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For Now, Breakfast Is The Only Thing Keeping McDonald’s Afloat

In 1972, McDonald’s pioneered fast food breakfast when they released the Egg McMuffin. Just last year, in October of 2015, McDonald’s started serving their popular breakfast menu all day. And now, McDonald’s has announced that they are expanding their all-day breakfast menu across the country.

The two biggest changes to come? The sweet and savory McGriddle will be added to the all-day breakfast line-up starting this fall. Additionally, McDonald’s will now have a national breakfast menu so that every location nationwide will have the same all-day breakfast offerings: McMuffins, biscuit sandwiches, and McGriddles, to name a few.

All Day Bfast

These changes come as no surprise, considering that McDonald’s all-day breakfast has been a huge hit since launching last year. The company, which has been struggling with sales in the past five years or so, reported that national sales have increased 5.4% due to the popularity of all-day breakfast.

In January of this year, McDonald’s posted their highest quarterly sales in nearly four years. Again, mostly due to the success of their 24-hour breakfast menu.

Looking at this breakfast expansion through this lens, it makes us think less about how much we would love a midnight-McGriddle and more about the harsh reality of our favorite fast food chain: is breakfast the last hope for Mickey D’s?

All the signs that McDonald’s may be losing steam have been present in the last few years.

In general, the last 10 years have seen McDonald’s come under a lot of fire. Between finding chemicals and fabricated ingredients in their food, being protested for low employee wages, and generally being a less-than-health conscious choice within a world that now emphasizes and prefers such a lifestyle, it has not been a fantastic few years for McDonald’s.

Currently, McDonald’s is making a half-hearted attempt to revamp the look of its nationwide locations. Although they’ve been trying to nix the classic cafeteria look in favor of a chicer vibe (one that they no doubt feel will draw in more millennials), decreasing sales and lack of positive response has been delaying the national makeover.

McDs Shot

And that’s not the only desperate (and pretty sad) attempt the chain has made to try and woo customers back. So far using kale in their recipes, promising fresh beef patties, and grilling their hamburger buns for five seconds longer have impressed no one, and it shows in recent McDonald’s sales.

But among all this controversy and falling numbers has been one saving grace: the all-day breakfast menu.

This one menu change gave McDonald’s the sales boost it desperately needed, so it makes perfect sense that they’re working to expand upon the idea. The cold truth is, and many McDonald’s executives have probably realized this, it may be the chain’s only shot at returning to its former glory.

But will it be enough?

Many analysts say no. While the hype of all-day breakfast has been popular in the past nine months, many experts say the desire for breakfast at any hour may wane. It’s a fad, and the truth about fads is they tend to disappear.


But, now that McDonald’s has discovered just how popular their breakfasts are, they may continue to play with their breakfast menu. It may be a last ditch attempt, but right now, it seems like the only leg McDonald’s may have to stand on.

Honestly, we firmly believe that as long as there are stoners craving McMuffins at 2 AM, there will be a McDonald’s. Hopefully, it will be the same McDonald’s we all know and love.

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McDonald’s Introducing Fruits, Veggies and Salads as Side Alternatives to Fries


McDonald’s is now giving customers the option to trade the fries they love with healthier side options like side salads, fruits or vegetables in their value meals, because apparently some people would rather be miserable than enjoy their lunches. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t people who wouldn’t benefit from making healthier eating choices – just that those people would probably enjoy themselves more if they picked up a veggie burrito from Chipotle – something that at least tastes good, and not like a pile of sad, wilted nothings.


The new options will be available at 30 to 50 percent of the chain’s largest markets within the next three years (including the U.S.), and all of them by 2020, according to an infographic by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Luckily, we proverbial horses don’t need to drink a lick from Mickey D’s health fountain if we don’t want to.

Or in other words, give me frites or give me death.

H/T + PicThx Healthier Generation

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Hack: Here’s How to Get A 100% Fresh Egg at McDonald’s, None of That Egg Patty Sh*t


Among the many curious things McDonald’s serves up, those rubbery “mystery” egg patties found in between their breakfast sandwiches are one of them. Both the texture and appearance are unappetizing and there’s nothing like a square-shaped slop of protein to make your stomach lurch. Luckily,  Serious Eats J. Kenji Lopez-Alt dishes the deets on how to get a freshly-cooked egg on any McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, in particular the biscuit options.

To what’s the “secret”? The answer is the solution to most of life’s problems: Simply ask. Yes, just let them know that you’d like your sandwich to come with a “round egg” and they’ll swap that questionable square patty with a just-cracked egg. No charge.


Of course, it’s worth it to know that the round and patty versions are both 100% egg. The latter is simply “pre-cooked” and “reheated.” While many people will argue over the validity of both, there’s one thing that’s certain: A freshly-cracked egg makes a world of a difference when trying to make the most of your Mickey D’s breakfast sandwich.

Also, follow that up with some hot, fresh fries while you’re at it.

H/T + PicThx SeriousEats

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McDonald’s Chicken McWraps Join Permanent Menu


Chicken McWraps are now a permanent item on the McDonald’s menu and will come in three varieties: Chicken & Bacon, Sweet Chili Chicken and Chicken & Ranch. The new sandwich wraps will feature the same flour tortillas and chicken already used for McDonald’s snack wraps (introduced in 2006) but two of the three McWraps will come with cucumbers. Oh boy, veggies!

Depending on whether you order them with grilled or deep-fried chicken, the wraps range from 360 to 600 calories. While the McWraps officially roll out nationwide next week, they’re already available at many locations at a suggested price of $3.99.

Lately the fast food chain has been rolling out with options, such as the yolk-free McMuffin, in an attempt to create a more health-conscious image. While this is all well and good, we’ll take double double, hold the lettuce.


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The Yolk-Free McMuffin: McDonald’s ‘Egg White Delight’ Out April 22

Egg White Delight

Good news for the health conscious Mickey D fans out there, starting April 22, McDonalds will roll out Egg White Delights nationwide.

This yolk-free alternative was tested in Atlanta and Austin locations back in November. Essentially, the lighter version of the popular Egg McMuffin, Egg White Delights contain egg whites cooked free-form on a griddle, white cheddar cheese, and Canadian bacon on a whole grain english muffin.

Other sandwiches offered on the McDonalds breakfast menu will be available for egg white substitutions. This new breakfast option is one of many changes the fast food chain is implementing to make their menu more customizable and calorie-friendly.

Of course, this healthy alternative probably isn’t the best for your diet when paired with hash browns and an extra large coke. But hey, do you boo.

H/T + PicThx The Daily Meal

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McDonald’s Turkey Has a Breakfast Menu that Actually Looks Fresh & Healthy

mcdonald's turkey

I did a double take on this one. Apparently, McDonald’s Turkey sells a “Turkish Breakfast Menu” that features a vibrant offering of sliced cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, an omelet and an English muffin. This is a far cry from the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit spilling over with grease and delicious calories back here in America. Turkey’s Breakfast Menu not only looks like it’s good for you but more like something you’d throw together in your own kitchen, than something from Mickey D’s.


While our friends over at RocketNews24 claim that they’d “still pick the American one given the choice,” we’d be tempted to try a bite of that feta cheese + omelet combo.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews24


The Harlem Shake Hits McDonald’s, Madness Ensues [VIDEO]

Doing the Harlem Shake at McDonald's.

Some call the Harlem Shake the next Gangnam Style, some call it a rehash of the early 2000’s dance of the same name, but whatever it is, it’s getting a lot of attention on YouTube.

So as these videos keep popping up, of course a group of dudes made one of these videos at McDonald’s.

Coming from “That’s Classic,” a musical duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, the video starts off like a normal day at McDonald’s with customers enjoying their grub and your average crazy guy dancing in the middle of the dining room. Then the beat drops, a mannequin appears, a guy who looks like a reject Chick-fil-A cow and even a disturbing Larry the Cable Guy look-alike begin to wildly do the Harlem Shake.

This has to be one of the better Harlem Shake videos as everyone, from firefighters to the College Humor staff, has been getting into this phenomenon.

Although it isn’t Diddy and Bad Boy’s kind of Harlem Shake circa 2001, DJ/producer Baauer’s Harlem Shake has provoked just as much attention now as the dance did then.

H/T YouTube

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McDonald’s Testing Table Service with Actual Forks & Knives


If you order a Big Mac, Grand Angus or Chicken Deluxe meal at the McDonald’s in Warilla, Australia between 5pm – 8pm on  a Monday or Tuesday, you’ll have the option of having your food served to you on china. We’re talking actual forks and knives accompanying your Mickey D’s burger and fries. 

The news come from Illawarra Mercury, who reports that “McDonald’s Warilla is the first Maccas outlet in the world to offer plates, cutlery and table service with its dine-in meals.”

The idea came from Warilla franchisees Glenn and Katia Dwarte. Mr. Dwarte began giving his parents and mother-in-law this more-formal service when they’d stop by the restaurant. After a few people watching asked them how they could get the same dine-in frills, the Dwartes pitched the idea to McDonald’s Australia chief executive Catriona Noble.

Noble proposed the idea to McDonald’s Chicago headquarters, resulting in an approval for a five-week trial of this unique fast  food service that launched Monday.

Mrs. Dwarte began working at McDonald’s in 1978 and the couple are franchisees at both Warrawong and Stockland Shellharbour. The Dwartes have also tested a mobile app that allows customers to order and pay for their food before arrival.

If the trial proves successful, don’t be surprised if you find yourself tipping your “waiter” after ordering a McRib and large Coke.

H/T Illawarra Mercury + PicThx McDonald’s