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Watch A Red Hot Nickel Turn A Lollipop Into A Chaotic, Melting Mess

There seems to be a correlation between the public’s fascination with spicy foods and the act of pouring scalding hot liquid metal onto food. Whether it be crushing a few coffin cases of deathly hot Carolina Reaper Pepper infused Paqui Chips, or simply dumping molten copper on top of every food item imaginable — it seems experiments are always better when the heat is turned up.

For example, check out how this red hot nickel ball quickly turns this Tootsie Pop into a hot, melty mess in less than a minute.

This video is just one of many food-based stunts performed by the crazy kids on the CarsandWater YouTube channel. But, believe it or not, this experiment finally put to rest the confounding question of, “How many red hot nickel balls does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop,” asked by dozens of Cars and Water subscribers.

Now we know the answer. One.

Most of the Cars and Water videos involve red hot nickel balls — or RHNBs — and you should definitely not try these at home. Still, Cars and Water might actually be onto something with this RHNB theme.

Here’s some GIFs of more RHNBs melting through various food based items.

A RHNB vs. Cotton candy.

A RHNB set atop some liquid nitrogen frozen honey.

A RHNB stacked on some Oreos. Oreos were not playin’!

This experiment didn’t include a RHNB, but what’s cooler than a liquid nitrogen fueled potato gun? No pun intended.

And the best experiment of all — using a RHNB to obliterate some Peeps.

Have something in mind that you’d like to see placed against a red hot nickel ball? Leave a comment on the Cars and Water YouTube channel and see what can take the heat.


Wiki Pearls Are Like Little Ice Cream Bon Bons That Won’t Melt In Your Hands


Maybe we’re spoiled. Maybe we forget that part of experiencing things means experiencing them in their entirety, not picking and choosing only the parts we want. Feel like heading to the county fair this summer? That’s cool, but be ready to wait in line next to hairy, sweaty folk in various states of undress. Craving ice cream? Fine, but only if you can scarf down the whole cone in less than ten minutes flat, lest you wind up with a fistful of soggy dairy soup.

Still, it seems science is dedicated to making life so much easier and so much better for us by creating these clever little ice cream bon bons that won’t melt in our hands. They’re called WikiPearls and they’re basically donut hole-sized ice cream balls wrapped in specialized edible membranes that prevent them from melting for up to eight hours. For anyone who’s been to an Asian restaurant or grocery store, that means these guys are pretty much like those green tea ice cream mochi balls, but with a much longer shelf life.

Currently being served at the WikiBar near the Louvre in Paris, the WikiPearls come in three different flavors: mango in coconut skin, chocolate in hazelnut skin and vanilla in peanut skin. Simple and sweet and hopefully enough to make you miss the mess, because that’s how ice cream should be.


H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid


This Grumpy Cat 3D Latte is Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat


So normally we’d be super stoked to see yet another food product based off of the famous Grumpy Cat meme, and who could blame us? There’s something ridiculously satisfying about munching on the Grumpy Cat’s perpetual look of hateful misery, especially when that misery comes in the form of a cookie. But this 3D Grumpy Cat latte looks less grumpy and more like the unfortunate offspring of the Wicked Witch of the West and a particularly sad panda. We love you, Grumpy Cat. Just . . . not like this.

H/T Incredible Things