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Tacos Get Redone In Pizza Form At This Orange County Mexican Restaurant

Foodbeast Oscar recently hit up a gem of a spot in Anaheim, California called Sabor Mi Teirra. They specialize in a host of Mexican favorites, however, what he found most noteworthy were three standouts: cheesy Tacos Gobernador, Pizza Gobernador, and Pizza Mexicana.

What’s unique about the pizzas here are that they’re just reimagined versions of their in-house tacos. The Tacos Gobernador features succulent shrimp, pico de gallo, and garlic butter. For the Pizza Gobernador, folks are treated to a lovely trio of carne asada, al pastor, and chorizo as toppings.

For sure the full menu, complete with handmade corn tortillas, is worth exploring, but Oscar’s top 3 favorites is a good place to start!

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All Your Favorite Mexican Taco Meats Are Piled On These Pizzas

Tacos and pizzas deliciously unite in this restaurant’s lineup that features literally ALL of the meats.

At Mr. Taco Nice in Anaheim, California, you can find just about every meat on the menu piled on top of one of their Mexican Gourmet Pizzas. This includes camarones, or shrimp, which come in a plentiful abundance on top of the Al Gobernador. It’s adorned with heaping handfuls of cheese and several different toppings, including pico de gallo.

The other pizzas in Mr. Taco Nice’s lineup are just as droolworthy. The La Mexicana, featuring chorizo and carne asada, bridges together two of the most popular taco meats in a savory, spicy blend accentuated with radishes, onion, and lime.

If you can’t decide which protein to pack on top, the Mexican Meat Lovers has you covered. Chorizo, pollo, carne asada, carnitas, and al pastor are all loaded onto this pizza feast.

The fusion of tacos and pizza is fully embodied in Mr. Taco Nice’s mouthwatering masterpieces. It’s located pretty close to Disneyland, so if you’re looking for some tasty and unique creations after a trip to the park, consider a stop by this taco pizza emporium.

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