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Starbucks Pays Homage To Milan With Their Newest Drink, The “Cordusio”

Amid some controversy from Italians who don’t want to see them around, Starbucks has finally gotten their first location in the country up and running. The new Reserve Roastery, located in Milan’s Piazza Cordusio, has also inspired a brand new beverage other parts of the world are now getting a chance to try.

cordusioPhoto courtesy of Starbucks

The “Cordusio,” named after the Roastery’s location, is a tribute to the flavors of Milan-style espresso drinks. The combination of espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce, and cocoa powder serves as the chain’s take on Barbagliata, a cocoa-flavored espresso served with cream that originated in Italy’s fashion capital.

Starbucks is selling the Cordusio in the US, Mexico, Peru, and Europe while supplies last. Since this international-inspired beverage was available in the area, I went to go sample it for myself.

Photo: Foodbeast // Constantine Spyrou

Having been to Milan in the past, the Cordusio’s taste was a bit nostalgic, as it came pretty close to the flavor of the Barbagliatas I drank while visiting there. The chocolate taste is a lot stronger in Starbucks’ version, and the addition of the sugary mocha syrup cuts the bitterness to a level below that of the strong espressos of Milan. Still, its flavor is an adequate mimicry of the original, and does Milan’s signature drink an appropriate amount of justice.

I don’t think it can help Starbucks make up with the Italians who don’t want it there, but it is a solid espresso drink.


This Is What A Wes Anderson Bar Would Look Like


Director Wes Anderson is often praised for his unique visual approaches when creating movies. Anderson is best known for films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tennenbaums and Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. We’ve joked around at the office that the minute they announced a Wes Anderson theme park, we’d be the first ones in line.

Turns out that dream isn’t TOO far off. At least, for now, there’s a Wes Anderson bar out there.

Designed by Anderson himself, Milan’s Bar Luce has all the quirks that the director is known for. Sure, there’s no anthropomorphic foxes for Bill Murray in a beanie, but it definitely looks like something right out of an Anderson movie set.

The bar is reminiscent of Italy in the ’50s albeit with Anderson’s signature style.

Photo:  Fondazione Prada