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Munchies Bar Throws Every Snack You Can Think Of Into An Ice Cream Cup

Ever barrel down the candy aisle, your parents only allowing you to pick one sweet, and freeze at the thought of all the different candies you’re missing out on by choosing just one?

If you happen to be in Maywood, CA, you’ll never have that problem.

Krazy Cup Munchies Bar pretty much throws an entire candy aisle’s worth of sweet and savory treats onto your ice cream cup.

Crazy, right?

The LA area ice cream bar lets you choose your favorite flavor of ice cream, fruit, candies, and pretty much every Mexican snack or candy under the hot Californian sun to load your custom cup with.

You can even finish it off with chamoy, lime juice, and Tajin.

The spot doesn’t just stop at ice cream, either. Fruit-based desserts like this apple topped with Zumba Pica Forritos with tamarind flavor, fruit, and chili are also ready for patrons to munch on.

Just make sure when you assemble your Krazy Cup to get as creative as you can with it. Otherwise you’re just another person eating ice cream.

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This Mexican Candy Shot Tastes A Lot Worse Than It Sounds [WATCH]

Sometimes you hear about a drink and think to yourself, “That sounds pretty good.”

A Mexican Candy shot would probably fall under that category, as you’d think the spiciness and sweetness would have a Michelada-like taste you could work with.

Our Worst Shots team found that to be very wrong, as they visited the Slip Bar & Eatery in Redondo Beach, CA.

It starts off sounding delicious, with some lime and Tajin chili seasoning kissing the lip of the class. Then some tequila and watermelon pucker is mixed together, which still sounds pretty respectable.  As soon as they add Tapatio hot sauce to the mix, the whole drink goes to hell, in a twist that left our own Sean Fahmy gagging and hating his life choices.

“I’m going to give it a hard 3, out of 20,” our bud Rudy Chaney said about the Mexican-inspired drink. “It’s pretty good if you want to give it to someone who’s a f*cking a**hole.”

Believe it or not, there are a couple of regulars at the California bar who actually order this shot. But if you’re like us, you might want to just stick to the good ol’ Michelada.