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12-Year-Old Starts Clean Water Fund To Help Communities With Contaminated Water

On April 25th, 2014, looking to save money, state officials switched Flint, Michigan’s drinking water supply from the Detroit city system to the Flint River. The switch resulted in city-wide contamination of the Flint, Michigan water system. Improperly treated and highly corrosive lead-filled water began leaching out from aged pipes into thousands of homes. Soon following, complaints of dark, foul-tasting and smelly water began surfacing. Complaints grew further with reports of skin rashes and hair loss. Tests found significant water samples with lead levels well above “action level,” with some more than 100 times the action level. Until now the contamination has affected Flint residents of all age groups and has yet to be fully addressed by the state, leaving locals to fend for themselves.

In response, many celebrities and notable figures voiced their outrage in an attempt to raise awareness. With a lack of initial action from the state, citizens partnered with the NRDC (National Resources And Defense Council) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to bring the local government before a federal court. This action resulted in no state compliance although they did not ask for monetary damages. In 2017, after pressure, a settlement was reached with the state government that required them to locate and remove all lead from the water systems by 2020. Up to $97 Million was allocated to the effort. The battle for clean water is still ongoing.

Enter Little Miss Flint,  Mariyanna Copeny, who was just 8-years-old when she decided to pen a letter to President Barack Obama in order to bring awareness to the Flint Water Crisis. Moved by the letter, Obama visited the city in 2016. Witnessing first hand the devastating impact water contamination had on the community, Obama declared a federal state of emergency, thereby bringing the crisis to national attention. As the efforts urge onward, Copeny has continued raising awareness through speeches, free water bottle distribution and various community efforts. 

Now 12, Copeny’s latest move finds her partnering with water filtration company Hydroviv H2O to bring water filters into the homes of Flint citizens. To achieve this, she started a GoFundMe with an initial goal of raising $100,000. The page highlights not only Flint, but water issues in Newark, NJ, Pittsburgh, PA, and New York City as well.

A donation of just $1 provides the equivalent of 160 water bottles. With so many issues facing the world today, sometimes it can be overwhelming and seemingly hopeless. Yet, Copeny shows us that every little bit helps.

As of September 29, 2019, the GoFundMe surpassed the $100,000 goal and is now at a goal of $150,000, with $124,796 donated in total so far.

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Ruth’s Chris Steak House’s Special Promotion For Michigan Vs. Rutgers Game Is The Epitome Of An Epic Backfire


Over the weekend, the Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor, MI, thought they were pretty fresh coming up with a promotion for the Michigan vs. Rutgers football game this past weekend. The promotion was customers would get a one percent discount for every point Michigan is ahead of Rutgers by the end of the game. That deal would last for an entire week.

What the steak house chain didn’t count on, reports For The Win, was how much Michigan dominated Rutgers by.

The 78 to 0 final score meant that the restaurant would be giving out 78 percent discounts on all their checks through the next week. For a steak house of that caliber, you bet your sweet ass that’s a loss.

Ruth’s Chris immediately took to social media, clarifying that they had capped their promotion at up to 50 percent along with a few conditions.


Still a solid discount, but not as great as what could have been.

Soon after, Ruth’s Chris posted that the restaurant had been fully booked with reservations throughout the week. Looks like folks were prepared to nab their discounted meals before the rush set in.


Chances are, Ruth’s Chris’ next big promotion will have quite a few more safeguards set before they start blasting promises on social media. At least Michigan had a great game though.

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This Small Brewery Just Trolled Budweiser In The Best Way Possible

Saugatuck Brewing Company may have just pulled off one of the greatest trolls of all time on another brewer that, we thought, was trying to troll the whole world with their bold new campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.53.13 PM

A few days ago, Budweiser announced that they will be renaming their beer to “America,” in an obvious attempt to appease the American public by the power of association and the exploitation of American patriotism. This change comes on the heels of the announcement of their summer campaign slogan, “America Is In Your Hands.”

What does it taste like you ask? Freedom. It tastes like freedom.

Saugatuck Brewing Company saw an opportunity to mock Anheuser-Busch’s bold marketing campaign and immediately jumped on it. On their Facebook page, the Michigan-based brewery released their own rebranded beer, one they emphasized was “actually American.”

Any company that has 1,776 bald eagles employed as supervisors probably knows how to get shit done.



Source: CBS Detroit, Fox News 


FBI Arrests Man Who Sprayed Mouse Poison On Whole Foods’ Buffet


A man who casually walked into a Whole Foods store and sprayed mouse poison onto the self-serve food bars has been arrested by the FBI.

An employee at a Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was alarmed after witnessing the man, now in custody, pouring a liquid onto the prepared foods at the buffet-style section of the grocery store.

Whole Foods closed down its food bars afterwards and the FBI was informed of the suspicious activity. The grocery chain said in a statement:

“Out of an abundance of caution, all salad and hot food bars were immediately closed down at the store, all food was thrown out and the store team thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all food stations, equipment and serving utensils before restocking with fresh items. All surrounding Michigan store locations have been notified of the incident.”

The man in question was arrested after authorities tracked him down thanks to tips and leads from the public. It was discovered that the liquid was a mixture of hand cleaner, water and mouse poison.

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According to the FBI, the man, whose name has not been released, also visited two other grocery stores in the area, Meijer and Plum Market. The FBI said in a statement:

“The suspect stated that he sprayed produce in these stores within the last two weeks. Investigators are currently coordinating with state of Michigan and Washtenaw County Health Officials to determine the extent of any contamination and the threat to the public.”

Authorities are still determining whether he visited other grocery stores recently.

Written by Laura Dang of NextShark || h/t: Business Insider

Woman Goes Into A Rage Over Ice Cream Cone With TOO FEW Sprinkles


Apparently not enough sprinkles on your ice cream is reason enough to go into a rage these days. A Michigan woman was so upset over an ice cream cone she ordered from a gas station that she became increasingly violent.

The station clerk allegedly did not include enough sprinkles when serving the woman the cone and, because of this, she began to fly into a rage. A male companion was present with the woman, and when he tried to calm her down, she began to pound on him.

While the two eventually left, the clerk decided to call the cops with her license plate number in case she returned with more sprinkle-induced fury. No charges have been pressed.



The Best College Drunk Foods at the 25 Best Party Schools


Ahhh, college. It’s where children blossom into adults, and then keep blossoming into larger and larger adults, because the main point of most nights is to eat two entire pizzas, plus a side of pizza, at 3am.

But we can’t go back, no matter how hard we petition the admissions office at DeVry. So instead, we took 25 of the drunkest schools — Playboy’s 10 Top Party Schools of 2013, plus a handful of others famous for an extreme aversion to sobriety — and rounded up glorious tales of consumption. Then we assembled them in a format that in no way hilariously mimics any food guide that has existed in the form of a little red book you keep in your bathroom.

Enjoy… until the acid reflux sets in.




Ray’s Red Hots
“The old Red Hot Lovers” is now Ray’s Red Hots, but the place is “still seriously legit.” The namesake dogs, including the “Snap Casing” and the “Reuben Dog,” are “quite dank,” but the “Half-and-Half with cheese” (a “mound of curly fries, a pile of thick-cut onion rings, and a melted-on-the-spot cheddar cheese topping”) is “barf if you’ve been drinking a lot, but good barf.” “I lived on the adjacent street for two years, and during that time went here 195821941014 times, give or take.”

Runners-Up: BTB Burrito, Fleetwood Diner, Pizza House




“That Chevron With Chicken-on-a-Stick”
“By far the most famous late-night eating spot in Oxford,” this “gas station — I mean, it’s a damn gas station — right off the square where everyone gathers when the bars close at midnight” is “a legend for only one thing”: “a massive growth of greasy fried chicken that would kill a T-Rex, on a skewer.” Except for one guy “who always went for the egg roll, just to be different or something.”

Runners-Up: “Literally the only food I remember from that town is Chicken-on-a-Stick”




Chuck’s Café
“Covered in graffiti” and offering “a plethora of seating,” “Chuck’s Café, according to Foursquare, or Hungry Chuck’s, according to my bank statements” will happily serve you “the best bar food in the world.” Friday brings “$4 pitchers, which you HOUSE, and then it’s time to eat,” and the “BBQ chipotle chicken tenders,” “skirt steak sandwich,” and “the $2 fries” are “the best things ever.” “I want them to cater my wedding.”

Runners-Up: Wings over Syracuse, Sliders Burgers and Belgian Fries, Cosmos Pizza & Grill




Taco Cabana
“The reason Texans hate Mexican food everywhere else” is “honestly the best chain of any kind on the planet,” and also “walking distance from frat parties, and if you don’t dress well, co-op parties.” The “24-hours” joint is equipped with “a salsa bar — I once made an all-salsa taco,” but “just order the queso and house-made tortillas” which “should be purchased by the dozen” and will “cause your testicles to explode.” Also, “one time someone stole a big-screen television from the dining area” and ”Sean Elliot once did a super-weird commercial for them that I can’t find anywhere on YouTube.”

Runners-Up: DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks, Magnolia Cafe




The Grill
This “true diner” is the “only 24-hour joint in Athens other than Waffle House,” and is “famous for having every burger, shake, and patty melt under the sun,” in addition to a “ridiculous double-decker grilled cheese with bacon.” Decor is highlighted by “vintage comic books and soda bottles” that “people tried to steal every time they went” before realizing “they were in a glass case,” and so “swiped a ketchup bottle instead. I woke up with one in my purse once, and I don’t even like ketchup that much.”

Runner-Up: Little Italy Pizzeria, mainly because “in 2005, they discovered it was basically doubling as a meth lab. I’m not sure they cooked it there, but he dealt it. It was a big story in the Red and Black!”




New York Roma Pizza
“The old Groovy’s” in Coconut Grove is now “New York Pizza,” “the only pizza spot left in what passes for a college bar scene in Miami.” You may “get in multiple physical altercations there” when someone tries “the old ‘chat-and-cut’ move,” but the “slice with all the meat on it” is “totally worth it,” even though one time “some teacher stood in the doorway blocking everyone” and “proclaimed that he was a goddamn veteran of the United States Effing Marine Corps,” and “threatened to take down anyone who dared insult the integrity of that line.”

Runner-Up: El Mago de Las Fritas




Collegetown Bagels
Even though its circular wares are “good at all times — not just while drunk,” this “iconic” bagel shop run by “a friendly group of Ithaca townies who are just dying to partake in the college fun” is a “late-night fixture.” The “HUGE menu” is highlighted by “next-level pizza bagels — Tuscan verde, chicken melt, etc,” and also interestingly features “pitchers of beer and sangria.” “Stories abound” of people “having sex” or “just plain-old puking” in the bathrooms, and at least one fine patron has “peed a pizza box, right in front of a cop. That didn’t go so well.”

Runners-Up: College Town Pizza, Hot Truck




This “super-greasy, design-your-own-burger shop” in a “little corner shopping center next to the strip of bars” will “let you stack up to 10 patties on a single burger” and “you also get to choose as many toppings and sauces as you want,” like the “Double Tasty with cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, hummus, ranch, dijon mustard, and hot sauce.” It’s also “one of Gainesville’s top pick-up spots… seriously” and “hands-down the most fun line in town,” especially when “your friends start passing out left and right because of the wait — so be ready to abandon them to get your burger.”

Runners-Up: Five Star Pizza, Larry’s Giant Subs




“You can’t spell Chano’s without nachos,” but this “little Mexican dive” “right next to frat row” is also “really the only possible choice” for “chicken quesadillas smothered in sour cream” and “holy-sh*t carne asada fries.” “Outdoor seating” and a “drive-thru no one from USC ever uses ‘cause they’re always too hammered to drive when going there” add to the SoCal ambiance, and the place is thankfully “not quite into the ‘hood enough to get you shanked.'” And, best of all, it’s “for everyone”: “I went to film school and was not in a frat, but nobody wanted to beat me up there.”

Runners-Up: “There are seriously no runner-ups — ask any Trojan”




Ratsie’s Pizza
“The dirtiest dump ever” serves the most “rubbery, oily, desperate slice of pizza you could ever imagine,” which “will 100,000% give you the worst heartburn the next day” but “it’s so worth it.” “The guy who runs it always hits on college girls and gives them free pizza and stuff” and “flashing him might work”; otherwise, just watch “every single weird thing ever go down” as you put back “some slices and zucchini sticks.”

Runners-Up: Plato’s Diner, Cluck-U Chicken, D.P. Dough




Hop on the “line to the drive-thru that stays open until 4am” and “wait loudly” for your “Gut Box with extra Gut Sauce”: “chicken fingers, greasy crinkle-cut fries, sweet coleslaw, and buttery Texas toast.” Said sauce is “light pink and probably just a mix of mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire, and a sh*t-ton of garlic powder and pepper.” It’s also “the source of urban legends”: “you can use it as axle grease,” “one time a pledge chugged a gallon and had to go to the ER,” and “someone’s friend’s cousin had to get porcelain veneers because it removed all the enamel from her teeth.” “Don’t you dare go there sober — it will ruin your world view.”

Runners-Up: Gordos, Mr. Roboto Tokyo Grill




Quick Grill
“Right on the strip,” this “permanent version of a New York peanut stand” is “can’t even fit a cook if the cook is fat” small and only manages room for “a couple random benches.” It’s “all about the Messy Fries”: “French fries swimming in nacho cheese” — just be sure to “get at least a billion napkins — they are ungodly messy.” After ordering at the window, “grab a seat and get ready to wait outside for a while,” as “the name is a bigger lie than Al Gore inventing beards.”

Runners-Up: Buffalo Phil’s, City Cafe, and Mr. T: “this guy who comes right into the bars and sells $2 BBQ sandwiches”




This “fairly nice-looking place if you didn’t look too closely at the rugs” will “turn any meal into a wrap,” “also known as a ‘ski.’” “No, I don’t know why.” Get yourself an “absolutely huge” “AK Ski with fried chicken, hot sauce, and ranch,” but be careful: “they blacklist people’s phone numbers who ordered delivery, then passed out before it got there,” leaving it to “become a game of figuring out who WASN’T blacklisted when you want an Aloha Ski after a long night.” “They also have ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies.”

Runners-Up: Time-Out Restaurant, Hot Dogs & Brew, Artisan Pizza Kitchen




The White Spot
The “hilariously inadvertent comment on the school’s lack of diversity” is “famous for one thing only”: the “Gus Burger,” which is “basically just a cheeseburger with a fried egg on top,” and “is not/never was made by a dude named Gus.” Bolder eaters may opt for the “Double Gus,” while watching “freshmen carry out a rite of passage: milling around hoping someone finds their gluttony attractive enough to take them home.” “This works approximately never, but you can get your hands on a Gus Burger approximately always.”

Runners-Up: Littlejohn’s New York Deli, Christian’s Pizza




Are U Hungry/Sandwich U
“Also known as Sandwich U,” this joint sells “souvenir shirts that say ‘Have you had a Fat Bitch lately?’, not that I own one or anything,” but the real deal is the “just silly-big sandwiches,” including said Fat Bitch, as well as the “Fat Blunt and the Fat Bastard.” “They shove in everything imaginable” — “gyro meat, mozz sticks, chicken fingers, eggs” — and “out comes someone who needs a wheelbarrow to get home.”

Runners-Up: Casa D’Amici, Pita Pit, “that hot dog truck thing”




Cosmo’s Pizza
“Slices bigger than your head even if you’re some freak with a really huge head” are the featured item at this joint “in the little drunk/hungover-person Nirvana of a shopping center” that “also has Dot’s Diner.” “Really super-stoned people — not just drunks!” line up for slices that’re “basically just vehicles for the spicy ranch,” which “is also sold by the mason jar if you need to get your severe acid reflux on at home, too.”

Runners-Up: Tra Ling’s Oriental Cafe, “Smelly Deli” (University Hill Market & Deli)




Jin’s Chicken & Fish
This “piece of crap cart next to all the frats on Langdon” is “almost definitely run by the dude from Lost, although he looks different,” and peddles “sandwiches that will make you regret ever going to college the next AM.” “I literally never heard of anyone who got the fish,” but the “fried chicken with mayo and Frank’s is beyond delicious… I think” — “my entire night used to be about raising $4.” When that doesn’t work out, though, it’s not over: “we did card tricks for sandwiches one time, but that only worked for girls,” and it’s important to remember that “flashing always helps, too.”

Runners-Up: Ian’s Pizza, Parthenon Gyros




Mother Bear’s Pizza
“Old wooden booths and paneled walls” welcome you into this “institution” with “really affordable pizzas, even for poor people,” all “gently lorded over” by “the manager for, like, 100 years, Wiz” — “nobody beats her.” The “Divine Swine and Spinoccoli pies” are trusty go-tos, but if you’re really hungry, “just shut up and get the Munchie Madness,” “a package that included a pizza, breadsticks, brownies, and a two-liter.” “If I was an actual bear, and there were no foolish campers cooking bacon, I would come right here.”

Runners-Up: Aver’s Gourmet Pizza, Pizza X




Panchero’s Mexican Grill
“The only thing you need to know about Panchero’s is the Quesadilla Girl video.” “So this girl starts screaming at another girl late-night, then whirls around and hits this dude in the face.” “He proceeds to push her, and then everything goes wild.” “She falls on the floor, and eventually gets up,” but “best of all, after all that,” “she goes behind the counter and demands her damn quesadilla.” “They’re that good.”

Runners-Up: Marco’s Grilled Cheese, Mesa Pizza, The Pit




Mikey’s Late Night Slice
“This place means the world to me,” and also does for “countless students who seem like they may never become sober again. Like, biologically.” “The hammered-people food-of-the-moment in Columbus” is “worth the long lines,” and while “the pizza will change your outlook on life and maybe make you run to the bathroom,” “don’t sleep on the Pizza Dawg,” a “giant hot dog filled with meat and cheese, then wrapped with a slice of pizza.” And don’t sleep with “the Slut Sauce,” which “delivers an awesome tang, but not like astronauts eat” and “should cover your pizza so thoroughly you can’t see anything but Slut.”

Runners-Up: PJ’s Sandwiches, Hounddog’s 3 Degree Pizza, Apollos Greek Kitchen




El Rancho
“Most people will claim to absolutely hate El Rancho unless they’re drunk,” “and then that happens,” and then “you’ll find them at 2am demolishing a plate of steak fajita nachos.” “Right near all the bars,” this “cheap and dirty Mexican food” outpost “is open until 3am” and “will serve you booze all night” — “it’s the worst idea ever. Seriously, why would they do that?” “The margaritas are huge,” “made with cleaning products,” and “cost, like, a quarter.”

Runners-Up: Shakespeare’s Pizza, Broadway Diner




Pizza Shuttle
“Basically the Totinos of delivery,” “no sane person would EVER eat this crap sober,” but, “hey, cheap pizza delivered to your door at 2:30am is fantastic.” “Their website hasn’t changed since Howard Schnellenberger was OU’s coach,” but they’ll still manage to deliver you “sandwiches that are every bit as delicious as their pizzas.” In summation, “it’s way more delicious than the space shuttle, plus it’s still in business.”

Runners-Up: The Mont Restaurant, O’Connell’s Irish Pub & Grille, Louie’s Grill & Bar




Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
“The original,” which was “started by LSU business students who are now super-rich people” is “all decked out with LSU stuff,” including “much classier tiger-skin walls than normally found in chicken finger establishments.” “Go with the Box,” which is “filled with huge, greasy chicken fingers and fries,” but “be sure to switch out the cole slaw for extra Texas toast” so you can “most effectively sponge up all of the simply ridiculous Cane’s Sauce.” “I have no idea what it is, and honestly I don’t really care,” but “I would drink it with a straw if that’s what it came down to, and I kinda hope that’s what it comes down to.”

Runner-Up: Louie’s Cafe




Bell’s Greek Pizza
“There’s great pizza in East Lansing,” but at 4am, “skip it and go to Bell’s.” “Like the dudes in the surrounding frats, it’s greasy and Greek,” but “nothing tastes like this pizza” — “the crust is like a sponge dunked in butter and deep-fried,” “the cheese is sharp and definitely not mozzarella,” and “you can eat the whole thing in two giant bites.” And at $1 a slice, “it’s the main contributor to the freshman 15.” They’ve also got “super-greasy grinders, pasta, and spinach pie,” plus, unlike most eateries in the city, “it’s been around since the ’60s,” so you can “take your alum dad there and relive memories he doesn’t actually remember.”

Runners-Up: Georgio’s Gourmet Pizza, Jersey Giant Subs, Menna’s Joint, Goombas Pizza USA




Oregano’s Pizza Bistro
While “the pizza is pretty good,” especially “the stuffed ones, which weigh about 600lbs a slice,” “I did it all for the Pizookie.” The “massive half-baked soft cookie” is “the finest piece of drunk food ass I’ve ever seen.” Go with “half chocolate chip, half white chocolate macadamia nut,” or the “peanut butter,” but the topper, literally, is “mounds of vanilla ice cream.” “The thing is only five bucks, but it could probably feed a family for weeks, even if they were a really fat family.”

Runners-Up: Cheba Hut, Silver Mine Subs


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Hell, Michigan Freezes Over, Red Robin Celebrates With Free Chili


Temperatures in Hell, Michigan dropped below freezing last week, which would be funny on a normal day but happens to be funny AND delicious today. The reason? Red Robin is giving away free bowls of chili to the first hundred guests to mention Hell freezing over at participating locations on February 26, 2013.

Joe Colone, mayor and owner of Hell, Michigan, seemed pretty excited about the deal. “Coming from someone who reigns over Hell, this is a helluvah great offer.”

Props to Red Robin for providing an icicle-encrusted Hell with enough spicy chili to thaw even the most frozen sense of humor.

H/T + PicThx Red Robin


An Inside Look at Domino’s Pizza Headquarters [GALLERY]

Last year Domino’s Pizza took on some huge risk in overhauling their core product…their pizza. The new recipe did really well for them, and the 9,000+ location chain (the second largest pizza chain in the world behind Pizza Hut) went on a truly expressive and powerful ad campaign that was very transparent and communicative with their changes.

They came to terms with people not being completely satisfied with the taste of their pizza, and as a result, their self-reflective campaign ended up being a successful public transition between their old recipe and their new taste. The best part of the process? They invited out some food bloggers to check out the new operation and make sure they truly were making “new” pizza.

Here’s a look at Domino’s operation and their Ann Arbor, MI headquarters: