Chocolate Chip Pop-Tart Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie Creates Endless Cookie Loop


Nick of Dude Foods recently discovered Chocolate Chip Pop-Tarts (mindplosion) and decided it was a good idea to kick this already incredible item up a notch. How do you improve on chocolate chip-flavored Pop-Tarts, you ask? Throw them into a cookie. (Hint: this is always the answer.)

Using a wonton cone (a cookie cutter would work too), Nick cut out perfect circles from each Pop-Tart, then took two balls of cookie dough (packaged or otherwise) and placed them on the top and bottom . After that, it was just a matter of throwing them into the oven to create little snacks of concentrated cookie deliciousness.

PicThx Dude Foods


Please Refrain from Instagramming This Instagram Cake [Video]


Excuse me waiter, there’s some Instagram in my cake.

This is possibly the most creative and labor intensive dessert I’ve seen. This cake is made from rainbow jelly, chocolate mousse, cake and chocolate glaze all carefully layered together to recreate everyone’s favorite social media obsession. The whole process takes a few hours since you’re constantly building, freezing and piecing things together but the final product is sure to surprise your party guests.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 8.54.22 PM

The good news is that if you actually pull this thing off it would make a pretty sweet Instagram post.

Check out the tutorial below or if you want the recipe, head on over to How To Cook That.


Wedding Burger ‘Cake’ is What True Love Looks Like


Wedding cakes are a time-honored tradition. A celebration of love. A symbol of happiness, etc. etc. But let’s be honest, no matter how good the cake, nothing beats a solid, juicy burger. (For those that don’t agree, just humor me here.)

Cue in this phenomenal burger tower, aka burger wedding cake, aka awesome. This savory wedding centerpiece swaps out traditional tiers of white icing for four tiers of humongous burgers.

If this burger cake is any indication of what a happy, healthy marriage looks like, this couple is off to a rock-solid start.


PicThx TheMetaPicture