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McDonald’s McRib Gets A National Release For The First Time Since 2012

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Probably the most infamous menu item to grace the Golden Arches has got to be the McRib Sandwich. Every year upon its release, fans come from far and wide to sink their teeth into the barbecue sauce-slathered sandwich.

Now, for the first time in eight years, the McRib is getting a nationwide release.

The sandwich features a boneless pork patty covered in a smoky, tangy barbecue sauce and topped with slivers of onion and two pickles.

For the past eight years, the McRib has been a regional item, and fans would have to travel to select locations to get their fix.

With the nationwide release, that will no longer be the case. McDonald’s fan can find the McRib on menus beginning Dec. 2, 2020.

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McDonald’s McRib Returns Again, This Is Why It Keeps Leaving Menus

Roughly every November for the past few years, the same news headlines continue to pop up as the McDonald’s McRib returns to select locations nationwide. Update: 2019’s season has just begun, as the McRib is coming to over 9,000 locations nationwide for a limited time starting October 7th.

However, nobody has really yet been able to answer the biggest question surrounding this cult fast food item: Why is the McRib always back?

McDonald’s gave folks a shady answer the last time people pushed for one, saying that the McRib comes back when it feels like it or that it returns “based on consumer demand.” If that were the case, the McRib would never leave the menu. However, there’s two key reasons from a business standpoint that the golden arches never makes the McRib a permanent item: the allure of the limited-time classic and the price point of the trimmings used to make it.

It’s no secret that McDonald’s famous pork sandwich is made with pork trimmings. It’s the price of those extraneous pork shoulder cuts that play a major part in determining when and how long the McRib stays on the menu. Meat scientist Roger Mandigo, one of the men credited with helping McDonald’s invent their legendary sandwich, told the Lincoln Journal Star that the national supply of those pieces of pork used to make the McRib isn’t too big.

“If you suddenly start to buy a large amount of that material, the price starts to rise,” Mandigo said. Thus, as the price of pork trimmings goes up, McDonald’s eventually takes the pork sandwich off of the menu.

In addition to cost control, McDonald’s only keeps the McRib around for a short while as a way to keep people coming back for it. It’s extremely similar to what Burger King did with their Mac n’ Cheetos. After a widely successful initial limited-time release, customers begged for its return. Every time Burger King brought it back, social media would go off as everyone got hyped about Mac n’ Cheetos returning..

That’s exactly what McDonald’s does with the McRib. Major news outlets and the entire internet picks up the story every time the McRib comes back, which in turn brings in more traffic as fanatics of the sandwich come in droves to sample it once more. Because McDonald’s is so ubiquitous and the McRib so noteworthy, fans are then disheartened when it leaves and rejoice exuberantly when it returns.

If the McRib were always on the menu, it wouldn’t have the same appeal and excitement every time you went to try it. Thus, between cost control and marketing allure, McDonald’s has developed a clever strategy to draw the masses in with their McRib release campaigns.

As Inc.’s Nicole Carter puts it, “While McDonald’s playing hard-to-get with the McRib certainly baffles most customers, from a business perspective, it has proven to be a wildly effective marketing strategy. The McRib’s marketing strategy bundles the appeal of exclusivity, scarcity, and seasonality into one savory package.”

For us, that means we can expect to see the McRib always disappearing and coming back for the near future.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Kanye Writes A Confusing Poem About McDonald’s Fries

Kanye West will never shy away from publicly expressing his feelings, even if those feelings are towards McDonald’s fries and apple pies.

When Frank Ocean released his long anticipated album, “Blond,” he also released a limited magazine called Boys Don’t Cry, which includes a touching poem about McDonald’s from none other than Kanye West.

In the poem, West tells a familiar story about trust and jealousy, except he illustrated it through McDonald’s fries, cheeseburgers, shakes, apple pies, and even the McRib.

The poem reads as follows:

McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
The french fries had a plan
The french fries had a plan
The salad bar and the ketchup made a band
Cus the french fries had a plan
The french fries had a plan

McDonalds Man
I know them french fries have a plan
I know them french fries have a plan
The cheeseburger and the shakes formed a band
To overthrow the french fries plan
I always knew them french fries was evil man
Smelling all good and shit
I don’t trust no food that smells that good man
I don’t trust it
I just can’t

McDonalds Man
McDonalds Man
McDonalds, damn
Them french fries look good though
I knew the Diet Coke was jealous of the fries
I knew the McNuggets was jealous of the fries
Even the McRib was jealous of the fries
I could see it through his artificial meat eyes
And he only be there some of the time
Everybody was jealous of them french fries
Except for that one special guy
That smooth apple pie

There’s obviously deeper meaning to this than just fries, even though he has shown in the past he distrusts fries.


Is his wife, Kim Kardashian, the fries in this instance? He does love writing about her, so it would make sense that everyone in this McDonald’s world would be the ones jealous of her, at least in his eyes. And at the very end, he could be the “smooth apple pie,” who isn’t jealous and isn’t trying to take her down.

With Kanye, who knows?

h/t the verge

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We Never Knew Anyone Could Be THIS Excited About A McRib Until We Saw This Guy


The infamous McDonald’s McRib has garnered a cult following since it’s debut in 1981. Never staying on the menu for longer than a few months, the sandwich continues to return to the fast food chain year after year.

To say that YouTuber Michael Jones loves a McRib is an understatement. If we had this guy’s enthusiasm for anything, we’d probably be at the top of our profession.

Made with a slab of ground pork shoulder meat smothered in McDonald’s signature BBQ sauce, the sandwich is topped with a few pieces of white onions and pickles on an extra long bun.


In the video, Jones orders 12 McRib sandwiches and takes them home. For about 3 minutes, he passionately expresses how much he appreciates the pork patty product. You can gauge the intensity by how much the camera shakes when he speaks.

Finally, Jones removes the patties and toppings from 11 of the buns and stacks them together to eat. Gotta admire his devotion to the McRib.

Check out the video below.


McDonald’s Claims the ‘McRib Comes Back When It Wants to’


So, now McDonald’s is messing with us, trying to get cute with their user-generated questions. They were asked why the McRib is seasonal, and they basically answered by telling us all, “Fuck you.” Well, they actually tried to be cutesy about it by saying that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and that “the McRib comes back when it wants to come back.”

There’s a time and a place for everything, but you should never mess around when it comes to the McRib. Give it to us straight, McDonald’s. Now I don’t know if I can trust any of the other questions you’ve answered.

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McDonald’s Addresses That Nasty McRib Photo We All Retweeted Last Year


The McRib is currently making its annual appearance in McDonald’s stores across the US and with the fast food chain doing its Mythbuster-esque video series, they’ve decided to shed some light on that terrible looking frozen McRib photo that circulated around this time last year.

Granted, most unprepared food looks unappetizing, but McDonald’s took a pretty good hit through social media and probably felt the need to explain.

So, yes, McDonald’s flash freezes their McRibs, and they’re very transparent about it in the video. They set up the video by introducing a man who supposedly retweeted the photo of the frozen McRib last year and was disgusted by it. They then took him and Grant Imahara, the guy who’s been hosting these videos, on a tour to show how the McRib is made.

Like the other videos in this series, nothing shocking is shown. They just show the process of how the pork is prepared and explain how it’s shipped to stores.

I won’t lie, I love the McRib and wouldn’t care if they used Mr. Freeze’s nut sack to flash-freeze them. Just take all my money.

PicThx Reddit

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The McRib Will Only Be Available in Select Stores This Year


McDonald’s is going to be stingy with their McRib this year, which is unfortunate because that’s probably one of the only menu items people get excited for.

According to CNBC, McDonald’s isn’t going to do a national rollout, instead it will only be offered at “participating restaurants.”

McDonald’s will be letting each individual store make the decision if they feel it should be carried there.

McDonald’s has been struggling a bit in sales lately, dropping 1.5 percent last quarter. They’re really pulling all the stops trying to increase sales by giving away coffee, hoping the Monopoly peel-and-win game catches on, and even hiring a professional Mythbuster to try and prove their food is legit.

I think I can speak for everyone in saying that if it takes more than two minutes to find a location that carries the McRib, we’re going to have problems, McDonald’s.

H/T CNBC, PicThx MarianoAvarr

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McDonalds World Cup Sandwiches Pay Homage to Competing Countries


The World Cup games begin in a few short weeks and the games’ official restaurant is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the global event. McDonalds debuted their special edition fry boxes earlier this week but along with the redesign the fast food chain has created new themed menu items.

The new sandwiches are available at over 800 Brazil Mickey D’s locations now until June 25 with a different sandwich available every day of the week, celebrating seven competing countries: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

The McBrazil is available on Sundays and features an angus beef patty topped with mayonnaise, Brazilian vinaigrette, lettuce and emmental cheese.


The McSpain, available on Mondays, is fancier McChicken topped with olive oil mayo, spicy bacon cheese, tomato and lettuce.

The McGermany takes over the Tuesday menu with a McRib-esque sandwich, german mustard sauce, red onion, pickles and bacon spicy cheese.

The McFrance takes a fancy turn on Wednesdays with its triple cheese topped sandwich: grated parmesan cheese, crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, melty cream cheese, and emmental cheese


The McItaly aka a pizza burger will be on the menu on Thursdays. This burger is topped with pepperoni, tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese, and Polpettone meat.

The McArgentina features a meaty burger and is available on Fridays. The burger comes topped with a chimichurri mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and cheddar.

The McUSA burger definitely represents ‘Murica well. Available on Saturdays the double pattied angus beef burger is topped with barbecue sauce, crispy onions, pickles, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

Hey McDonalds, the US celebrates the World Cup too! Why the hell don’t we have these burgers here?!

H/T + PicThx HuffPo