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Michael Scott’s 18 Topping Pretzel From ‘The Office’ Probably Looked Like This

The Office’s titular character Michael Scott definitely found hundreds of ways to be totally unproductive during his tenure as Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch manager. On one particular occasion, he and co-worker Stanley Hudson waited nearly an entire work day for a complimentary pretzel, as it was “Pretzel Day” for employees in their office building. Scott ended up ordering an 18 topping pretzel that sent him into a sugar coma for the remainder of the day. It sounded delicious, but we never got to see what it really looked like—until now.

Youtube channel Binging With Babish, purveyors of fictional food recipes, recreated Michael Scott’s pretzel in a recent episode. Host Andrew Rea made sure that every topping, from the peanut butter drizzle to the cotton candy and OREOs, made its way on top. After just piling them all on in a fashion akin to how the pretzel man probably did it on the show, Rea also created his own Instagram-worthy version of the treat.

Not gonna lie, that pretzel actually looks pretty scrumptious. It would definitely make me enjoy Pretzel Day as much as Stanley did before the diabetic sugar coma kicks in.



Moments Where Michael Scott Talks With Food In His Mouth

You say slow news day? We say “valuable food case study through the eyes of contemporary television media.” Michael Scott, a fictional character played by Steve Carell, is one of the most iconic group leaders in recent television history. Incompetent and oblivious to his surroundings, The Office‘s Michael Scott often carries out his corporate functions in the most ridiculous of manners.

One humble YouTube artist under the alias , took to his video craft to recapture many of the moments were Michael Scott seems to be talking with food in his mouth. Often times, Michael will find his mouth full when he’s facing extreme pressure or dealing with a saddening or dire situation.

There’s something extremely curious about watching Michael speak and get his emotions across with a mouth full of food. More than likely, watching someone eat food attributes a level of realism to said character, particularly effective when given to a character who at times is so completely unrealistic.

Ladies and gentleman, Michael Scott: