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Ja Rule’s Writing a Microwaveable Recipe Cookbook, Because Prison


Who remembers Ja Rule? Hoarse-voiced, ghetto-fabulous, he was the reason all those J.Lo and Ashanti songs came complete with a side of gravel. Yeah, turns out he’s been in prison for the past couple of years due to tax evasion and now that he’s out, he wants to help his fellow man by teaching us all — wait for it — how to microwave sh*t.

The New York Post‘s Page Six reports that Ja Rule announced plans for a microwave cookbook last night on the SiriusXM show “Food Talk.” The idea supposedly sprung from necessity. Prison food didn’t taste good, so good ol’ JR had to get creative, learning “to cook anything and everything in a microwave.”

Lasagna and cheesecake were just two of the dishes reportedly name dropped on the show, but here’s to hoping Ja has a recipe for microwaveable macarons or crème brûlée, because that would be some serious witchcraft.

H/T Page Six


Burger King: Enters Microwave Food Market


Looks like the King has been working on a licensing agreement with ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston where Lamb Weston will introduce a line of “crispy and flavorful” microwaveable Burger King branded products. This fall, select retailers will be stocking these new products which begins with King KrinkzTM, a package of seasoned crinkle-cut fries and King KolossalzTM (extra-large fries) and seasoned potato wedges titled King WedgezTM. These new products will come in boxes that once microwaved, can have their tops ripped off and easily become transportable containers akin to the Burger King’s signature FRYPOD® container. (Thx QSRmag)