New App Tags Your Photos with ‘Zesty’ and ‘Caramel’ Aromas You Can Smell


It’s mouth-watering enough to see a picture of someone’s delicious meal, but now you can take that experience even further, with a new device called an oPhone. Really.

Created by a Harvard alum, it uses a mobile application called oSnap, which allows you to take photos, then tag each image with terms like “zesty,” “jasmine,” or “caramel” to convey the particular scent of your experience.

Then, the message is sent to the oPhone “dock” which reads the aroma signals you’ve sent it via the app, and reproduces them in smellable form.

The tech is still in crowdfunding stages so it won’t be available for personal purchase until next year.  However, there are still public oPhone hot spots where you can test the device out for yourself.

So what do you think? Cool new technology worth paying attention to, or just the latest fad?

H/T First We Feast


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