Boba Milk Tea And Tamale Emojis Are Finally Arriving

Photo Courtesy of Emojipedia & Apple

There have been hundreds of afternoons where a quick pick-up of some refreshing honey milk tea with boba was desperately needed to fuel the occasional sleepy colleague and I. While an emoji wasn’t necessary to express our bubble tea cravings, it would have been more than welcome had it existed. 

Now it does.

Last Friday was World Emoji Day, and with it came the announcement of a new emoji update for Facebook, Google, and Apple scheduled to launch in the latter half of 2020. 

The new emojis revealed included a new ‘Bubble Tea‘ emoji and ‘Tamale‘ icon, reports Social Media Today

Hopefully, once this pandemic’s over and you’re trying to get some boba or tamales with friends, you’ll be able to express your excitement in emoji form. In the meantime, I’ll be working on a tamale boba truck concept. That sounds so fire right now. 

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Dunkin’ Is Testing Boba In Iced Tea And Coffee Forms

Boba and milk tea have become wildly popular across the entire United States. Chains featuring the drink and tapioca balls have popped up at locations just about everywhere, and there’s even creative versions like creme brûlée topped boba that have captivated the country.

In a sign that big brands are really starting to look at the popular beverage topping, Dunkin’ has begun testing a couple of drinks that contain boba on the East Coast.

Dunkin’ boba images courtesy of Dunkin’. Background image taken by Joan Oger // Unsplash

Available now through mid-August, according to Mass Live, two variations are being served: Bubble Iced Coffee, and Bubble Iced Tea. Dunkin’ confirmed to Foodbeast that these are made with brown sugar-flavored syrup, and the boba are brown sugar-flavored as well.

Dunkin’s description of the drinks are as follows: “Dunkin’s signature beverages are sweetened with brown sugar syrup and new brown sugar-flavored bubbles for delicious sweetness you both can sip and chew. Both tasty new beverages are served with a special, extra-wide Bubble paper straw.”

The drinks are part of a larger batch of different beverages being tested across the Northeast. Dunkin’s take on boba is offered at five locations in New York, as well as five locations in Massachusetts. Those locations can be found below:

4 Harding Ave.LudlowMA, 01056
112 N. Genesee St.UticaNY, 13502
1701 Black River Blvd. NRomeNY, 13440
751 Meadow St.ChicopeeMA, 01013
55 Maple St.East LongmeadowMA, 01028
694 Page Blvd.SpringfieldMA, 01104
1155 Erie Blvd., WRomeNY, 13440
81 Oriskany Blvd.WhitesboroNY, 13492
9221 River Rd.MarcyNY, 13403
568 Belmont Ave.SpringfieldMA, 01108

Dunkin’ is not the first major American chain to have sold boba in the US, as Panda Express has had it at their Tea Bar locations for a while now. However, this is the first time a major fast food chain is offering the drinks out of one of their regular locations.

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This Spot Somehow Turned Udon Into Dessert Form

In the pantheon of noodles, Japanese udon ranks high as the subtler, more simple, yet drastically thicker relative to ramen. Whether it be the clean and no frills broth or the thick, toothsome noodles that easily absorb the broth it swims in, udon as a dish is a prime choice when you’re in the mood for some noods. And if said mood happens to be for sweets, then don’t worry, Yuu Japanese Tapas in Richmond, British Columbia has got you covered with a dessert version of udon.

Dubbed as their Milk Udon, Yuu is taking panna cotta and reformatting it into udon noodle form and sweetly submerging them in their milk teas. It’s a unique topping to add and pairing it with boba could make for a milk tea moment that’s meant to be savored and shared. Now before you get grossed out on the premise, just know that panna cotta is essentially sweetened cream thickened with gelatin — no wheat noodles are actually being incorporated here.

It’s definitely a different take on milk tea, but one that can potentially enhance your next boba run.


Photo: @_maanthony

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The Potted Plants At This Restaurant Are Actually Sweet Milk Teas

Ever wonder what it’d be like to drink out of a potted plant? While the world isn’t quite ready to chug the earthy nutrients and minerals directly from a house plant, you can get pretty close. A popular milk tea trend in Asia has come to the United States in the form of “potted plant” drinks. Curiosity, consider yourself piqued.

Macchiato, a California-based cafe and coffee chain, is serving their beverages in potted plant form and it actually looks pretty refreshing.

Whether you’re craving coffee, tea, for boba-filled milk teas, you can get them “potted plant” style at the restaurant chain. What that entails is your glass being filled with your choice of beverages and topped with a layer of whipped cream. To recreate the dirt, a bed of crushed Oreo cookies are added atop the whipped cream before the final garnish of a single micro green completes the illusion of a potted plant.

If you’re looking for something to munch on, Macchiato also offers sweet waffles made from crushed mochi pieces. The result are crispy waffles that boast the chewy texture of mochi paired with fresh fruit and ice cream.

While I won’t go around drinking from any household fauna in the near future, these milk teas are definitely something I wouldn’t mind coming back to Macchiato for. I wonder if this counts as vegetarian fare?

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Clear Milk Tea Is A Thing And It Looks Just Like Water

At first glance, the bottles below appear to just contain water inside of them. Nothing too interesting about that. But that’s not just pure H2O that you’re looking at. The liquid is actually a clear milk tea that smells and tastes like the real thing.

transparent milk tea

Photo courtesy of Hop Nguyen from Eat With Hop!

Orange County food blogger Hop Nguyen found the clear tea at Icy Cream Roll in Fountain Valley, California. According to her blog, Eat With Hop!, this is the newest product to come out of the ice cream shop, and has all of the same aromas and taste you would expect from a typical milk tea.

This isn’t a necessarily new technique, as clear milk tea, regular tea, and coffee are common at convenience stores in Japan. There, beverage giant Suntory utilizes a distillation method to extract all of the aroma compounds from tea. This works by utilizing steam to volatilize, or extract, the flavors into a steam cloud that can then be condensed into a clear liquid and used for flavoring.

When it comes to milk, Suntory extract out the clear lactose and minerals and uses those as part of the beverage. Since there are no fats left behind, you will lose the creamy mouthfeel that milk has. Nonetheless, the flavor appears to be spot on, according to Nguyen.

It’s unclear if Icy Cream Roll is using the same methods that Suntory did, and Nguyen notes that the transparent milk tea sold at their shop lacks the cloudiness that products in Japan tend to have while possessing a stronger flavor. This could be because Icy Cream Roll is making them in small batches of 50 at a time versus the countless beverages Suntory puts out.

Icy Cream Roll will be selling their transparent drink, called Crystal Milk Tea, starting on April 23rd. Bottles will cost $5.50 each, and as previously mentioned, only 50 will be made every day.

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Dessert Shop Makes The Most Colorful Rainbow Popcorn You’ve Ever Seen

If you love popcorn, ice cream and milk tea — then every visit to Birthdae Cake Dessert Haus in Fountain Valley will feel like it’s your birthday.

But, with the endless combinations of gourmet ice cream flavors, rainbow colored popcorn and the super customizable Double Cup split cup, you’ll definitely want to visit more than once a year.   

They say no two popcorn kernels are the same, and with sweet flavors of cinnamon, strawberry, mango, lime, caramel and apple, Birthdae Cake’s Unicorn Popcorn is a truly magical treat — perfect on its own, or as a tasty topping.

Photos by Marc Kharrat

Thanks to their uber photogenic menu, Birthdae Cake is generating a ton of hype in Los Angeles and Orange County areas, as their colorful creations have all the ingredients to go viral. Just by looking at their Instagram page (@BirthdaeCake), you can see the spot is constantly poppin’.

Birthdae Cake defines itself as an experimental Dessert Haus, creating small batches of organic drinks, and seasonal ice cream flavors like Strawberry Sherbert that’s made with strawberries and condensed milk, and The Wake N’ Bake made with crushed walnuts, buttermilk and bananas.  

Birthdae Cake, anyone?
Created in partnership with Birthdae Cake


An Outrageous Look At CPK Pizzas From Around The World Including Milk Tea Pizza

We’ve always had a deep appreciation for variations of popular food dishes made around the world. Whether it’s what burgers look like in different countries to what a culture’s go-to BBQ options are, the world is such a large place that we can only imagine what creative flavors are out there.

Dropping by California Pizza Kitchen’s test kitchen, we were given an exclusive look at what the pizza restaurant serves around the world.

After trying each, we’re pretty depressed they don’t serve these pizzas in the states. Novelty aside, they were that good. However, since CPK’s next chapter transformation (new menu, remodeling, custom drinks…) is taking place at 80 of its locations throughout the country, maybe there’s hope yet.

Seriously, that eel pizza though. We’ll be dreaming of that thing for years.


Chorizo Pizza (Philippines)


The pizza is made with a spicy chorizo and mozzarella cheese. It’s topped with sautéed red onions, shaved red & yellow peppers and scallions.

Roasted Pork Belly Pizza (China)


Made with roasted pork belly, the dough is slathered with a hoisin-kale sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. It’s topped with pickled mustard greens, glazed mushrooms and cilantro.

BBQ Eel Pizza (Japan)


Using a creamy miso sauce base, the pizza is made with mozzarella cheese, Shiitake & King Trumpet Mushrooms, broccolini and slivered scallions. It’s topped with BBQ eel and an eel sauce drizzle.

Gambas Al Ajillo Pizza (Phillipines)


Made with sweet shrimp that’s marinated with roasted garlic, smoked paprika and Cholula hot sauce, the Gambas Al Ajillo is eaten on a crispy flatbread.

Pearl Tapioca Milk Tea Pizza (Taiwan)


The Milk Tea Pizza is created with a thin crust that’s been brushed with honey, the pizza is topped with a mascarpone black tea cream. It’s then topped with sliced banana, pineapple and caramel tapioca.

Peking Duck Pizza (China)


Served on a thin crust, the pizza is based with a hoisin sauce. It’s topped with mozzarella cheese, honey glazed mushrooms and roasted duck tenderloins. Cucumbers, red jalapeños and slivered scallions are served on the side as add-ons.


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Panda Express Innovation Kitchen Now Shilling Boba, Orange Chicken Burritos


In Pasadena, Calif., Chinese American fast food chain Panda Express is currently testing a trendy new concept that’s somehow Chipotle, Teavana, a mom and pop boba shop, and good ol’ fashioned Panda all at once.

Just opened last week, the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen looks like the love child of Panda Express and one of the newer, sleeker Starbucks-es. According to Los Angeles Magazine, there’s a tea bar serving up a bevy of hot or iced teas, fruit teas, milk teas, all the requisite add-ons like boba and egg pudding, as well as a Chipotle-esque assembly line that lets guests compose their own rice, chow mein, or salad bowls, or scallion pancake “burritos.”


In case the name didn’t give it away, the key here is innovation, meaning nearly all Panda toppings are on the table, even, as LAMag illustrates, fried rice and Orange Chicken. Yes, in a “burrito.” Yes, like mothereffing Kogi Truck. Sure, you could just snooze it up with an Eggplant Tofu salad, but we doubt you’d be on this site if you would.

As of now, there’s no news of Panda Express 5.0 making its way outside of Pasadena, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea if it did.


As for us, we’d like to order a Double Wide with Honey Walnut Shrimp and Orange Chicken and chow mein and fried rice and cream cheese rangoons. Washed down with an Orange Chicken milkshake, of course.

H/T + Picthx LAMag, Yelp