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Lucille’s Brisket Mac Melt Is A Magnificent Marvel Of Barbecue

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Since the art of barbecue has been around, smoked brisket and mac ‘n cheese have always existed in complete harmony. In homage of this perfect culinary marriage, Chris Ferrell, Executive Chef at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California, created a new Lucille’s BBQ Brisket Mac Melt Sandwich, a beautifully stacked masterpiece of barbecued goodness.

brisket mac melt

For barbecue fans, there might not be anything more delicious than this combination of soft and juicy, perfectly smoked brisket, paired with the smooth creaminess of velvety soft mac ‘n cheese.

This item features a few thick slices of Lucille’s perfectly smoked brisket, a steamy helping of melty, creamy mac ‘n cheese, strips of savory applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and crispy onion straws.

brisket mac melt

To top off this behemoth of brisket sandwiches, it’s drenched in Lucille’s famous BBQ sauce and served on two thick slices of crispy Texas toast. 

Think you can conquer this beastly creation of barbecue sandwiches? There’s only one way to find out—you better grab a napkin. 

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food Sweets

Watch An Entire Jar of Nutella Melted By A Blowtorch

Just when you thought you couldn’t find another use for Nutella, the folks over at Let’s Melt This decided to torch the popular hazelnut spread in one of the most hauntingly beautiful videos we’ve ever seen.

In their latest upload, an entire jar of Nutella is given the blowtorch treatment and melted to ashes.

What’s fascinating is the nearly three-minute process the jar undergoes as it’s exposed to extreme heat. Transitioning between beautiful macroscopic shots and wides, we see the entire breakdown of the sweet spread, from the bubbling plastic to the chocolate igniting.

You may also remember these same guys were the ones that threw sulfuric acid on a Big Mac just to watch it burn.

While our moms would whoop our rear ends for wasting a perfectly good jar of Nutella, we commend Let’s Melt This for taking the chance on this and other popular food items in the name of discovery. Although, we don’t envy their clean-up process.

Fast Food

Rainbow Grilled Cheese Hits The US And Here’s Exactly Where To Find It


It seems the newest trend in food as arrived and it’s multicolored. With the debut of the Rainbow Grilled Cheese a few weeks back, folks were bummed it was only available in Hong Kong. Not so much the case any longer as Chomp Eatery has unveiled their own version of the colorful dish.

The LA-based restaurant is calling this one a Unicorn Melt.

Chomp’s new melt is made with White American and Provolone cheese, which they call “Unicorn Milk.” The cheese goes through a fantastical transformation and the final result is served on toasted sourdough bread.

You can get the Unicorn Melt at Chomp Eatery in Santa Monica for $6.

Photo: Chomp Eatery


Scientists Think They’ve Cracked UN-MELTABLE Ice Cream


Ice cream, while delicious, can be super messy on a sunny day. The life span of a decent cone from the scoop to your hand isn’t very long. Luckily, scientists are working hard to develop an ice cream that won’t melt.

A team of U.K. researchers from the universities of Dundee and Edinburgh have been growing a protein in bacteria that’s designed to prevent ice cream from melting.

Using a molecule they’re calling BslA, air bubbles and fat droplets are stuck to water creating an impenetrable mass. This means ice cream can stay frozen in the sun.

The team appears to be happy with the results, so far, but they’re still a while away. According to Telegraph it’ll be three years before this un-meltable ice cream will be ready to sell to the public.

When that day comes, you bet we’ll be taking photos without fear of melted ice cream.


Fast Food

Hardee’s Has a Bacon Melt with Velveeta Cheese


Throwing Velveeta on a burger isn’t as uncommon as one might think, especially for those with the late-night munchies. Hardee’s adding a Velveeta-filled option to their menu, however, appears to be a first for a major fast food chain. Because at the end of the day, we’d like to think their test kitchen is run by a bunch of 20-somethings with the munchies.

The Bacon Velveeta Patty Meltdown features a 100 percent Black Angus beef patty topped with grilled onions, applewood-smoked bacon and globs of melted Velveeta cheese. It’s then sandwiched between two slices of sourdough bread.

Customers can find the Meltdown  in 1/4 pound, 1/3 pound and 1/2 pound servings. The beef patties will more than likely be weighed prior to hitting the grill.

No word yet on how long they’ll be on the Hardee’s menu, though we’re sure it’ll be at least through early 2015. Velveeta aficionados can purchase the Meltdown at participating Hardee’s locations. Prices will vary depending on location and patty size.

Also, here’s a coupon.


Time-Lapse of Ice Cream Melting is Oddly Therapeutic


There’s something sad about getting that much-needed bowl of freezing-cold ice cream on a hot summer day, then having it melt faster than you can eat it into gloop at the bottom of your bowl. Which is why there’s some deeply primal satisfaction in watching this frosty treat reverse-melt.

The video starts with a time-lapse of ice cream melting into giant white and brown puddles on the canvas, splattered with glitter and sprinkles. Then they begin to rewind to its original state.  It’s as if all that sadness suddenly disappears, and we’re back to the start of summer. Of course, we’re not sure how the reconstituted ice cream would taste in reality, but it’s still nice to dream.

Hint: the un-meltings start about halfway through.


Easter Sadist Kills Marshmallow Peeps with Fire, Burning Hot Balls of Nickel


You hate eggs, you don’t have kids, but you still want to celebrate Easter. Do you C) set some Peeps on FIRE?

In honor of the most pasteled-out holiday ever, YouTuber carsandwater decided to use his talents for dropping red hot balls of nickel onto shit to destroy a few helpless marshmallows. And let us just say, it. is. awesome. Who would have known the strange satisfaction you can get from watching adorable marshmallow birds curdle away into burnt and unrecognizable puddles of goop?

And if that’s still not enough Easter schadenfreude for you, carsandwater also sets the Peeps on fire, uses them for kindling in a trash can, and fuses them on the grill. Catch the video below to see the Easter-themed sadism in all its glory. You were the kid who used magnifying glasses to kill ants. You know you want to.

Fast Food

Subway Launches Deliciously Unhealthy Fritos Enchilada Melt Nationwide


After its test debut in Florida and Seattle last summer, Subway’s shamelessly indulgent, Fritos-stuffed Enchilada Melt has finally made its way nationwide, available throughout the month of February. It’s shredded chicken soaked in enchilada sauce and topped with melted cheese and crunchy Fritos.

Truth be told, we’ve been anxiously scoping our local Subway since last week in hopes of sneaking a peek. No dice, but we are happy to report the sandwich was well worth the wait. Even after sitting for a good five to ten minutes, the Fritos still maintained a decent amount of crunch. We also dressed ours in jalapeno cheese bread, chipotle sauce, and pepper jack cheese for a little extra spice, though the enchilada sauce by itself was nothing to sneeze at.


For those in the mood for Italian over Mexican, there’s also a new series of “Flatizzas” (pizza toppings on flatbread) available, including cheese, pepperoni, “Spicy Italian,” and veggie.