In Case You Were Wondering, This is What Happens to Your iPhone 5 in a Microwave [VIDEO]

While many folks waited endless hours in line to be one of the first to get their paws on a shiny new phone iPhone 5, this creep decided the first thing he’d do with the new toy is test its microwave durability.

As you can guess, the phone doesn’t hold up to the crazy effects of the food zapper. For those of you that don’t want to sift through the creepily voiced over tragedy of a video, here are the highlights through timecodes:

  • 1:06 phone enters microwave
  • 2:05 first visible signs of phone distress
  • 2:17 phone engulfed in flames
  • 2:46 phone really engulfed in flames
  • 3:57 really witty iPhone 5 “hottest phone on the market” joke

[via Gizmodo]


“Better Than College” Ramen Bowl Recipe

Ramen Noodles, the only thing that remains consistent forever. Through thick and thin, Ramen has always been there by my side to pull me through those hard times. Now it’s time to do Ramen that one ups, and make it into an actual presentable dish. This quick and cheap Ramen Bowl Recipe will no doubt make those “let’s cram the night before the test” days that much better. And it’s a little a bit of an improvement from your normal microwaved Ramen. Just saying :).


Burger King: Enters Microwave Food Market


Looks like the King has been working on a licensing agreement with ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston where Lamb Weston will introduce a line of “crispy and flavorful” microwaveable Burger King branded products. This fall, select retailers will be stocking these new products which begins with King KrinkzTM, a package of seasoned crinkle-cut fries and King KolossalzTM (extra-large fries) and seasoned potato wedges titled King WedgezTM. These new products will come in boxes that once microwaved, can have their tops ripped off and easily become transportable containers akin to the Burger King’s signature FRYPOD® container. (Thx QSRmag)


Beanzawave: World's Smallest USB Powered Microwave

Still in the prototype stages, Heinz has created a USB powered microwave that stands 7.4 inches tall, 6.2 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep. Though not available to the public just yet, experts say the technology for the creation of this microwave is feasible. While the system’s size is its appeal, the mini microwave utilizes a key breakthrough in the “use of combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to create the heat to cook both on the outside and within in under a minute.” The reasoning behind the name most likely comes from Heinz’ creation of this mini-microwave in conjunction with its Heinz Snap Pots products. (Thx DailyMail)


Craving: Pepperoni Hot Pocket

Pepperoni Hot Pocket. Really can’t go wrong. No matter how long you put it in the microwave, when you bite into it, you know it’s going to be “burn your tongue and wish you hadn’t been so zealous” hot, and 15 minutes later your buttcheeks are going to be playing tonsil hockey with your favorite toilet. Sorry for the imagery, but it’s all part of the experience. If you’re looking for a nice dipping sauce (if you’re not, this post is over), try your favorite ranch dressing in a bowl, and spill some Tapatio and BBQ Hot Wing sauce into it, and stir. How do you eat your Hot Pocket? (Thx SeanHenri)


Fasta Pasta; Microwaveable Cooker

Fasta Pasta allows you to make pasta without the incredible intricacies (/sarcasm) of boiling water. With this neat device, you put the appropriate amount of pasta and water into the plastic container and throw it all into the microwave. When it’s done, you can strain from the same container.  For roughly 10-13 bucks, depending on where you purchase it, seems like a solid buy for me! Eat on!