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New Jalapeno Stuffed-Crust Pizza in Middle Eastern Pizza Huts

jalapeno stuffed pizza

Pizza Hut’s menu items outside of the United States are way more ballsy than anything that’s offered here at home.

Exhibit A: The Middle East just came out with a jalapeno-stuffed pizza for its Pizza Hut stores.

They’re calling it their spiciest pizza ever, and with red or green sliced jalapenos within the cheesy crust, chili sauce instead of pizza sauce, spicy nacho seasoning and another serving of jalapenos on top of the pizza, that spicy claim is hard to argue.

Hey, Pizza Hut. Why does South Korea get a Surf ‘N Turf pizza? Oh, and New Zealand gets a Chili Dog Stuffed-Crust pizza? That’s cool.

We can have nice things too, Pizza Hut.

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Pizza Hut is Wrapping Kit Kats in Pizza Dough, Calling Them ‘Kit Kat Pops’

They’re called Kit Kat Pops, a product of Pizza Hut in the Middle East, and it involves wrapping Kit Kat bars into sweet pizza dough.

This Pizza Hut menu addition (apparently available since June of this year) for the Middle East region reemphasizes one thing, that Middle Eastern Pizza Hut R&D department is on some serious ‘who the f-ck cares, let’s just try it’ mantra as of late. Just a few days ago we were introduced to their Cone Crust Pizza,  a few months back they were lining their crust with cheeseburgers, and the way things are heading, we might catch wind that their next innovation involves deep frying individual slices and turning them into tacos.

HuffPo notes that these little Kit Kat Pop gems also come in a cheese variety, which can definitely be chalked up as way-less-cool than being stuffed with a Kit Kat. Regardless, we’re salivating at the thought of Pizza Hut’s next over-the-top move in the Middle East.

Until then, here are Kit Kats wrapped in pizza dough:

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A Stuffed-Cone-Crusted Pizza, ‘Cause Your Pie Crust Should Be a Cool-Looking Appetizer Too

Thanks to Pizza Hut Middle East, your old favorite pizza — no matter how incredible — is now officially a lazy sack of sh*t.

Combining utility, novelty and most importantly, fun (!), Pizza Hut’s new Cone Crust Pizza is a prime example of exactly what happens when you stop asking what you can do with your pizza, and start asking what your pizza can do for you.

Instead of having a plain crust (yawn) or worse, stuffing the crust with your basic mozzarella (double yawn), this unique technique actually puts to work the pizza’s flabby leftover bits by folding them into cones and filling them with cream cheese, honey mustard chicken or an alternating combination of the two. The result? Essentially the perfect meal/appetizer/parm-crusted eating experience. Or yet another reason the fast food corporates in every other country are just so, so much smarter than ours.

Check out the CCP in action in Pizza Hut’s nostalgic, feel-good television spot, here:

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Dairy Queen’s Largest Grill & Chill Opens in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia DQ Grill & Chill

Dairy Queen, which boasts over 5,900 stores in the United States, has opened its largest Grill and Chill store to date in Saudi Arabia as part of five-year, 32-location expansion plan. The first Grill and Chill Operations in the US were opened in 2001 and include the traditional soft-serve offerings in addition to expanded food offerings including: Chicken Strip Baskets, Grillburgers and a Breakfast Menu.

The world’s largest Grill and Chill will have seating capacity for 240 people and encompasses 7,500 square feet. Dairy Queen has been active with expansion in the Middle East, now boasting locations in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.