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Wendy’s Debuts Nationwide Breakfast Menu That Includes Breakfast Baconator

Photo Courtesy of Wendy’s

Wendy’s is on the precipice of a major renaissance after an announcement earlier this year about bringing their lauded Spicy Chicken Nuggets out of retirement. The fast food chain has now dropped another major bombshell about their menu that may be a huge plus for the brand: a nationwide BREAKFAST MENU.

Currently, Wendy’s is one of the more popular fast food burger joints that has yet to offer breakfast as a widespread option. Prior to this announcement, a few hundred Wendy’s locations have had breakfast available in some form. However, all restaurants will sell a morning meal after plans were announced to implement an entirely new breakfast menu sometime in 2020.

The new menu will feature items like a Breakfast Baconator, a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, and Frosty-ccinos.

Wendy’s also plans to hire about 20,000 new employees to help usher this expansion in the year to come.

Personally, I’m seriously excited for that Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Breakfast biscuit sandwiches are such an under appreciated menu item.

We’ll follow up once the menu hits stores, stay tuned!

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Starbucks Reveals New Seared Steak Breakfast Burrito Along With Protein Bowls

Starbucks announced this morning that they’re adding a completely new summer menu to their line up. One item, specifically, will definitely catch the attention of anyone looking for a hearty breakfast along their morning commute.

The java giant revealed that they’ll be adding a Seared Steak and Tomatillo Wrap for anyone who welcomes the warm embrace of beef paired with the velvety cuddle that only scrambled eggs can bring. The new item boasts seared chunks of steak, cage-free scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, and tomatillo salsa inside a warm tortilla.

Steak and eggs is a pretty fine way to start the day off, if we do say so ourselves.

Joining the “wrap” will be a pair of high-protein lunch bowls: Chicken & Quinoa with Black Beans & Greens and Vegan Lentils & Vegetables with Brown Rice.

Starbucks has also added a hefty lineup of new beverages to their drink menu. Coffee options include an Iced Cascara Coconutmilk Latte & Iced Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato. On the tea end of the beverage additions, Starbucks has added various Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Infusions. You can find the new summer menu line up now at participating Starbucks locations nationwide.

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16 Chefs & Cooks Confess Their Most Hated Thing To Make


To anyone who has ever worked in the food and restaurant industry, there has certainly been that one item that you just dread having to make.

A group of chefs and restaurant cooks were recently asked what their least favorite dish to prepare was from the menu where they worked. The question was met with an overwhelming response that highlighted dishes that were either annoying to make, tedious, or simply too dangerous to be worth the trouble.

Because it’s still Reddit, please take these stories with a grain of salt. Also, regardless of these responses, it’s still a chef’s job to prepare whatever the customers’ menu choices are so don’t let these stories deter you from ordering what you want at a restaurant.

Dig in!


Mother-f*cking poached eggs.

Let me tell you a story. It’s Sunday, you went HARD last night. So did everyone else on your crew, you’re all running on four hours of sleep on the sixth day of your shift because Monday is the day the restaurant is closed.

Last month the owner decided BRUNCH WAS A GOOD IDEA. So that fat bastard and his friends could come in and drink mimosas all day.

You put on two pots of water and add just the right amount of vinegar to them keeping one just warm and the other in front of it just under boiling. You know two isn’t enough for service, but you don’t have space for anymore. It’s like seeing that your car doesn’t have any brakes but driving towards a cliff anyways, but what can you do? It’s service time!

ORDERING: 3 benny, 4 frittata, 2 lobster grits, 1 fruit platter, 10 muesli.

The day begins, the water of pot one starts getting cloudy from the first six eggs dropped for the benedicts. Two hours pass, pot one is now only half full, looks like milk with bits in it, you can smell the vinegar in it searing on the sides of the pot. That’s one down, you run it to dish, put a rush on it but you know the dishwasher is backed up, one pot left.

Three more hours pass, as the poached egg orders keep coming and the water gets worse you start adding in extra eggs to compensate for the ones you break trying to get them out.

It’s eleven thirty, ORDER: 8 benny – SOS 4, Hardpoach 2. That’s the moment. THAT’S THE MOTHERFUCKING MOMENT THE WATER SHITS THE BED.

The mass of eggwhite on the bottom and the opacity of the water makes putting in 16 eggs impossible, let alone the 18-20 you’d need to actually get the order done.

The first pot doesn’t even have water in it. Your head is still fucking throbbing and why the fuck do you even have to deal with this shit on a SUNDAY HOLY SHIT WE STILL HAVE DINNER SERVICE FUCKING KILL ME JOSE JUST SLIT MY FUCKING THROAT NOW JOSE I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE IT.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I hate making poached eggs.

Endless quesadillas

When I was a cook I used to hate making quesadillas. We made them in skillets and I only had 6 burners to cook everything in my part of the kitchen with. When groups would come in and order four quesos and some other dishes and I would get yelled at because I took longer than the 15 minute window we were given drove me mad sometimes.

Yes they are easy to make. Just that they take up too much space and cause a back up of tickets when they come in bunches.

Built-in bias

Just a cook here but I HATE making Chicago dogs. I work at a mom and pop ice cream and sandwich shop and the shear amount of things I have to pile on one hot dog and try and make it presentable annoys the shit out of me. There are a lot more labor intensive items but nothing annoys me like that damn dog

Also I hate Chicago dogs anyway so… maybe just a built in bias

Things fall apart

When I worked at Panera everyone hated making the roasted turkey avacado BLT. It was on the smallest bread and would always fall apart.

“Cheeseboards, Assemble!”


Fucking cheese boards. Nothing is more annoying than having to get a cheeseboard out in the middle of a busy service.

500 dabs genuinely hurts

I’m a catering cook and we have a number of things that are rather annoying. Any sort of passed “puff,” because pâte á choux is a pain in the ass. Squeezing 500 dabs of it genuinely hurts. Roasted veg. 15 hotels pans of raw veg just gets boring to make. Fruit displays. They take a while to prep, and no one eats them. Prosciutto wrapped blue cheese filled dates. Yes, they are delicious, but I have to make 400 for your 200 guests and a lot of people don’t eat dates or blue cheese. Anything skewered. Again, a lot of labor. I’m sick of spring mix, goat cheese, apple, cider vin salads. Can we get a new trend?


Bacon a mess

A sandwich with 6 different types of bacon, a maple bacon glaze and bacon aoli. It is an absolute mess and the glaze burns on the trays super easy once it’s put in the salamander.

“Gluten free, please.”

When someone wants something gluten free. Not enough people order gluten free so we don’t prep it beforehand. And gluten free pizza bases take ages to cook as opposed to normal. Just slows you down when it’s busy. I also always wonder if the person is actually a celiac or just decided to go gluten free because it’s the thing to do now.

Love what you do

This is going to sound super pretentious but….

As a chef, my number one job is to love everything I have to do.

If you do not put equal passion and honor and “love” for each dish and each customer who orders something difficult to make or custom order where they ask for everything on the side and well done you simply should not be cooking.

If a perfect night for me was only cooking the dishes I liked to cook the way I liked them I would never have a perfect night.

I try to push myself to constantly love the shit I hate, peeling veggies, butchering massive amounts of slimey product, shucking oysyers until my hands are numb, hell, even mopping.

This business has a huge rate of turnover, burnouts, and frankly assholery that is totally a side effect of a Chef’s clockwork ability to learn a couple of advanced techniques and disciplines and then suddenly assume that they are God’s gift to cooking and that everybody else should kiss their ass, read their minds, and only order what makes the night “easy.”

The amount of psychological abuse a Chef does to themselves and others on a nightly basis is totally avoidable.

It really is a shame, because it is the service industry and it should be about serving people. I have a motto I learned from my first mentor, “Every man a king.”



The dreaded donut hole

I worked the overnight shift in a bakery. To this day, I don’t even like to eat donut holes, let alone make them. We had this giant stainless-steel gadget that I was supposed to fill, then crank so it dispensed small bits of batter into the deep fryer, but it was messy, time-consuming, and really a two-person job if only for purposes of basic kitchen safety. Also, they never really trained me on how to use that thing.


Might want to get that checked out, Chef

If it has the word “platter” involved, I feel my piss begin to boil.

“The bane of my existence.”

Not a chef, rather a bartender. Used to work at a bar that had two-for-one cocktails on a Wednesday night which applied to any cocktail we offered. For the most part, it was completely fine: line up a bunch of glasses, fill a bunch of shakers with the required booze and mixers, shake and tip into the glasses.


Mojitos were the bane of my existence; took about 5 extra steps when making them and the mint stuck to the shaker so you couldn’t just rinse it and reuse it for the next drink. And they looked fancy so, without fail, as soon as I made a batch of mojitos for a customer (they typically ordered 6-8 at a time due to long lines), the next person would think “ooooh, they look good, I’ll order a round.” Cue me stuck behind the bar for 30 minutes while the line grew longer and customers start getting annoyed.

Spread on a bagel

Hard cream cheese on a fresh cinnamon sugar bagel. I work at Bruegger’s Bagels and that is the one single thing that I hate making. In case you don’t know how New York style bagels are made, you have to boil (kettle) them before you put them in the oven so that they get that nice outer shell.

Cinnamon sugar bagels, however, don’t get kettled because for some reason cinnamon sugar bagels taste better soft. This means they are a bitch to prepare straight out of the oven though. First you have to try to slice an extremely squishy, sticky, hot bagel by hand. Then, if the customer wants anything besides a whipped cream cheese, you have to try to evenly spread it onto the bagel without completely flattening it all while the cream cheese instantly melts upon contact with the bagel.

So, if you ever order cream cheese on a hot cinnamon sugar bagel at Bruegger’s, don’t be surprised when it’s mangled and hideous.

“What would you like in your sandwich?”

Former sandwich artist here: I cursed anyone who ordered all toppings and more than two sauces on their sub. It’s disgusting and damn near impossible to close.


Half and half

Former pizza cook. We had red sauce pies, and white sauce pies. White was olive oil, ricotta, and garlic. Red was normal marinara.

Some people just HAD to have a half white, half red pizza. It took twice as long, and ended up cooking funny because the white side would be done first. Then they’d bitch when the price was higher than a normal pizza.

The Leaning Tower of Poutine

Used to work at an independent family restaurant in Canada and they used to have a tower of poutine. It was a terrible burden for the cooks to prepare and us servers could never get it to the table in one piece.

Note: Stories have been edited for spelling and flow.

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Here’s The History Behind The Iconic Sampler Platter


If you’ve ever mobbed out to dinner with your buds, not knowing what you’re in the mood for, grabbing a sampler platter is the best way to get your hands on a little bit of everything.

A typical sampler platter includes a medley of fried, or cheesy, menu items in limited amounts to titillate your tastebuds before enjoying your meal. The dish is designed to give patrons a taste of what each menu item (usually appetizers) has to offer, as well as a way for multiple diners to share a quick snack together before their meal.

The history of the sampler platter goes back to the concept of appetizers in general. Appetizers, also known as the French hors d’oeuvres, are a small dish that is served before a meal. Hors d’oeuvres translates directly as “outside the work” or “meal.”

According to chef Walter Potenza of Chef Walter’s Cooking School and The Culinary Council, cultures have indulged in pre-meal snacks for centuries. The practice dates back as far as the ancient Greeks and Romans who would serve small portions of fish, vegetables, cheese, and olives.

By the 1890s, the term appetizers had become a full-on English and American menu concept, known as the first course served before soup. These included raw oysters, clams, caviar on toast, and other decadent bites. The fare has since evolved as more and more affordable restaurants began offering the concept.


With the advent of appetizers, the pre-meal dishes were combined to even further create the sampler platter — a mega dish showcasing multiple sampler plates similar to a tasting menu.

Popular modern-day American sampler platter items include: onion rings, mozzarella sticks, egg rolls, chicken tenders or wings, quesadillas, and other hearty choices served with a cavalcade of dipping sauces.

Today, you can find a sampler platter at pretty much any sit-down restaurant that boasts an appetizer menu. We recommend sharing with friends, however, as you don’t want to be THAT guy hoarding all the delicious fried foods.

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Jack In The Box Now Serves All-Day Brunch


Before McDonald’s started offering their All Day Breakfast, Jack In The Box was our jam. This was the only fast food spot you could find breakfast 24/7. Leveling up from that, they’re now serving brunch.

You read that right. The fast food chain announced the addition of a brand-spanking-new brunch menu.

Called Brunchfast, Jack’s new menu features offerings like a Bacon & Egg Chicken Sandwich, The Brunch Burger, and the Southwest Scrambler Plate.

The Bacon & Egg Chicken Sandwich features crispy fried chicken topped with cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, bacon mayo, and a fried egg served on a toasted English Muffin.

Jack’s Brunch Burger boasts a buttery croissant that sandwiches a beef patty, fried egg, hickory-smoked bacon, mayonnaise, and American cheese.

The Southwest Scrambler Plate is made with scrambled eggs and roasted peppers, diced green chiles, and pepper jack cheese. The plate is served with hickory-smoked bacon or sausage, and a croissant.

Because breakfast isn’t always about savory, customers can also enjoy Orange Cranberry Muffins, Mini Pancakes, and a new Blood Orange Fruit Cooler.

Looks like Jack’s firing back at McDonald’s for expanding their breakfast menu this same month. The way we see it, it’s like DC and Marvel movies. While the chains are trying to one-up each other, patrons are sitting back and enjoying the eggy spoils of war. What a time to be alive.

The Brunchfast menu is available all day, every day, at participating Jack in the Box locations.

Cover Image: Richard Guinto 

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Dairy Queen Unveils New ‘Snack Menu’ Options


Dairy Queen just launched an entirely new menu for those who kind of just feel… peckish. Called the Snack Menu, Dairy Queen offers new four new items for customers to try when they’re looking for something light.

The menu features Soft Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso, Potato Skins, the Buffalo Chicken Snack Melts, and the Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack Melt.


There have been many times where we want to grab a bite in between meals and feel like anything heavier than a sandwich might just be too much of a commitment. Sounds like this new menu might just be the thing to satiate our stomachs for the hours leading into a Korean BBQ trip or any kind of all-you-can-eat adventure.

Or if you’re just craving potato skins.

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McDonald’s Expands All Day Breakfast, Will Finally Offer McGriddles


McDonald’s has been KILLING it ever since they made breakfast an all day event. The Mcdonald’s breakfast scene in the Adam Sandler film Big Daddy probably best described our frustration at the chain’s time-sensitive menu.

Last year, the burger chain answered our prayers by serving select items from the breakfast menu all day long. Those items included the Sausage McMuffin, the Sausage McMuffin with Egg, the Egg McMuffin, Hotcakes with Sausage and Hashbrowns.

Sadly, no McGriddles.

Well, wipe those tears away. McDonald’s has announced that they’ll be expanding the breakfast menu to include the beloved sandwiches.

A photo posted by andyhi247 (@andyhi247) on

They’ll be joining their English Muffin and biscuit brethren on the all-day breakfast menu in September. This will make it nearly two years since the national release of all day breakfast.

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Six Cities Can Now Get Chorizo At Chipotle With More To Come


Chipotle is adding chorizo to select restaurants, the chain’s first new menu item since 2014.

The meat, a blend of pork and white-meat chicken, will be seasoned with paprika, toasted cumin and chipotle peppers. It was first unveiled in Kansas City, Mo. last year and was popular according to executives, but with the chains E. coli scare, the widespread menu expansion was delayed.

Burrito lovers can find the protein in Columbus, Ohio; Sacramento, California; San Diego, some New York units in Manhattan, one Denver restaurant and the Chipotle in Washington, D.C’s Dulles International Airport.

It’s not common for Chipotle to add a new menu items. This new menu item is the first since 2014 when the organic tofu item, Sofritas.  That was the first new menu item since 2005.

In a statement announcing the chorizo this rarity was addressed. “Since we opened the first Chipotle 23 years ago, our menu has changed very little, and our focus has been on constantly improving the quality and taste of the food we serve,” said Steve Ells, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Chipotle. “While we have never been opposed to changing our menu, we only do so when we think there’s an opportunity to add something that is really unique but that fits within our overall menu, and where we can find ingredients that meet our high standards.”

The menu addition comes after Chipotle’s announcement of Chipotopia, their new summer rewards program.

Chipotle expects the new menu item to be available nationwide starting in the fall.