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Watch Matt Stonie Eat A Mountain Of French Toast Crunch-Covered French Toast

We can imagine that eating a massive amount of French toast can be hard, but competitive eater Matt Stonie added another element to his challenge, covering the toast in Cinnamon French Toast Crunch.

Stonie set up a mountain stack of 36 French toast slices, as he attempted to eat the entire thing, because that’s just what he does.

He made the French toast himself, getting three loaves of Texas toast, dipping them in egg batter, pan frying each slice and covering them with a coat of French Toast Crunch cereal.

French toast, on french toast — brilliant.

The 36 slices alone total 4,392 calories. Add a box of the French Toast Crunch Cereal and you’re looking at an extra 1,200 calories. That’s already roughly 5,600 calories, not even counting the egg batter, butter, berries, or maple syrup that he later added.

Somehow the legend got through every single slice. He had some berries leftover, but he destroyed the French Toast Crunch-encrusted French toast.

This dude’s a monster.