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Krispy Kreme Introduces Customizable Doughnuts, New Items and Revamped Store Design

Krispy Kreme unveiled today that, for the first time in nearly a decade, they plan to overhaul their stores. This includes aesthetic changes to the shop itself, introduction of a mobile order system, and some interesting tweaks and additions to the menu. 

Besides introducing new doughnuts, Krispy Kreme has also opted to let people make their own. 

Starting with an un-glazed doughnut, there will be the option to choose between five glazes, ten toppings, and five drizzles. So imagine the possibilities you can come up with.

Also new to the menu is an Original Glazed Doughnut-infused ice cream. 

Doughnuts and ice cream — it’d be absolutely criminal to not make an ice cream sandwich. And that they did. The ice cream sandwich features a scoop of the new ice cream in between a glazed doughnut, with your option of toppings and drizzles. 

In addition, they’ll be hand spinning milkshakes with the new ice cream. The shakes come in five different flavors (Vanilla Glazed, Double Chocolate, Salty Caramel, Classic Strawberry, and OREO® Cookies & Kreme™) and are topped with whipped cream and a mini-Original Glazed Doughnut.

The new store design is a clean, streamlined look consisting of white brick walls with hits of green steel that retains the brand’s classic style while giving it a modern edge. It also includes an update to the famed doughnut theater, which will now show even more of the doughnut making process.

The first of these re-designed shops is launching in Concord, North Carolina on Tuesday, July 23rd, and another 45 are planned to launch throughout the U.S. by 2020. Existing stores will also receive a renovation. 

Soon, people all over will be able to watch every step of their doughnut being made and then get to customize it to their exact liking. Now that’s brand transparency.

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Subway and Halo Top Announce Their New Collab Milkshake

Photo: Subway

It appears to be the year of the healthy fast food brand, with restaurants from Burger King to Del Taco attempting to health-ify their food with options like plant based protein. The newest challenger to appear in the ring is Subway, who just announced their partnership with Halo Top and their plans to introduce a milkshake using Halo Top’s trademark low calorie, high protein ice cream.

Starting July 22nd, the milkshakes will be available in nearly 1,000 stores in six different test markets: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Hartford, Connecticut; Longview and Tyler, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Toledo, Ohio; and West Palm Beach, Florida.

There’s three flavor options: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

Halo Top made a splash in the ice cream market a few years back by offering pints of ice cream that could be shamelessly killed in one sitting, as each pint ranges from 280-360 calories and carries 20g of protein. Finally, there was a way to kill a pint in bed after a bad day and not just feel worse afterwards. Finally.

The new milkshake hopes to offer the same highs of a sweet treat without the lows of that shameful, bloated walk to the trash can with an empty pint. Each one carries 350 calories or less, 20g of protein, and 30% of your daily calcium intake.

As a Halo Top fanatic, this is the first thing that gave me an impulse to step in a Subway in years. If you’re in the test markets, make sure to go try one out, guilt-free, since I can’t.

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Cereal Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Boozy Cereal Milkshakes Highlight This Breakfast Playland

The streets of Los Angeles are a bustling place, and sometimes we could all  take a beat and treat ourselves to something sweet and salty.

Milk Tavern, a Koreatown cereal bar, is home to a bevy of desserts and unique sandwiches. Notably, a line of sweet and savory paninis made with cereal.

Foodbeast’s Richard Guinto, who practically lived in Koreatown in his youth, returned to his old stomping grounds to sink his teeth into this cheesy Frosted Flakes sandwich.

“The cereal panini should be a curious item, but it’s a pleasant and surprising example of the sweet and salty flavor dynamic.”

It didn’t stop at the sandwiches though. Milk Tavern also offers a few sweet items, like boozy cereal milkshakes, Frose, and multi-layered rainbow crepe cakes.

“The milkshakes actually made me lose thought of the alcoholic novelty, only because the quality and taste were that good.”

If I wasn’t lactose intolerant, this might very well be one of my favorite spots in Koreatown. Alas, all I can really do is sit here and take in the gleeful looks of patrons as they’re handed their sandwiches and desserts — while I eat my sorbet.

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Chipotle Is Testing Spicy Milkshakes And Avocado Tostadas

Photo Courtesy of Anna-Marie Walsh/@beautyandthebeets

Chipotle had the reputation of being a healthy alternative fast casual restaurant that was very selective with its menu items, but as it tries to climb out of the hole dug by a plague of e. Coli outbreaks, it looks like they’re throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

The Mexican grill’s latest rollout of test menu items are far removed from its “healthy” reputation, as they include quesadillas, nachos, tostadas, and even a Mexican chocolate milkshake.

Yes, you might soon be able to get a milkshake at Chipotle.

These items are being tested at their Next Kitchen in New York, where they’ve tested items before such as quinoa and frozen palomas.

While none of their new menu items are particularly exclusive to any restaurant, it does feel like Chipotle is taking a page out of Taco Bell’s innovation book. After all, they are a major competitor in the Mexican-inspired fast food world.

Over the last decade, Taco Bell has had a barrage of innovative menu items, and it has been difficult for fast food competitors to keep up. Between burritos that feature Fritos and at one point even Pop Rocks, and nacho fries, Taco Bell has proven that going balls to the wall not only helps generate hype, but it actually shows in sales.

If you don’t believe that these limited time menu items are beneficial to a restaurant such as Taco Bell, their most recent Nacho Fries rollout was the most successful launch in their history, selling more than 53 million orders in less than 2 month span.

Even Del Taco has shown a willingness to mix things up with huevos ranchero burritos, queso blanco, and even fire roasted shrimp.

Sofritas quesadilla & avocado tostada from the Chipotle test kitchen.

A post shared by Erik (@boringerik) on

Conversely, Chipotle has had slow and prodding innovation, with past attempts at chorizo and queso not exactly connecting with consumers. Their chorizo option is no more, and they had to adjust their queso recipe after facing backlash for its chalky taste.

With Chipotle trying to jump back in the saddle, this is the first time in recent memory they’ve announced five new items at once. You have to think at least one of them will connect. Possibly the milkshake?

It does looks like the shake has potential. New Yorker Anna-Marie Walsh tried it out at the test kitchen, describing it as having a bit of a spicy taste, adding that it was “absolutely delicious.”

A post shared by Tim Wildin (@timtimnyc) on

Believe it or not, you were able to order a quesadilla before, but it wasn’t on Chipotle’s official menu, and as we learned with the secret menu Quesarito, it was a bitch to for them to fire up a quesadilla with the way their kitchen was set up.

Time will tell if these items will be deemed worthy of a nationwide rollout. It certainly seems like milkshakes, quesadillas, and avocado tostadas would be a welcoming addition to their everyday menu. Until then, Chipotle fans will just have to go with their usual order.

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Watch The World’s Most Expensive Milkshake Being Made With Luxurious Ingredients

New York’s Serendipity 3 is known for creating some of the most ornate desserts on the planet. Their latest item, dubbed ‘the world’s most expensive milkshake’, adds to their deep and opulent resume.

Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

Serendipity 3’s LUXE Milkshake is currently the priciest on the planet, according to Guinness World Records. Served in a glass adorned with over 3,000 Swarovski crystals and topped with edible 23-karat gold, this $100 dessert is extravagant from top to bottom.

To make the LUXE come to life, Serendipity 3 Creative Chef Joe Calderone tracked down an impressive lineup of premium ingredients. It starts with a base of Channel Island Jersey milk, prized for its high butterfat content that adds a rich consistency to the shake. There’s also Devonshire luxury clotted cream, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and fresh Madagascar vanilla beans blended inside.

The most intriguing of the ingredients, though, has to be the caramel sauce. It’s made with fresh donkey milk and infused with Venezuelan cocoa to add complex notes to the frozen treat.

Those interested in learning more about the LUXE can watch the video below to see the full construction of this bourgeois blended beverage.

While this may seem like it was just created for the record, Serendipity does have it on sale starting today. It’ll set you back $100, but hey, it may well be worth the price to say that you’ve literally sipped on liquid gold.

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It’s Your Lucky Day, McDonald’s Has Brought Back The Shamrock Shake

With St. Patrick’s Day coming closer, McDonald’s blessed the world by bringing back their Shamrock Shake on Feb. 21.

The shake hasn’t changed too much since it’s 1970 debut, still rocking the green hue and minty flavor we’ve come to love.

Last year, McDonald’s tried to shake things up by offering up different variations of the beverage, like the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, the Shamrock Mocha and the Shamrock Hot Chocolate.

Thankfully, the fast food giant didn’t inundate the classic with the unnecessary additions and let the Shamrock Shake shine on its own.

Obviously, this is a limited time release, and while it probably isn’t too hard to recreate on your own, any Instagram aesthetic is immediately beautified with the presence of this mint-green delicacy.

While many on Twitter are quick to push their hatred of the shake, Dixon Police comes through with the truth.

It’s the police. Listen to the police. Get a Shamrock Shake and stop being a Carl.


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Creamistry’s Choco Pie Freakshake Is Your Dessert Dreams Come True

Freakshakes and Choco Pies captured headlines all over the world last year, and it’s easy to see why. Creamy milkshakes that are topped with decadent desserts and handheld cakes with marshmallow filling and chocolate don’t sound too shabby to us.

Now that it’s 2018, it looks like the two champs are continuing their trendy reign this year with Creamistry’s Choco Pie Infused Nitroshake.

Creamistry, one of Orange County’s hottest ice cream shops, is best known for their Instagrammable liquid nitrogen ice creams. Now, they’ve found a way to create an exclusive Freakshake that will only be available at Foodbeast’s upcoming NOODS NOODS NOODS Asian food festival.

The delectable drink is made up of their liquid nitrogen chocolate milkshake and decorated with gooey chocolate all around the rim with mini marshmallows, a huge helping of whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a WHOLE CHOCO PIE.

Enough said.

Join us while we double fist with these monstrosities at the NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Cup Noodles event in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

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Arby’s Shakes Up Dessert With A Cookie Butter Milkshake

A post shared by Jamie J (@peacenlove0420) on

While most fast food chains are bringing in Pumpkin Spice beverages for the fall season, Arby’s seems to have taken a different approach. The quick-service sandwich company is rolling out a new milkshake that could easily change the frozen dessert game.

Arby’s new Cookie Butter Shake is made with cinnamon spice and topped with whipped cream and crushed cookie pieces, reports Brand Eating.

You can find the new Cookie Butter Shake available at participating Arby’s locations this fall. It will likely be available until the winter.

New cookie butter shake just the name alone brings me such happiness #Arby’s #cookiebuttershake #delicious

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