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A Festival Dedicated to Hard Seltzers is Coming to LA

Cannonball Productions will bring Seltzerland, its nationally-touring hard seltzer festival, to Long Beach this February.

Festival goers will be able to sample from over 100 flavors of hard seltzers as they go through an immersive experience featuring brands like White Claw, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer, Vizzy, Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, Playamar, and Sparking Ice Spiked. There will also be munchies from Hormel Black Label Bacon and Rockit Apples as well as Seltzerland swag for photoshoots.

After launching in Chicago in August 2020, Seltzerland visited five cities that year taking the event outdoors during the pandemic before embarking on a sold-out nationwide 20-city tour in 2021, hitting up Scottsdale, Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Miami.

“Clearly, hard seltzer is here to stay.” said Cannonball Productions Founder & CEO Kate Levenstien. “We are excited to give everyone the opportunity to sample the best hard seltzers and find new favorites, all while enjoying great company, fun activities and beautiful weather on rolling green golf courses.”

There are two ways to experience Seltzerland: general admission tickets begin at $35 and VIP tickets start at $55. VIP ticket holders will kick off the event with premier time slots, a full-sized can of hard seltzer, a specialty cocktail, and complimentary treat. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting here.

Seltzerland will be held at the Long Beach Bixby Village Golf Course on Saturday, February 5.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Apparently Lil Dicky And Kanye Casually Eat Denny’s After Playing Basketball

Real “Dickheads” know that Lil Dicky can mop the floor with people on the basketball court, often bringing up his “several rec league MVPs.” Well, apparently he also plays pickup ball with none other than Kanye West, leading them to a random Denny’s meal.

In an interview with Foodbeast, Young Dick revealed that he’s been playing pickup basketball with West about three times a week, and as friends often do after playing ball, the two made their way to Denny’s for a postgame meal.

“I think we both got the All American Slam, and he got extra cheese on his eggs,” Lil Dicky said. “It was awesome. I’m a huge Kanye fan, and a huge Denny’s fan.”

Prep yourself for the dang weekend with a hearty spread like @amku2500

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While Lil Dicky said he didn’t want to go overboard on his meal, he mentioned that Kanye went balls out and ordered a strawberry milkshake with his breakfast plate.

“I don’t like mixing business with pleasure like that,” Lil Dicky said about skipping the milkshake himself. “I was just trying to get the protein in.”

It might sound like a weird combination to have Lil Dicky and Kanye West just casually playing basketball and strolling to a Denny’s, but you might remember that Ninja of Die Antwoord once had an awkward basketball and banana pudding filled day with Kanye. Well, the basketball and banana pudding wasn’t awkward until Kanye started playing anal porn on the TV. Ninja also detailed that they were playing against Drake that day, as well.

It’s safe to say that Kanye loves playing basketball with other rappers, and if that’s the case, Lil Dicky and his love of basketball make him a perfect running mate.

As far as Kanye’s skills on the court, Dicky playfully said, “He’s good, but I’m just a little bit better.”

Never forget

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Lil Dicky has been busy of late, releasing music videos for his “Professional Rapper” album, performing his energetic hip hop hits at music festivals, and trying his best to stop people from dabbing.

His latest endeavor into the food and drink world has him teaming up with Drizly and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, as they plan to throw a house party for fans with Lil Dicky himself hosting.

The “Save Dat Money” rapper has been keeping busy to say the least, but one can never be too busy to ball up with Kanye or indulge in some classic Denny’s meals.


Santa Claus Approves of Mike’s New Hard Chocolate Cherry


Mike’s newest beverage features Santa Claus reveling in cherries on the label. The vintage-esque art kills it and if Santa Claus is down with Mike’s Hard Chocolate Cherry, our tastebuds are piqued. Buzz has it that the drink carries a sour kick melded with a smooth sweetness, the chocolate and cherry creating a satisfying fullness. Of course, that’s the buzz and we’ll be updating ya’ll when we get a taste.

The boozy drink will be available for a limited time as part of the seasonal “Winter Grab Bag” promo with Mike’s Winter Blackberry and Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade. Keep a lookout for the drink’s release later this month.



Four Loko Is Now Available In Glass Bottles

The Chicago-based Phusion Projects, the mastermind group behind the catastrophically popular Four Loko, has recently announced that their drinks will also be available in glass bottle form. The new packaging was developed to build on the consumer demand for glass bottles in the progressive adult beverage scene.

The glass bottle variation of the drink will feature three of the brand’s most popular flavors: lemonade, fruit punch and watermelon. The hopes behind the new packaging is to enable the company to sell its products in grocery, mass merchandise and drug stores.

Bottles will be available in six packs as well as a 12-bottle variety pack that will feature all three bottle flavors. Each bottle measures 1..2 ounces and are 8% alcohol by volume (ABV). By comparison, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice bottles of similar size are usually around 5% ABV.

Recent figures place Phusion Projects as the 11th largest marketer of alcoholic beverages in the U.S, and the new glass bottles help the brand tap into previously uncharted distribution channels.

Good thing these badboys don’t have caffeine. I can only image the trouble the original Four Loko recipe would have gotten us into had it been contained in a breakable, smashable and easily-throwable glass container. Drink on.


FOODBEAST: This Week In Pictures [04/29/2011]

Another Friday, another week recapped in pictures. Mike’s Hard Lite Lemonade. Lunch with the kings of OC street wear game: IM King clothing. Maybe a trip to Darya for some Fine Persian Cuisine?


Mike’s ‘Lite’ Hard Lemonade Has 50% Fewer Calories Than Original

Mike’s Hard Lemonade looks to appease those drunk-seeking individuals who also care about calorie consumption with a new, calorically lighter addition to their repertoires: Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade. Made in response to an evident consumer demand for lighter, lesser calorie drinks, the team at Mike’s Their original 5% alc/vol 11.2 fl oz bottle will run you 220 calories, 33 grams of carbs and 32 grams of sugar.

Their new Lite flavor cuts the calorie count, sugar count and carbs count by over 50%, chalking up 109 calories and 14 grams of sugars/carbs per bottle. The new lighter option comes in Lemonade and Cranberry Lemonade varieties.

Celebrity Grub

‘One Tree Hill’ Star Robert Buckley Goes Pink & Hard

Robert Buckley, star of One Tree Hill, is seen above wearing a mike’s hard pink lemonade “Fight Hard. Go Pink” t-shirt to show support for all women battling breast cancer. Robert Buckley’s support of the Mike’s Hard brand and the Go Pink initiative is in honor of his grandmother who lost her battle to breast cancer. The initiative is in full force on the Mike’s Hard Facebook page, be sure to check it out, the month is winding down.


Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade


Mike’s Hard Lemonade is marking its 10th anniversary with a new seasonal flavor available through October, mike’s hard pink lemonade. The new pink flavor’s packaging carries with it a breast cancer awareness message and a tribute to Jacqueline S., a member of the Mike’s family who lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year. In Jacqueline’s memory, the company will also be making a $250,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A great fund, a great drink, and a worthy battle.