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These ‘Cupcakes’ Are The Meatiest Way To Celebrate Anything [UNBOXED]

The Meatloaf Bakery has a protein-packed twist on the baked goods you know and love.

You don’t have to worry about a sugar rush with their cupcakes, because they are all made out of meatloaf.

In Foodbeast’s latest episode of Unboxed, the bakery sent a half dozen of their Meatloaf cupcakes, as Elie Ayrouth and Rudy Chaney dug in to see what these treats were all about.

The guys tried the Mother Loaf. While the base of the cupcakes are of meatloaf, in order to complete the cake’s look, there’s Yukon Smashed Potatoes used as the “frosting.”

Their Thanksgiving-inspired Herby Turkey Loaf is made with a blend of ground turkey with veggies, spices, red pepper, herbs, and aged Parmesan cheese. The “cupcake” is then topped with sage stuffing and dried cranberries.

The final verdict by both of our reviewers, was that both the meat cupcakes were pretty tasty.

“That’s so good!” Ayrouth said. “It’s crazy that this got delivered in the mail… and they came out like this.”

If you’re willing to take a leap of meaty faith on these, the turkey loaf costs $46.95 as of this writing, and the Mother Loaf is $51.95. For a dozen, that’s a little more than $8 per cake, so keep that in mind when you decide how much you really love the potential recipient of these cakes.