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Meet The Diabolical Pizza / Burger Fusion That We All Deserve

Peanut butter and jelly, Kobe and Shaq, Barack and Joe. What do all three of these duos have in common? Two dynamic forces that only get better when combined with each other. Is there any more room left on that Rushmore’s facade? Yeah, throw pizza and burgers on there. And no, I’m not talking about two of them at the same party.


What I’m about to break down to you might not be fathomable to many, but trust me when I say that a madcap mashup of pizza and cheeseburger exists at Meathead!, a new, leveled-up burger joint in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Picture this: the meltiest, juiciest cheeseburger with all the fixins, triumphantly crowned by an equally cheesy pizza masquerading as the top bun! Ordering any of the Meathead! burgers “Meatzza” style makes this fever dream of fusion a reality.

And while we’re on duos, the one of co-owners James Reamy and Johnny Lee serves up other mouthwatering items on the menu like some killer tater tots in their “Notorious P.I.G. and bombastic breakfast burritos like the “Threesome,” which boasts eye-opening flavor.


So for those who have dreamt of such a wondrous union in pizza and cheeseburgers (all of us), then venturing to Meathead! for their “Meatzza” style options makes the most sense out of any one thing at this very moment.


Photos: Peter Pham

Epic Meal Time Creates An All-Meat Pizza — The Meatzza [VIDEO]

Leave it to the boys of Epic Meal Time to find something wrong with a pizza — in the case of their Meatzza creation, they totally did away with anything on a traditional pie that didn’t involve meat (aka, good bye dough and crust). The entire base is made of ground beef, encompassed in a chorizo pizza crust, alcohol-infused meat sauce, cheese, bacon bits and pepperoni.

4,847 grams of fat and 65,312 calories. That’s a hefty pizza. Video is embedded below. For all you Epic Meal Time fans, how does this video stack up against the rest? What would you have added to this pizza?

Call me crazy, I would have loved a few dollops of sour cream and jalapenos scattered throughout.