This Guy Perfectly Explains Who Should Pay On A Dinner Date

British television personality Matthew Hussey, 28, has been helping women hone their courting skills for a few years now, giving them tips and tricks on intercepting the male mind and finding the man that they deserve. Here’s a hint: feed us, sex us and let us sleep. Boom. Dating problems solved.

Well, Hussey has been traveling the globe hosting these seminars for women in the hopes that they can take their newly acquired knowledge and apply it to their every day lives. One woman was inquiring as to who should pay for dinner, and that the guy should always be the one to pay because, “you’re the gentleman here, you’re supposed to pay.” Check out the video below to see his perfect response that both men and women alike will be able to respect.


Science Says Women Still Want Men to Pay for Dinner


Ladies, are you staring at the tab hoping he’ll reach over and say those three special words, I got this?

Gentlemen, are you staring at the tab, hoping she’ll reach over and say those three special words, Wanna split it?

It’s that funny situation where both parties wonder what the appropriate thing is to do. Many will argue that the chivalrous thing would be for the guy to swoop up the bill. Others, will argue that in this day and age, expecting the man to pay is archaic and women should be willing to go halfsies.

Well, a study by Chapman University’s David Frederick offers a sliver of insight on what women and men really think. According to Frederick’s research, survey data gathered from more than 17,000 subjects revealed that women still want men to pay for dinner.

Consistent with conventional norms, most men (84 percent) and women (58 percent) reported that men pay for most expenses, even after dating for a while. Over half (57 percent) of women claim they offer to help pay, but many women (39 percent) confessed they hope men would reject their offers to pay, and 44 percent of women were bothered when men expected women to help pay.

Apparently, while the majority of both genders appear to support the idea of going dutch, some women are more comfortable with the idea of men picking up the tab. However, while a large majority of men (76 percent) claimed feeling guilty when accepting a women’s offer to pay, 44 percent of men said that they wouldn’t date a woman who never pays. It seems that there are just some old school tradition we just can’t shake. Well, at least not yet.

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Is Red Wine the New Way to Increase Testosterone?


Red wine contains a compound that could potentially boost testosterone levels in your body by inhibiting its excretion from the body, new research in Nutrition Journal suggests.

Testosterone exits the body when an enzyme called UGT2B17 attaches itself to the hormone, enabling it to be transported through urine. Now, researchers at Kingston University in London have discovered that quercetin, a flavonol in red wine, blocks UGT2B17 in lab studies. This suggests that drinking red wine could potentially inhibit testosterone from leaving the body via urine, causing elevated levels in your bloodstream.

Although, more research needs to be done before you start downing wine like shots. “[There] are many steps that need to be taken to see if these findings can be translated to humans,” says Michael Joyner, M.D., an exercise researcher at the Mayo Clinic.

Note, this is just one of the ways testosterone exits the body and even if wine does cause elevated levels, it probably only works in controlled doses. “Chugging wine—or any alcohol for that matter—could tank your T levels, not boost them,” warns Men’s Health.

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BBQ Man Candle

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Junk Food Can Make Young Men Infertile?

According to a joint American and Spanish study out on Tuesday, junk food, especially those with trans fat, can make healthy young men infertile by damaging their sperm.

Fertility doctors from Harvard University and the University of Murcia, southeastern Spain, analyzed sperm for hundreds of men between the ages of 18-22. They found those who ate more junk food had poorer quality sperm than those who ate a nutritious diet.

All the men used in the study were in optimum shape and had no problems that would affect their reproductive system, The Sun reported.

In a separate study conducted by Japan that used 215 men, also out on Tuesday, discovered that exercise can be good for a man’s sperm. Those who took part in moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, can improve the swimming ability of sperm.

The lesson? If you want kids, exercise and eat healthy. If you don’t–don’t change a thing.

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