We Have Really Good News About In-N-Out Burger’s Chile Shortage

We were pretty bummed to report that In-N-Out Burger was experiencing a yellow chile shortage this summer. Well, In-N-Out lovers may soon be able to drench their Animal Style meal in yellow chile juice once again.

It appears whole yellow chilies are making their way back into stores — as early as this week — according to an In-N-Out issued memo sent out to “All Stores” dated July 29. The memo’s first sentence could confirm the end to California’s second largest drought, “Next week, whole chilies will be back in stock at the warehouse.” Although it is partially cut off, the memo continues: “Upon delivery, immediately resume serving chilies normally …


Before I found the memo on Twitter Monday night, I visited my local In-N-Out to order my standard No. 1 and asked if they had chilies.

To my amazement, the gal at the drive-thru wasn’t completely annoyed and replied, “Not yet, we’re hoping by Wednesday.”

After hearing the good news, I searched Twitter for “In n out chilies” and instantly found a memo, with the subject line, “Resupply of Whole Chilies.”


The image, was tweeted by Esmeralda Valerio with the caption, “RT to save a life chilies are back at In-N-Out *burger emoji* @innoutlife”

It’s been a bland summer without the mouth-watering drops of delicious yellow chilies on my Double-Double.

Hopefully, we’ll never have to experience another shortage, but it’s safe to say no one will ever take the whole yellow chile for granted, again.

Welcome back, chilies. You’ve been missed.


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