IKEA Just Gave Away Their Famous Meatball Recipe

With everyone chilling at home these last c0uple months, many major brands have been giving way their secret recipes for home cooks to recreate without having to leave the house.

Next up in this trend is IKEA UK who just shared their famous Meatball recipe on Twitter:

The recipe itself reads like an IKEA instruction manual, which for some can be a bit of a traumatic experience. However, if you can get past that, you pretty much will have your house smelling like delicious meatballs in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 500g of beef mince
  • 250g of pork mince
  • 1 onion finely chopped
  • 1 clove of garlic (crushed or minced)
  • 100g breadcrumbs
  • 5 tablespoons of whole milk
  • 1 egg
  • salt and pepper

Cream Sauce

  • oil
  • 40g of butter
  • 40g of plain flour
  • 150ml vegetable stock
  • 150ml beef stock
  • 150ml thick double cream
  • 2 teaspoons of soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

It should be noted that this recipe comes from IKEA UK, so we’re not entirely sure how similar they would taste to the ones in the United States. Still, the closer they are to Sweden, the more delicious they should be.

Wonder when KFC’s going to release their guarded secret recipe?

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Smithfield Foods Enters the Plant-Based Race

Plant-based meat alternatives are on the rise with a new contender entering the ring almost daily. It’s been a pleasure trying out these new alternatives and experiencing the similarities and differences. The latest contender is Smithfield Foods and they’re wasting no time in making their intentions known by announcing a “plant-based portfolio” called Pure Farmland. This portfolio features an array of plant-based options suitable for every meal throughout the day. Alternatives include burger patties, meatballs, breakfast patties, and protein starters. They are soy-based, made with natural flavors, gluten/soy-free, and entirely crafted in the United States. 

Pure Farmland is catered to the “flexitarian” diet which is becoming more common as people are learning about plant-based alternatives. They chose soy protein over pea protein, which many brands use, because studies show that 59% of consumers prefer soy to pea protein’s 41%. John Pauley, Chief Commercial Officer for Smithfield Foods had this to say:

“We’ve been exploring the alternative protein space, and have taken our time to get it right. With this launch, we are bringing together our expertise in creating market-leading food products, our organizational commitment to sustainability, and our deep understanding of ‘flexitarian’ consumers, to deliver a broad variety of flavorful plant-based protein choices that consumers want and can afford at a great value.”

To further cement their mission towards offering quality protein products in an environmentally responsible way, Pure Farmland’s packaging is made of 50% recyclable material. They are also proud partners of The Farmland Trust, a national conservation organization dedicated to protecting farmland. You can find Pure Farmland’s products located in refrigerated sections of your local grocery store beginning mid-September.


Ikea Is Now Serving Plant-Based Swedish Meatballs

Photo: SoDelicious

Ikea meatballs are one of the most famous dishes out there thanks to the home decor chain being all over the world and people enjoying a plate of such meatballs after they buy furniture or decide to break up in the store. So now that meat alternatives are very much “in”, the chain announced that we’ll be having plant-based Ikea meatballs in the future. 

How do we feel about this? First of all, I’m sorry I projected my own personal issues with couple fights in Ikea, but it is something that happens. And it’s been spoofed in a famous show like 30 Rock.

That was a very relatable episode. But beyond that, the idea of plant-based Ikea meatballs is at the same time pretty great and also a bit weird? If we want to continue living on this planet, then we surely have to eat less meat in the future. Not to mention be kinder to animals.

But you have to admit it’s pretty strange to call something “plant-based” and “meatballs” in the same breath, right? Ikea had already introduced a dish called “veggie balls” in 2015 and that sounds like a much better name for that context.

No matter what I think, though, I guess the Swedish chain wanted to capitalize on brand recognition so I’m expecting this to work out well for them. “We see a growing demand from our customers to have access to more sustainable food options and we want to meet that need,” managing director at Ikea Food Services AB Michael La Cour said in a statement. “Our ambition is to make healthier and more sustainable eating easy, desirable, and affordable, without comprising on taste and texture.”

Ikea also mentions that they’re “collaborating with some of the leading suppliers within the industry doing the first tests and tastings of the plant-based alternative protein meatball”. We hope the results will be good.

The chain wants to add plant-based Ikea meatballs in their menus sometime next year.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.

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Spicy Meatball Ramen Is The Winter Comfort In A Bowl That We All Deserve

Jinya Ramen Bar, known for off the wall iterations of the Japanese favorite (think lobster heads and fried chicken), keep up the creative consistency with their latest seasonal offering: spicy meatball ramen. Offered at Jinya’s 30+ locations from 12/1 – 2/28, it’s the perfect convergence of comfort foods to help warm our frigid souls and bellies.

If you’re still not captured by the enticing prospect of spiced, plump beef meatballs and unctuous chicken broth, then may I add that they’re well-supported by a cast of bean sprouts, green onion, bok choy, 48-hour-marinated egg, thick noodles, and a hefty dusting of original chili seasoning. Shook now? I know, I know, I don’t blame you.

Given the limited availability of this new ramen option, it’s best to make your way to the nearest Jinya Ramen Bar with haste before winter’s over.


Olive Garden Filled This ‘Pizza Bowl’ With Cheese And Meatballs

It seems with each limited time item they bring out, Olive Garden’s menu gets crazier and crazier. Case in point, Pasta Nachos.

Just when we thought the casual Italian-American restaurant chain couldn’t top such an unorthodox item, they come out with a pizza bowl.

As part of their Lunch Duo special, Olive Garden has introduced a new Meatball Pizza Bowl diners can try to conquer during their lunch break.

The Meat Ball Pizza bowl begins as a simple crust made of pizza dough that’s then molded into a vessel for the saucy, meaty goodness that awaited us. Through a savory, transformative process, the bowl is combined with melted cheese and topped with marinara sauce and plump, picture-perfect meatballs.

Some of the Foodbeast team — stomachs roaring from a late morning start — decided to hit up the local Olive Garden to try these pizza bowls out.

Here’s what they had to say:


Just when you thought pizza couldn’t get any better, Olive Garden pressed the elevator button to rooftop and took things up multiple levels with this pizza bowl. That, and it was a pang pang in my mouth.


It was a cheese lover’s paradise. As a cheese lover myself, I was amazed by how much melted cheese was in that bowl.


It was good enough to make me actually want to go back to Olive Garden.

The Pizza Bowl is available at participating Olive Garden locations nationwide.

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Meatball Lovers Rejoice, IKEA Might Open A Stand-Alone Restaurant

Going to the cafeteria section of IKEA is always the highlight of our furniture excursions. Chowing down on some meatballs slathered in gravy and partaking in some smoked salmon was always a pleasant way to start or end an exhausting day of furniture shopping.

It looks like IKEA has heard our satisfied sighs after such meals, because they’re seriously thinking about opening a stand-alone restaurant devoted solely to the food.

Fast Company reports that the company is taking a look at all the things that work within their food business and actively communicating with a salmon farm in Norway to see if a restaurant concept could work for them.

Because of IKEA’s booming furniture sales numbers, how much they made in the food sector remained unnoticed until they compared their earnings to other restaurants. In 2013, IKEA reported $1.5 billion in annual food sales.

Wonder if a stand-alone restaurant serving IKEA food would affect their furniture sales?

We’ve been guilty on more than one occasion of gorging on the company’s cafeteria food and then just walking it off in the store. Furniture may or may not have been purchased through these trips.

Photo: IKEA

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This Restaurant Created A Pizza-Wrapped Meatball Stuffed With Cheese

A pizzeria in Newport, CA just created a meaty new dish that both cheese lovers and meatball enthusiasts will want to get their hands on, provided they don’t mind getting a little greasy.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store created this awesome new menu item they proudly call Balls Deep. The item features a pizza-wrapped meatball stuffed inside a layer of dough and cheese. The meatball pocket is then deep-fried until golden brown and served with a hearty marinara dipping sauce, though we wouldn’t mind a little ranch, either.

Think of it as a plump, bite-sized pizza.

As far as cheese pulls go, this might be one of the top contenders for the gooey title. Though we have a feeling there might be quite a few more challengers to the throne in the days to come.

You can find the Balls Deep creation at this year’s OozeFest. If you’re interested, tickets are still on sale.

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Chuck E. Cheese’s Unveils Their Sketchy New Spaghetti Pizza

Despite how gross this might sound to most adults, it would come as no surprise if this freak-from-the-oven resonated really well with kids. After all, it’s universally known that children are really big fans of pizza and spaghetti, so how would combining them be?

Well, Chuck E. Cheese’s set out to discover the answer to that question by doing that exactly: combining them. The finished product is, at the very least, interesting to look at.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.15.08 PM

The pizza is made with their standard dough, a layer of marinara, a helping of spaghetti noodles spread all around it, a drizzle of marinara on top, some classic Italian mozzarella, then finally a handful of meatballs.

Although the spaghetti pizza is not a permanent menu item, the fusion food will be available at all participating Chuck E. Cheese’s until June 30th, 2016.



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