Albertsons Is Merging With Rite Aid, Creating New Supermarket & Health Brand

Photo: Caldorwards4 | Wikimedia Commons

Out of all the popular grocery chains, Albertsons was always my favorite. I remember walking home from school and picking up some fried chicken from the deli, a jalapeño cheddar bun, and a Monster energy drink to fuel the rest of my evening.

As I grew older, I saw less Albertsons stand the test of time. The two locations closest to me shut down, forcing me to find other locations slightly further. Now, though, it looks like there’s hope left for our beloved supermarket chain.

In a bold move to expand their reach, Albertsons announced that they will be merging with pharmacy retailer Rite Aid.

Supermarket News reported that under this merger, a majority of Albertsons private label products will now be sold at Rite Aid stores. Albertsons’ existing in-store pharmacies will also rebrand into Rite Aid. Both stores will then unite under a new, yet to be announced, name and branding.

Because some Rite Aids and Albertsons stores are pretty close to one another in proximity in certain regions, it’s still unknown whether there will be closures once the merger happens.

Patrons can expect the deal to be finalized in the latter half of 2018.


Burger King Put an $11 Billion Dollar Ring on Canada’s Tim Hortons, Proposal Accepted


After months of “will they, won’t they” Canada has finally given Burger King the green light to purchase their national coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons. The Wall Street Journal reports that Burger King has offered the Canadian government $11 billion to buy up the restaurant. This will make them the 3rd-largest fast food company in the world.

It was first believed that 3G capital, the private equity company that owns BK, was just taking advantage of a Canadian HQ as a tax shelter. Canada, however, disagrees.

With Tim Hortons’ annual profit declining 14 percent in the last financial quarter, Canada’s government believes the merger will help the country’s economy.

Our neighbors to the north had a few conditions for Burger King, however, before the purchase of Tim Hortons could take place. This includes securing the jobs of every Tim Hortons employee at Canadian franchises, maintaining the brand’s image and that Canadians represent 50 percent or more of Tim Hortons board of directors.

Sadly, because of these stipulations, we won’t be seeing any Burger King/Tim Hortons ships. A Whopper inside a doughnut or Timbit onion rings may have been a magical experience at King Hortons. Or Burger Tim.

H/T CBC Picthx Charisma Madarang