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Starbucks Cup With ‘Diabetes Here I Come’ Leaves Customer Steamed


Yeah, Starbucks drinks are ridiculously full of sugar. That doesn’t mean you’re supposed to point it out to the customer. A Starbucks patron allegedly received a message on his coffee order that deeply offended him.

According to Action News Jax, a customer from a St. Augustine, Fla., Starbucks got his coffee order and was shocked to see “DIABETES HERE I COME” displayed on the label.

The customer says that he did not find it funny as his two sisters suffer from diabetes.

While Starbucks issued an apology, some are arguing that this could be nothing more than a prank created through the coffee chain’s mobile ordering app.


SoBe Lifewater Adds Creepy Message To New Bottle Caps


Like a fair amount of beverage companies, SoBe Lifewater is known for putting messages in its bottle caps. Between phrases like “That’s what she said” and “Now a nugget,” the brand is usually goes for the cheap quick laugh.

It looks like the marketing department for SoBe is taking a dark and melancholic approach. The new bottle caps feature new and slightly disturbing message:



Now it’s definitely on purpose, however, SoBe patrons took to Twitter to express their concerns over the message. Turns out joking about someone being trapped in a factory just isn’t as funny as they initially thought.

The company has since apologized for the message.