Millionaire Dies And Leaves His Favorite Steakhouse Waitresses $50,000 In The Will


When Robert Ellsworth passed away, he wanted to make sure his favorite waitresses were taken care of.

The 85-year-old art mogul left some very surprised servers one final tip in the form of $50,000. Ellsworth frequented New York Upper East Side steakhouse Donohue’s on many occasions. The millionaire got his nickname “The King of Ming” from his expertise in the Ming Dynasty.

While Ellsworth didn’t actually know the waitresses’ last names, he addressed them as “Maureen at Donohue’s” and “Maureen-at-Donohue’s Niece Maureen” in the will.

At the time of his death last August, Ellsworth was said to be worth about $200 million. The art collector spent most of his meals at the steakhouse, often bringing friends and colleagues to dine with him. The staff said he always would tip generously when he ate there, never even looking at the bill.

Ellsworth died from injuries caused by a fall.

Photo: Yelp


Iowa Man Wins $1 Million Lottery While on a Mission for Food

After having to rush his mother to an Iowa hospital, Steve Petty got a $1 million surprise at a pizza parlor Feb. 18.

Petty, 58, had to take his 95-year-old mother to the Guthrie Center hospital after she fell in her Adaire, Iowa home.

After getting his mom situated in the hospital, Petty looked for a bite to eat, but he obviously didn’t Yelp the area. He tried a local grill and got turned away because they had closed. He then went to a grocery store to try his luck with their service deli, but the deli clerk was absent.

After tirelessly searching the Guthrie Center area, he saw a sign for a large sausage pizza priced at $10, and he knew he had found the answer to his problems.

Casey’s General Store, which acts as both a convenience store and a pizza place, was the spot where Petty bought three Iowa Powerball lottery tickets, one worth $1 million.

His mom is doing well and he can now add hot wings to his pizza order without worrying about the price.

If only all stories ended with $1 million and pizza, the world would be better place.