8 American Beers We No Longer Care About

It’s a sad day when we as a society begin to neglect our domestic beer. I suppose that’s just a consequence of a free-enterprise system. One beer brand prospers while another suffers. This is why I personally pine for the day when we finally give into socialism. Then we’d all be drinking state-sanctioned swill from the National Brewery of Communist Union.

I’m only joking of course… yes… joking. 24/7 Wallstreet has the story on 8 US-based breweries that haven’t been doing so well economically over the past year. The list is made up of some breweries you might expect to see and some that may surprise you. The article outlines the sales loss percentage for each company and the number of barrels of beer sold by their respective company. Some of the suffering breweries include Budweiser, Milwaukee’s Best, and Michelob.

[THX and Photo Credit t0 Beer Images]