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This Is What Happens When A McDonald’s Big Mac Is Exposed To Molten Copper

We’re huge fans of different foods getting molten copper poured on them. There’s something hypnotic the process. One of Tito4re‘s most interesting videos is a recent one that features a McDonald’s Big Mac getting the molten copper treatment.

The YouTuber has to actually break down the burger’s layers to get the molten copper on everything.

As you can see, the sesame bun can really hold off that metal. Kind of makes you wonder what a Big Mac’s made of that it can handle such extreme heat, even for a few seconds.

Check out the video.

You may also recognize his other molten experiments like pouring the hot liquid metal onto popcorn kernels, a T-bone steak and even a giant jawbreaker candy.

Definitely don’t try this at home, kids.


This Coffee Maker is Made From an Actual Race Car Engine


If your coffee machine feels a little dull, look no further than this behemoth. The Espresso Veloce Titania V12 definitely adds some speed to your morning routine. The unique coffee maker is crafted from the same materials used to make Formula One engines, melding together titanium and stainless steel. It also features incredible polished pipes with dyed blue tips to look like they’ve been discolored from heat.

There are only 500 of these special machines, and they cost a fortune: about 9,000 pounds, or a little less than $15,000. How’s that for a jolt? Still you have to admit, it would make a fantastic conversation piece.



H/T Design Taxi + Picthx Espresso Veloce


The Champagne Tree is the Closest We’ll Ever Get to a Money Tree


Inside London’s esteemed Saatchi Gallery, tucked away in the Duke of York Square, Tord Boontje and Perrier-Jouët launched their recent collaboration: The Enchanting Tree, featuring a tree with twisted branches curled into glass holders for champagne flutes, filled with Perrier-Jouet Champagne.

The inspiration behind the champagne tree was twofold: the changing of the seasons and what Dutch designer Boontje calls, “the champagne moment.” Nature, aesthetics, and the delight of alcohol all wrapped into one.

Wreathed in anemones, each of the twisting golden trees holds six champagne flutes that can be filled while suspended in the air, while a simple turn of the glass releases it from the metal branch. Although the champagne tree present at the launch will ultimately be housed in the Maison Belle Epoque, the VIP showpiece for Perriet-Jouët champagne house, the champagne service will be available at the high-end department store Selfridge’s and in some premium hotels.

Now, howabout we take things to the next level and make a beer tree? We bet it’ll be as glorious as it sounds.

H/T + PicThx Core77

Packaged Food

New Emergency Ramen Canisters Last Three Years, Probably Won’t Save Your Life Anyhow


Nissin Foods, makers of your favorite instant Cup Noodle ramen have just released a limited amount of special “emergency” ramen canisters designed to last three years and be used in emergency situations.

Wait, you mean my regular old cup noodle ramen doesn’t already last three years? WTF?

Available in two flavors, “Chiken Ramen [sic]” and “Cup Noodles,” each metal tin contains the expected block of noodles, soup base, a paper cup, “a foldable fork for two people” — whatever that means — and desiccant to prevent moisture buildup. The good news is, the new specialized container extends the ramen’s shelf life from its typical six months to up to three years, probably without losing any of its scrumptious umami taste.

The bad news is two canisters already cost about $40, there are only 600 two-canister sets available and Nissin’s only giving away one single can set per person, so chances are most people will have eaten it long before they’re ever caught in an emergency situation. Oops?

H/T Rocket News + PicThx Stomp


Vegan Black Metal Chef: The Man Behind the Metal

Brian Manowitz, the man known as Vegan Black Metal Chef, is passionate about Vegan cuisine and metal music. So what happens when he dons on his dark armor, makeup, and whips out his pentagram? We get pretty awesome video and some delicious looking vegan cooking. In fact, his first video, launched nearly 8 months ago, has amassed nearly 1.7 million views with all the rest of his videos garnering audiences in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

Manowitz explains his decision to go vegan on his site, and his decision to create his black metal chef alter ego:


What’s the story behind your love of food and cooking? 
The story behind my love of food and cooking is that I don’t like eating crap! I really like to eat amazing quality food so when I became vegan, I saw that no one was going to do it for me. I was into cooking a little bit before that but its was really going vegan that kinda forced me to get more into it.

How did you come up with the Vegan Black Metal Chef identity?
To a lot of people this seems like a weird leap from their ordinary lives. However, most of what I do all day is work on music or cook…so it was really just a natural blend for me. What made me want to start making videos like this is that I am finally able to make a halfway decent recording.

Is Vegan Black Metal Chef a solo endeavor? Or are there more vegan metal-heads behind the music?
It is a solo endeavor. Several friends have helped me make some of the background and stuff but Its just me, a tripod, camera, and music stuff.

If you could jam with anyone who would it be and what would you serve them to eat afterwards?
Hmmmm jam with anyone eh? Perhaps Mustas the now ex-keyboardist from Dimmu Borgir. How the hell did they fire that guy? I would serve him buffalo seitan bits with vegan ranch and celery. Because im addicted to that at the current moment.

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom for all the Foodbeasts out there?
Don’t whiz on the electric fence.


Check out Vegan Black Metal Chef’s videos at his YouTube channel or watch his latest post “Indian Feast” below.



Slang Flask

This thing is perfect for all you drinkers that become asshole’s when drunk. Oh wait, that’s most of us. Atleast you’re owning up to it while drinking out of this, right? Urban Outfitter’s should make a see-through flask with a dashed line in the middle of it and it should read, “I’m a little bitch if my alcohol level is above this line”. (Thx CM)


The iPhone 4: It Blends

If you read the site often enough, you may have figured out that I am an Apple product fanatic. So of course I had the iPhone 4 a day before it came out. Regardless, a must have kitchen appliance is a blender, and the best in the game are BlendTec. They blend everything including the new iPhone 4. (Thx Engadget)


Stainless Steel Carabineer Coffee Mug


‘No matter where you are or where you’re going, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for coffee should it arise. Ceramic cups are for old ladies and stuffy Brits. Real coffee drinkers only carry a sturdy Stainless Steel Carabineer Mug that hooks on their belt loop and comes with them on every adventure’. (Thx Coolmaterial)