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A Large Pizza Feeds You More Than TWO Mediums, According To Math

There has always been a firm belief in my heart that more is better, at least when it comes to pizza. While I didn’t think my core pizza beliefs would be turned upside down going into work today, I’m pleased to discover that math has finally played a role in my adult life outside of calculating tip. So how does math factor into pizza?

A recent tweet has been circling social media that’s been blowing the minds of pizza lovers across the Internet, BroBible reports.

Fermat’s Library, a platform for illuminating academic papers, posted the pizza meme a week ago and it has since garnered more than 32,000 retweets and 74,000 likes since.

Here’s why it’s so mind blowing.

By means of a mathematical equation, the image proves that a single 18-inch pizza actually yields more pie than two 12-inch pizzas by calculating the area of both pies.

Like many on Twitter have pointed out, they (myself included) have been ignorantly spending more money on medium pizzas than they should have.

I eagerly shared this game-changing discovery with my colleague, Constantine.

“It’s just simple geometry, man.” said Foodbeast’s resident food scientist. “I could’ve told you that in middle school.”


So the next time you’re trying to feed a hungry group, or simply trying to save some money with your pizza order, know that ordering a single large is definitely cheaper than ordering two mediums, but will ultimately yield you more food.


‘Counting Donuts’ Is The Latest Food Math Meme That’s Taking Over Reddit

There seems to be an insatiable appetite for math memes lately, with several involving symbols of fast food items that require the ability to execute basic algebra. I’m sure we all felt like geniuses after solving the McDonald’s food math meme a few months ago, and they just keep going.

Now, ‘Counting Donuts’ is the newest food math meme causing a stir — partly because it didn’t make any sense.

The meme, which garnered more than 12,000 upvotes in just one day, was posted by Reddit user Sunbolts to the r/Tumblr subreddit. The post depicts an image of a Tumblr thread, featuring an image of a young woman’s face next to a stack of donuts. Underneath the image is a short cryptic conversation about the purchase of “doughnuts.”

Initially, Tumblr user dingoinnuendo commented:

“I bought 46 doughnuts at the store today”

User antareklause (incorrectly) responded:

“If each pack has 12 doughnuts, wouldn’t it be 48 doughnuts??”

Then things got weird when dingoinnuendo clapped back:

“I have 3 packs of 12 and 1 pack of 10 because they were all out of 12’s i know how to count my doughnuts son.”

While the sum of 46 is correct. For some reason, this thread is gaining some serious traction, but it’s a bit hazy why a pointless meme about counting donuts is climbing the viral ranks.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

It’s now peppered with more than dozens of comments, debating whether or not the arithmetic behind this donut equation is actually true.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

However, some people thought there might be more to the story. Were two donuts consumed prior to counting? The world may never know.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Eventually, people stopped caring about the cryptic mathematics and started discussing their favorite type of donuts and other random donut preferences.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Regardless of the mystery behind the equation, at least this post gave donut lovers everywhere the ability to express their love for the world’s best pastry.

Comment from discussion Counting donuts.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Technology

“Hotdog Hell” Chrome Extension Replaces Facebook Images With Dancing Hot Dog Filter

By now you’ve probably seen Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog augmented reality filter. The animated, breakdancing hot dog that you can place on objects in your environment is quickly becoming this summer’s hottest meme.

While the concept of augmented reality is pretty incredible, some might consider the dancing hot dog as Snapchat’s latest attempt to stay relevant.

Luckily enough, the Snapchat’s dancing hot dog became so popular  — or loathed, depending on who you’re asking — that someone created a downloadable Google Chrome extension that replaces every image on Facebook with an image of the now famous dancing hot dog.

So, if you’re sick of your friend’s traffic selfie posts on Facebook, this “productivity extension,” will give you a break. I downloaded it, and it provided some much needed entertainment.

The extension, aptly named Hotdog Hell, was released on July 10, and now has more than 296 weekly users.

The extension’s developer, an 18-year old mathematics and computer science major, named Kevin Chen, said he created the extension after he fell in love with the vitality behind the bizarre filter.

“I saw the hotdog on Snapchat; a couple of my friends were sending it, and then people started putting it in random memes. It was just so utterly bizarre, and I loved it,” Chen said.

The two-week old extension is now Chen’s first project developed for public consumption on the Google Chrome web store. Still, the attention the “app” is generating was unexpected, according to Chen.

“Definitely exploded a lot more than I thought it would,” he said. ” I was pretty shocked on that first day, and I’m really happy that such an absurd meme gained so much traction.”

What’s interesting is that Hotdog Hell is categorized as a “productivity extension,” which undermines the silliness behind it, but also capitalizes on the meme’s absurdity and humor.

Chen said there was a conscious effort to make the joke of it being a “productivity extension” because it does make Facebook, “significantly harder to use.” Maybe that’s a good thing for some people.

While it seems the Dancing Hot Dog has become the Internet’s hottest meme character, there’s no telling exactly how Snapchat — the originator of the hot dog character — will react.

Although, Chen doesn’t seem worried, pointing to how viral the meme has become.

“So far, I haven’t been contacted by anyone from Snapchat about it, and I think at this point,” Chen continues, “the hot dog has a life of its own.”

Celebrity Grub Humor Now Trending

Beyonce’s Candid Restaurant Photo Spawned A Buffet Of Memes

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

If you’re at celeb status like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, chances are your extremely candid photos are apt to get memed to death when the opportunity presents itself.

That’s exactly what happened when Beyonce uploaded a collection of photos to her Instagram account last night. Time reported that the photos were taken at Los Angeles restaurant Beauty and Essex for a birthday celebration.

One of these photos captured Beyonce ordering off of the menu at the restaurant. Naturally, the internet gave it its best shot at interpreting the dialogue in this exchanged. We’ve compiled some of the funniest guesses the Internet has put forward:

Some of them were comical suggestions as to what Beyonce actually ordered that night.

Others made some puns about her hit song Lemonade and the fact that she was at a restaurant.


Apparently, the menu looks a lot like a receipt, because tons of jokes about the bill came flowing in too.

Well done, internet. You’ve really taken it to the next level with this round of memes.


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