up sausage surrounded by a sweet, crispy exterior. The particular location serving them has a batch of five of them priced at $1.99. Mini Corn Dogs are available for a limited time, at participating restaurants, and nutrition facts are not yet available.

Sound off in the comments if you’ve tasted these, or know of locations serving them.