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8 French Macarons That Push The Envelope On Creativity

It seems as though the French macaron has reached its all time high in popularity over the last five years.  Popular bakeries like Mille-Feuille in New York, Bottega Louie in Los Angeles, and Ladurée in Paris have gained worldwide recognition for their mastery in the bite-sized pastry.  Its no surprise either — not only do their desserts taste like a little piece of heaven, they are renaissance art.

The elegance in its simplicity is great, but we wouldn’t be Foodbeast if we didn’t seek the out of the ordinary and creative. So we dug around the depths of the internet to find a few of the most creative French macarons we’ve ever seen.

Tomato Chutney

@kikyul — South Korea

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A condiment flavored dessert? My palate is intrigued, but I feel like my entire body will shudder at first bite the moment I taste acidity when my mind expects blissful sweetness.


@byjaejae — South Korea

This cheeseburger macaron is like if two cheeseburger sliders consummated and had an even tinier slider… ORRRRRRR if a cheeseburger slider cheated on the other slider with a macaron and had an illegitimate love child. Yikes.

Chinese Dumplings

@mellyeatsworld — Toronto, Canada

Be still my xiao long bao loving heart… I don’t think I would be able to eat these. I would be more likely to cherish them forever like they were my own children. I’ve already named all 13 of them.


@mellyeatsworld — Toronto, Canada

One of the most iconic characters in animation, Totoro just got even better. Mostly because he comes in a delicious Earl Grey flavored form.

Foie Gras

Le Bouton Restaurant — Japan

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Decadent and elegant. Simple and Delicious. Bad and boujee. Am I missing any other adjectives?


Macarons-A-Go-Go — San Francisco, CA

Awwww shit! We should have seen this coming. I hope this was chocolate flavored, otherwise we might have some complaints to file.

Animal Butts

@mellyeatsworld — Toronto, Canada

I think I may have just crowned @mellyeatsworld as the queen of this shit. She put tiny little tushies on her kitty, panda, and bunny macarons. Give her the belt. That shit’s kawaii.


@minjibang — South Korea

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I’m bringing these to the next summer cookout!  Nothing goes better with BBQ than sweet confectionaries disguised as summer fruits.

The Mouse

Crissa’s Cake Corner — Singapore

Sure, it may not be an original concept, but who doesn’t love the mouse?! Anytime anyone turns anything mouse-shaped, its got to be acknowledged, right?