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This Dark And Mysterious Charcoal Crepe Cake Is To Die For

Just when you (and frankly, I) thought that the charcoal food trend had exhausted itself into an opaque abyss, out comes Lady M from the depths of their own imagination to offer a sleek, jet-black charcoal mille crepe cake. Truly something out of any sweet lover’s darkest dreams.

Home to the famous, Instagram-able mille crepes, Lady M has launched a brand-new flavor for fall that captures seasonal vibes via an inky and mysterious charcoal cake. It features 20 lace-thin layers of charcoal-flavored crepes between coffee and charcoal-infused pastry cream.  The shady French pastry is then finished off with a charcoal ganache and ringed with cacao nibs. It’s to die for.

The sinister snack is only available through Halloween at the Lady M location in Irivine, CA, so your spooky sweet tooth needs to make haste — or find yourself mourning the loss of this murky mouthful.

Cue sinister laugh track.