Research Shows Slow Jams Actually Help Cows Get Into the Milking Moo-d


According to a study by psychologists at the University of Leicester, milk production can increase by as much as 3 percent when cows are listening to slow music.

Similar to humans, slow jams can help relieve stress and relax the cows getting them in a friendlier mood to be milked. While 3 percent may not sound like a lot, but when you multiply that by all the dairy cows it could really help out the milk industry. So the next time you need Bessie to bust out a gallon, throw on some Barry White so she can get it on.

Though the study is over ten years old, farmers agree with the results. Modern Farmer talked to some farmers who believe it’s not so much the genre of the music that matters as much as the beat of the song:

“[In studies] animals seemed, in general, to find slow, rhythmic music most relaxing. Perhaps easy listening or new age would be best.”

Besides simply calming the cows, the music also helps to drown out more unpleasant sounds such as machinery and other loud noises. As much as the cows love music, apparently they aren’t fond of Willie Nelson’s stuff — the country legend tends to rile them up.

H/T Consumerist, Modern Farmer


‘Milking’ Is Stupid, and a Horrible Waste of Milk

There’s an ignorant crack about British dental hygiene in here, but for the sake of journalistic integrity, I’ll refrain.

But seriously Britain, wot the bloody hell?

Joining the ranks of such tired web pranks as planking and owling, “milking” entails going out into a public space and pouring milk over your head as random passerby question your sanity. Never mind that it just looks stupid, what about all the dairy dishes you’ve now effectively barred yourself from having? Did you want some cereal for breakfast this morning? How about a homemade milkshake for dessert?

I guess you could do what the guy at 2:03 did and bring your bowl into the milk shower along with you, but I for one prefer my breakfasts hair and dumbass-free.

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