Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Customer Over Mentos

YouTube video by OC Register

Having a gun pulled on you isn’t fun, especially after making a seemingly harmless purchase at a gas station.

That is what happened to customer Jose Arreola, though, as an off-duty officer pulled out his firearm, believing that Arreola tried stealing Mentos from the checkout counter of a Buena Park Chevron, Friday, May 4.

The surveillance footage obtained by NBC Los Angeles, showed the incident, as Arreola can be seen quickly grabbing the Mentos from the counter and putting in his pocket. In doing that, the officer probably believed Arreola was trying to pull a fast one on the gas station.

So, the only logical course of action was to pull out his gun, tell Arreola to put the Mentos back and scram.

Arreola can be heard explaining that he paid for the mints, and then the cashier confirmed that the transaction was made.

The officer then sheepishly apologized, as a terrified Arreola grabbed his change and walked out of the store.

Maybe the officer wanted to show that he actually was a cop, and if he didn’t have ID,  pulling out and cocking his gun was the best best thing.

The officer is being investigated, and thankfully not one got hurt over a $1 candy.


18 Mentos Parodies That Were Better Than The Original Commercials

Nothing represented the ’90s better than those cheesy 30-second commercials. Between the jingles and overexaggarated expressions, it just looked like everyone was having a blast. One of our favorites was a series of advertisements for the popular mint-candy Mentos.

This would be a typical Mentos spot:

Usually, the advertisements would feature a protagonist faced with an obstacle. Upon popping a Mentos, our hero figures out a way to overcome this obstacle. Then, FREEZE FRAME.

It was perfect.

With this formula in mind, we dug around the Internet and found some of the best fan parodies of the Mentos commercials around. Check them out below. Some may be more NSFW than others.



The Warriors

Star Wars

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Breaking Bad

Star Trek


Jurassic Park

The Exorcist

Best of the Best

Big Trouble In Little China

Pulp Fiction



Billy Madison

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So, a guy with a suit made of Mentos jumps into a tank of Diet Coke…



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We’ve all become privy to the oddly captivating phenomena of combining Mentos with Diet Coke. If you’re not aware, the combination of the two causes a reaction that results in the rapid formation of foam, causing a geyser effect. In the case of a slightly closed bottle with a little breathing room, the effect is an amazing little soda rocket that gets some serious air time.


Video of the Day: Carlsberg and Mentos

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