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Milk Bar is Serving Up a 10 INCH Peaches and Cream Cookie Cake

Milk Bar, the NYC bakery famous for their wild creations like cereal milk soft serve, is serving up a new version of their Compost Cookie Pie. This time, they’re giving it a southern spin, with the new Peaches & Cream Cookie Pie. 

For the uninitiated, the Compost Cookie Pie is, as the name suggests, a giant cookie packed with an assortment of ingredients, from potato chips to coffee. 

The new one’s ingredients are a bit more subdued, but equally as delicious. Layers of white chocolate chips, dried peach bits, and milk crumbs are incorporated into to a 10-inch wide sugar cookie which is then drizzled with a peach jam and more white chocolate.  

Peaches? Check. 

Cream? Check. 

A cookie double the size of your head? Check.

Unfortunately, this is just a test item for the time being. Milk Bar will only be selling this for a limited time. If you want to try this diabolically sweet creation, it’s available for order online at until August 19th. 

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Milk Bar’s Weekend Pop-Up Gives Us A Taste Of The New LA Location

Earlier this year, Los Angeles received some fantastic news as chef Christina Tosi announced that she would be opening a new West Coast location of her Milk Bar concept.

Milk Bar gained notoriety in New York nearly a decade ago for its innovative desserts like crack pie, compost cookies, and ice cream made with cereal milk.

Over the weekend, a pop-up was held in LA giving us a glimpse at what’s the come this following year.

In a collaboration with Jon & Vinny’s, Milk Bar held their first-ever LA pop up in the backyard of the Italian eatery.

Guests got to try desserts they wouldn’t normally be able to get their hands on here in Southern California, with Tosi herself there to talk about her menu.

It was divine.

Milk Bar then moved closer to downtown on Saturday and Sunday and set up shop at the popular 29 Rooms and Smorgasburg LA where a larger crowd was able to try Tosi’s dessert menu.

With Milk Bar’s first-ever California popup wrapped, residents now have something to tide them over a bit until the brick-and-morter spot officially opens up in the not-too-distant future.

Until then, Chef Tosi is welcome back anytime.