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Miller64 Makes Math Easy

As sports bettors continue to run the numbers for Super Bowl LVI, the folks at Miller are posing a different math problem to light beer fans. Given the release of a new light beer that’s 80 calories, Miller64 wants to know which number is smaller — 80 or 64?

After a recent survey that seemed to stump 7% of Americans, the brand enlisted the help of Ken Ono, world-renowned mathematician and current Thomas Jefferson Professor of Mathematics at the University of Virginia, to do the math (see below).

Ono, who also serves as the section chair for mathematics at the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is an expert in number theory, has published over 200 research articles and was awarded a Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering by a former president. Despite this, he still had questions about why 7% of Americans think 80 is smaller than 64.

When asked to solve this particular equation, Ono stated, “I’ve seen a lot of complicated mathematical equations in my career, and worked to solve some of the most complex integer partitions and modular forms, but what I can’t understand is why anyone would think 80 is smaller than 64? I can confirm, 64 is most certainly smaller than 80.”

“Not only have we found the correct answer to which number is smaller, we’ve also found the perfect recipe for an extra light beer with Miller64,” adds Sofia Colucci, Global Marketing Vice President – Miller and Economy Portfolios. “It doesn’t take a genius to do the math, but we’re glad Ken Ono was able to help prove us right.”

Beer lovers and aspiring mathematicians who believe they know the correct answer to which is smaller — 80 or 64 — can visit to prove their knowledge of simple math. Get it right and you can claim a free six-pack of Miller64, just in time for this weekend.

Someone needs to check on that 7% though. SMH.


Miller64 Gets a Branding and Package Design Overhaul

MGD 64 was launched nationally by the MillerCoors company back in 2008, boasting a 64-calorie beer with a meager 2.8% alcohol volume and 2.4 grams of carbs per 12 ounces. Now in 2012, the MillerCoors has enlisted Chicago-based design firm Soulsight to rehash the brand, and the result is the new Miller64 logo and package design.

The new look spans bottles, cans, and the different packages that hold each. Branding changes include a bold new logo attached to smoky silver and red labels.

Soulsight‘s brief on the project notes that the design firm attempted to design a “handsome new identity, branding and package” that “demonstrates how Miller64 complements a balanced lifestyle for legal-drinking-age consumers who are committed to making good choices with their daily responsibilities and in their social lives.

Miller64, and its new look, is available at bars, restaurants and grocery stores nationally.