Chuck E. Cheese’s New Millennial Menu Has A MAC & CHEESE PIZZA


For years, Chuck E. Cheese has been pretty constant with its menu. It’s not like kids are going to complain about cheese and dough quality when there’s games to be played. That changed earlier this year when the entertainment center revealed a redesigned menu that featured boneless wings, wraps, speciality thin-crust pizzas and even churros.

Now, things are changing yet again, NRN reports. Chuck E. Cheese is preparing to launch its first limited-time menu item: a macaroni and cheese pizza.


Photo: Ron Ruggless

Gregory Casale, the chain’s director of culinary innovation, was a former fine-dining chef. His goal was for people to give the party center a second look and see that their pizza can stand along with all the other pizza chains out there.

Developed towards a millennial crowd of parents and kids, the new menu boasts the tagline:

“We’re not playing games with your food anymore.”

Wait, so what were they doing before? It’s been a while since our last trip, but we didn’t think the pizza and wings were that bad.

One of the newer items, the spinach and mushroom-topped Cali Alfredo pizza seems to be doing very well for the brand since it appeared on the menu back in April.

The Mac-Cheesy Pizza makes its debut in October and will be available through the end of the year. Afterwards, Chuck E. Cheese will launch another limited item.

Our fondest memories were of the breadsticks dipped in ranch dressing. Hopefully that never changes.


Fast Food

7-Eleven Gets Saavy, Unleashes New Sriracha Chicken Ranch Sandwich


Rumors of a swanky 7-Eleven redesign turned out to be greatly exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean their new food offerings aren’t still obnoxiously hip.

Pretzel-bunned and Sriracha-drizzled, 7-Eleven’s new Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich hits two millennial trends with one mildly misguided stone. That’s not to say we’re not fans of good ol’ 7 trying to keep up with the times; we just wish they executed it better. Though the sandwich’s outsides are sure to get all our Instagrammin’ little panties in a bunch, its insides are relatively ho hum — just slices of chicken, lettuce, and cheese. Word around the internets, though, is that the bun and sauce more than make up for their innards. Denver’s Westword blog reports the Sriracha was “surprisingly spicy,” and that the bun was “fat, salty, chewy and had that neat slick pretzel exterior.”


There’s also a set of three Caramel Apple Mini Donuts, crispy French Toast Sausage Rollers filled with maple syrup, and a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll. You can find all the new eats at participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide — $5 for the sandwich, $1.29 for the donuts, $1 each for the rollers and $1.69 for the cinnamon roll, or thereabouts.




PicThx 7-Eleven


Too Cool: Urban Outfitters Opening First In-Store Coffee Bar


Things we wish we could erase from our collective consciousness: cronuts, Miley Cyrus’s tongue, the word hipster (see also: 20-something and millennial). You could download the new Chrome extension that swaps out every appearance of the word with “my internalized misconception of the youth,” or you could pray this in-store Urban Outfitters coffeehouse goes nationwide. We might never have to see another hipster internalized misconception again.


Sneaking into the lower level of an UO location in (where else?) Manhattan, right next to the lomo cameras and Banksy books, the purported cold brew-swiller will open its Pinterest-ready-doors next Monday, reports New York blog Sprudge. They’ve partnered with Wisconsin’s Kickapoo Coffee Roasters to roll out a whole line of espressos, hot coffees, cold-brews, drips, and specialty pastries, all compiled by a dedicated barista staff – so no one need worry about any misguided temps mixing up their Costa Rican Blends with their Argentinian.


With any luck, all the internalized misconceptions out there will soon realize Urban Outfitters has become a swankier Wal-Mart, complete with all the clothes, trinkets and nourishment any aspiring-anything will ever need — and just move in there. Will the streets feel considerably less pretentious and considerably less well-dressed? Probably. But at least we can stop making awful hipster jokes.

H/T Grubstreet + PicThx Sprudge

Packaged Food

Nestle Launches ‘Premium’ Hot Pockets, Because Millennials are Too Smart to Eat Cardboard Anymore


I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe after my mom stopped packing my school lunches. In any case, I haven’t touched a Hot Pocket in years, but I don’t remember them tasting good. In fact, I don’t remember them tasting like much of anything except maybe dry “pocket crust” and the two slices of salami that didn’t fill out the insides.

Well, Nestle wants you to know all that has changed. Supposedly anyway. This week, in conjunction with the product’s 30th anniversary, Hot Pockets is launching a new line of microwavable sandwiches made with “premium” ingredients including Hickory Ham, Angus Beef, Signature Pepperoni and White Meat Chicken, along with new garlic-butter, croissant and pretzel crusts.

The change was brought about to appeal to millennials, who are “drawn to the appeal of fresher, healthier, higher-quality ingredients,” TIME reports.

“Their food IQ is so high today,” Hot Pockets’ marketing director Daniel Jhung told the publication, “Two-thirds say they consider themselves foodies and they talk about being into prosciutto and angus beef. I was shocked at how knowledgeable they were about food. I know I didn’t talk about food like that when I was 21.”

In other words, because we’re food snobs who no longer appreciate the joy of cheap, easy munchie cures, Hot Pockets is giving us fancy new hipster munchie cures – score. Not to mention the new flavors also come with a money back guarantee for the 3-out of 5 people who actually prefer the cardboard stuff – double score.

But hey, why stop there? The way I see it, if they’re going to pander anyway, we might as we hold out for the gruyere and lobster ones, right? Get on it, Nestle.

H/T + PicThx TIME