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Chipotle Customers Freak Out After Rats Literally Rain Out Of The Ceiling

Chipotle was already having a rough week thanks to the now-confirmed norovirus outbreak, so the following turn of events is just adding insult to injury for the burrito chain.

Bahadir Koseli, a customer at one of the franchise’s locations in Dallas, shot some now-viral footage of mice scattered about on the floor and on the wall of a Chipotle restaurant. Other patrons of that Chipotle that were interviewed by NBC DFW claimed that the rodents fell out of the ceiling. Some customers kept eating as the rats crawled on by while others understandably freaked out and left the restaurant.

Chipotle did issue a statement about the fracas later on, claiming that professionals identified a “structural gap” in the restaurant as a potential access point for the mice to have crept in. The gap was immediately sealed upon discovery. Chipotle also emphasized how unlikely this event was to occur, claiming that “this is an extremely isolated and rare incident and certainly not anything we’d ever want our customers to encounter.”

I kind of feel bad for Chipotle at this point, to be honest. Suffering a norovirus outbreak and having rats tumble into one of your restaurants in the same week? That’s just a ton of really bad luck.


Apparently, this Wine Contains Drowned Baby Mice


So, some weird things have been put forward in the name of health.  Everybody has a friend with a wacky hangover cure that involves raw eggs and orange juice, or a parent who practically shoves weird family cures down your throat every time you get sick. And of course, we all have that aunt who insists that Baby Mice Wine is the cure to everything. What? No? You guys don’t have a aunt like that? Nevermind.

This drink, speculated by many to be of Chinese origin, can also be found  in ancient Korea. The mice-infused wine is considered to be a health tonic, a cure-all to anything from liver disease to asthma. The story goes that villagers who couldn’t afford better medicine would drink it instead. Although there is no significant research proving its medical benefits (yet), others still put forward the claim that Baby Mice Wine holds medicinal properties.

When making Baby Mice Wine, one needs a) rice wine, and b)  a maximum of 3-day-old mice. Dozens of itty bitty tiny baby mice are bottled up, drowned alive in the wine and left to brew. After about 12 to 14 months  they are “safe” to drink.  One has to be careful in the construction of the wine. If not collected properly the mice will contaminate your drink, yikes.  Some have reported the wine to taste like gasoline, which only goes to prove that the type of people who would drink Baby Mice Wine are also the same type of people crazy enough to drink gasoline.

While not the strangest thing we’ve covered on our site, it’s definitely a contender.

H/T + Picthx Alwaysfoodie


Science Says Testicles and Anuses Have Taste Receptors, Time to Invest in Bacon Condoms!


Next time you’re stuffing fistfuls of delicious bacon into your mouth, you might want to consider sticking a piece or two of crispy goodness into your crotch, then up your butt for good measure. No, I’m not suggesting you develop a kinky bacon fetish (although experimenting with bacon condoms is always a good idea), I’m just a firm believer in enjoying the maple-hickory goodness with all of your body’s taste receptors. Including the ones chilling on the tops of your testicles and at the entrance to your anus. Yeah, you read that right: if you have testicles, you also have a gorgeous set of taste receptors right at the tippy tops of your gonads, just waiting to approve or disapprove your flavored condom choices. The same goes for the neat cluster of taste receptors sitting just inside your anus, although we feel kind of bad for that particular part of your anatomy . . . something tells us Nature gave them the sh*tty end of the stick.

If you’re worried that taste is about to become more of an anal and testicular than an oral pastime, don’t be — the taste receptors in your anus and testicles aren’t likely to overwhelm more traditional forms of taste any time soon. In fact, your non-oral taste receptors (which, by the way, are also present in your stomach, intestines, pancreas, lungs, and brain) are pretty much limited to tasting sweet and umami flavors (like the kind contained in bacon, for example). None of your non-oral taste receptors come close to the tasting power of your tongue, however, so you probably won’t be tasting your toilet paper.

At this point, though, you’re likely less concerned with where the funky taste receptors are and more curious about why any possible evolutionary process would slap some taste receptors where the sun don’t shine. Unfortunately, science doesn’t really have an answer. . . yet. Scientists discovered the unusual taste receptors while studying fertility in rats, and they know that taking away male rat’s testicular taste receptors rendered them permanently sterile. So we know that, somehow, tasting the delicate bouquet of ballsweat flavors is vital to the reproduction process, we just don’t know why. Researchers will continue to study the link between flavor receptors and reproduction, and we’ll continue to pretend we don’t know any of this information. At least until the next time we grab some bacon-flavored condoms.

H/T Business Insider + PicThx Jezebel