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Planters Teams Up With Men’s Health Magazine to Swing New ‘Manly Nuts’

Planters Men's Health Nutrition Nut-trition Nut trition Nuts Mix

Planters, one of the leaders in nut distribution the globe over, has recently partnered with Men’s Health magazine for a new nut mix designed for men’s wellness needs entitled NUT-trition.

The new ‘manly’ mix provides 6g of protein and features almonds, peanuts and  pistachios. In a similar fashion to how Dr. Pepper told men to drop their girly-girl diet sodas for their lower calorie Dr. Pepper 10, Planters seems to be telling its male audience to snack on something manlier than baby carrots and celery sticks.

In addition to the product launch, Planters also conducted a study of 1000+ US men aged 25 to 64 years old about the ‘evolving man.’ According to its findings modern men are becoming more involved with grocery shopping (88 percent), household chores (86 percent), Cooking (85 percent), stay-at-home dads (83 percent) and child rearing (82 percent).

This creates an interesting juxtaposition. A packaged food brand trying to relate to the machismo psychosis with Mr. Peanut riding wild sea beasts and Mr. Almond suited up in scuba gear and a bitchin’ goatee VERSUS the new image of men found in the Planters study burping babies and writing grocery lists.

This situation just creates an infinite amount of questions about the current male population. Does the common man want to be able to relate to ‘manly’ things even when the majority of us are increasingly participating in traditionally dubbed ‘unmanly’ activities and chores?

Does Jason Statham gloriously defeat New York gangsters on set only to go home to strap on an apron and prepare a 5-course meal for his loving family? What has the world come to?

But regardless of philosophy, try the nuts. And here’s the infographic for their man survey:

Planters Nuts Men's Health Nut-rition Infographic


America’s Manliest Restaurants

Where’s the manliest place to eat in America? Men’s Health has conducted a poll listing the manliest restaurants across the nation.

So we ask ourselves the age old question: How does one measure how man what’s ‘manly’ and what isn’t?


Below is a list of the the top 9 that made the cut.

Regional Finalists for the ‘Manliest Restaurants in America’

NORTHEAST: Keens Steakhouse (New York City, NY)
MIDWEST: Jethro’s BBQ (Des Moines, IA)
NORTHWEST: Couloir (Jackson Hole, WY)
SOUTHEAST: Gus’s World Famous Hot & Spicy Chicken (Memphis, TN)
SOUTHWEST: Salt Lick BBQ (Austin TX)
SAN FRANCISCO: Original Joe’s (San Jose, CA)
GULF COAST: Alabama Jack’s (Key Largo, FL)
LOS ANGELES: Salt’s Cure (Los Angeles, CA)
MID-ATLANTIC: Primanti Bros. (Pittsburgh, PA)

[THX: Eater] Photo Credit: Raphael Brion