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McDonald’s Cuts Menu Items And All-Day Breakfast Due To COVID-19

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like McDonald’s will be going through a pretty big change in the weeks to come. Fans of the fast food giant may soon find a much more limited menu upon their next visit.

According to Business Insider, an internal document from McDonald’s states that they plan on cutting some menu items in efforts to simplify their nationwide over the next few weeks.

This means you might not see items such as grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken salads, or chicken tenders for a while.

McDonald’s senior Vice President of operations Bill Garrett, told Business Insider that this is to simplify operations in the kitchens and for the McDonald’s crew and create the best experience (in this viral crisis) for customers.

Another big blow to the menu is that McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast will take a, hopefully, temporary step back. Items such as the Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffin, McGriddles, and Biscuits will only be available once again during breakfast hours.

No word yet on when this will officially take place, but we’re optomistic that once the pandemic ends we’ll see the All-Day Breakfast Menu and slashed items return to the Golden Arches one day. Until then, we bid a sorrowful see you later.

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The Healthiest Foods You Can Order At McDonald’s

When you’re on a diet and you find yourself at McDonald’s with your friends, you can either be that person who doesn’t get anything, or you can peek at the menu and see what fits within your dietary guidelines.

Earlier this year, I reached out to a personal trainer who put together a meal plan for me, as I was looking to lose a little weight. He would absolutely kill me if I told him I incorporated some fast food here and there, but full disclosure, I carefully added some fast food here and there. Trying to stay within my trainer’s instructions of no fried food, no beef or pork, and very little, if any carbohydrates, I dropped 17 pounds in about six weeks, by eating high protein amounts, and low carbohydrates.

McDonald’s has a pretty large and intimidating menu, but if you look closely, you’ll find some items that aren’t deep fried, or loaded with fat.

Yes, even a fast food giant like McDonald’s, that dishes out burgers, french fries, and ice cream, has menu items that can get you by when in a diet pinch.

Everyone’s diet is different, and this list has not been medically approved, but if you’ve ever looked for diet advice, anywhere, it’s always generally the same thing. The human body hasn’t changed that much over the years, and we still need to watch our calorie-intake, macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates), and workout regularly.

Keep in mind, McDonald’s still isn’t the model of healthy food, but these are just suggestions from a food writer who knows what it’s like to be on a diet, and stare at a menu, hoping to find an opportunity to “cheat clean.”



Egg White Delight

The Egg White Delight was meant to be a low-calorie breakfast option that’s packed with protein, and if you’re really trying to watch your carb intake, just remove the muffins and it’ll drop the carb total to 3g. I know, that sucks, but sometimes you have to sacrifice.

Calories: 260 (120 w/o muffin)

Fat: 8g (7g w/o muffin)

Carbs: 29g (3g w/o muffin)

Protein: 16g (11g w/o muffin)


Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait

McDonald’s uses yogurt with low fat milk, strawberries, blueberries, and low fat granola. There is quite a lot of carbohydrates (30g) with not a lot of fiber to show for it, but it’s low-calorie, low fat, and has 10% of your daily recommended calcium intake.

Calories: 150

Fat: 2g

Carbs: 30g

Protein: 4g


Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

Unless you’re reducing your carb intake, oatmeal is always a safe bet for breakfast. The oatmeal comes with diced apples, cranberry raisin blend, and light cream. The carbs are a little high in their oatmeal, but if you want, you can eliminate the cranberry and raisin blend, and reduce that carb count from 62g, to 46g.

Calories: 310

Fat: 4g

Carbs: 62g

Protein: 6g



Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

McDonald’s has done a good job of getting rid of artificial preservatives from their chicken, and the simplest of their sandwiches would be the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It carries a hell of a protein punch, even if you decide to go bunless. It’s still packed with sodium at 1,110mg, but again, this list about just getting something when you’re in a pinch, and fast food is in your line of vision.

Calories: 380 (160 w/o bun)

Fat: 7g (4g w/o bun)

Carbs: 44g (2g w/o bun)

Protein: 37g (29g w/o bun)


Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken

Again, their grilled chicken sandwiches aren’t the worst. Ideally, you’d want a whole grain bread when you decide to get one, but at least their artisan rolls have 4 grams of fiber, which is a decent amount. You’d probably want to ask for it without ranch to cut down the total fat content, and if you’re carb-conscious, go bun-less. Or you can just order a regular Artisan Grilled Chicken and ask for guac on the side.

Calories: 520 (470 w/o ranch) (250 w/o bun or ranch)

Fat: 18g (12g w/o ranch)(10g w/o bun or ranch)

Carbs: 50g (48 w/o ranch)(7g w/o bun or ranch)

Protein: 40g (40 w/o ranch)(32g w/o bun or ranch)



Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad

Not all salads are created equal, and you should probably stay away from McDonald’s buttermilk, or ranch-heavy salads, as the fat content is comparable to their burgers. The Southwest Grilled Chicken salad, however, isn’t quite as bad. If you want to reduce the fat and carbs a bit more, you can ask for it without tortilla strips, but overall, the macro-nutrients aren’t too bad.

Calories: 350 (320 w/o tortilla strips)

Fat: 12g (10g w/o tortilla strips)

Carbs: 27g (22g w/o tortilla strips)

Protein: 37g (36g w/o tortilla strips)

Fiber: 6g


Water, Coffee, and Milk

Don’t mess around too much here. Just get water with your meal. If it’s breakfast, stick with coffee, or maybe milk if you’re not a coffee person. The 1 percent milk stands in at 100 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 grams of protein. Water and black coffee don’t have much nutritional value, aside from the coffee’s 1 gram of carbs, and 2 grams of protein.

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McDonald’s Reveals Their Entire Breakfast History

McDonald’s had it pretty rough last year with their sales. However, things turned around for the company once they started offering All Day Breakfast for select items, and more recently, the complete breakfast menu.

As a result, customers have been flocking to the fast food chain to get their breakfast fix at all hours of the day. The Golden Arches reported that a huge amount of orders from lunch or dinner include Sausage McMuffins or a similar breakfast dish.

In some key insights into the appeal of their breakfast menu options, McDonald’s finally revealed the entire history of their breakfast with a new infographic chronicling the timeline for the popular menu.

The infographic can be seen below and takes a fast food journey through the early morning rushes of McDonald’s’ past. The Egg McMuffin being around for 45 years really puts its enduring appeal into perspective.


Photo: McDonald’s
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McDonald’s Is Testing Breakfast Happy Meals


This week McDonald’s finally expanded their breakfast menu to include the beloved McGriddle, something that’s been desperately desired since the company announced All Day Breakfast.

Coinciding with that expansion, the fast food chain is now testing Breakfast Happy Meals.

As part of All Day Breakfast, McDonald’s is offering two new Happy Meal kids’ entrees. The two choices are two McGriddle Cakes or a meatless Egg & Cheese McMuffin.

The Happy Meals come with the choice of two sides. Parents, or kids, can pick between apple slices, strawberry yogurt, hash browns (when available), or kid-sized fries (for lunch or dinner).  Beverages available with the kids’ meal are: Minute Maid Apple Juice, Low Fat White Milk, or Fat Free Chocolate Milk.

Currently, All Day Breakfast Happy Meals are testing in 73 restaurants in the Tulsa market. Hopefully, with some success, they’ll expand the offering nationwide.

Though pretty childless at the moment, we’re just happy we can get our hands on some McGriddles in the middle of the day. Finally.

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How To Make The Entire McDonald’s Breakfast Menu At Home


While McDonald’s has begun offering all-day breakfast, much to our delight, we still have to roll out of bed at a reasonable hour to get the full Mickey D’s breakfast menu. Items like the Sausage McGriddle and Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuits won’t be around come noontime.

The guy over at HellthyJunkFood were kind enough to show everyone how to make the 10 most beloved things on the McDonald’s breakfast menu right at home.

Breakfast items include the Sausage Biscuit, Sausage McMuffin, Sausage Burrito, Sausage Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns, Egg McMuffin, Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes, McGriddles, Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel and the Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel.

The channel also includes a side-by-side comparison of both the calorie counts (there’s a disclaimer that says it’s just a guideline) and the costs of the homemade variations versus the fast food originals.

Something to think about when you’re looking to sleep in a bit and still satiate those breakfast menu cravings.

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McDonald’s May Begin Serving Breakfast ALL DAY, EVERYWHERE


Looks like the dream of an all-day McDonald’s breakfast might be coming true. An internal memo sent by McDonald’s Corp. to franchisees tells the store owners to get ready for a potential national launch of the morning menu, NRN reports.

Apparently, results from the all-day breakfast tests in San Diego and Nashville we “encouraging” enough to warrant national preparation. While it’s not a guarantee that they’ll make the national launch official, they’re getting everyone ready in case it does happen.

According to NRN, McDonald’s says that serving the breakfast menu all day is the number one request they get from customers. Currently, they serve breakfast until 10:30 a.m. every morning and 11:00 a.m. on weekends. Due to the having too many ingredients between the lunch menu and breakfast, serving an all-day breakfast menu would prove complicated for franchisees to execute.

Breakfast sales are typically consistent, despite decline in McDonalds’ overall sales. If a breakfast does expand to an all-day menu, McDonald’s might very well see a rise in sales.

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McDonald’s Introducing New Steak Breakfast Items


It’s a late night in Vegas. You’ve miraculously found your way back to your hotel room, your not-so-designated driver’s passed the f@#k out and you’re fiending – fiending! – for $5 steak and eggs. Do you steal the keys and lurch your inebriated ass down to Tuscany off the strip? Do you ignore your unbearable, unfathomable foot pain and hoof it?

Not if McDonald’s has a say. Along with the new Mighty Wings and Egg White McMuffin, the Golden Arches are introducing a new Steak, Egg and Cheese Biscuit, Bagel and McMuffin as part of their upgraded menu. Granted, $5 anywhere else in Vegas gets you your choice of steak temperature, egg style, toast type and hash browns whereas $5 at McDonald’s probably just gets you an overcooked patty on some bread (“premium” menu items, you know).

But as long as it’s included on the Breakfast After Midnight menu, who’s complaining? Everyone who walked all the way to Tuscany, that’s for sure.

H/T + PicThx Bloomberg News


Craving: The Mc 10:35

Part McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, part McDouble. Apparently, this little cutie is called the Mc 10:35 because it can only be ordered at exactly 10:35 a.m., the time when you can simultaneously request items from both the breakfast menu and their normal menu. I’ve heard of this in legend before, but to see it materialized in such a nicely photographed manner is definitely something I can appreciate. I’m starving. (PicThx EpicPortions)