WATCH Daym Drops’ Hilarious Review Of The LOBSTER-FILLED McSurf & Turf Burger


In a bit of food bloggerception, one of our favorite YouTubers reviewed a freaky creation from one of our favorite Instagrammers.

Let’s back up a bit.

In states like Maine and Massachusetts, where you can find great lobster anywhere, McDonald’s thought it’d try its hand in the lobster game.

Insert the infamously foul-mouthed Vulgar Chef.

He took the questionable McLobster and mashed it together with a Big Mac to create a pretty dank looking McSurf & Turf Burger.

One of the funniest YouTuber’s out there, Daym Drops, has a special name for crazy mashups like this, as he often has reviews what he calls, “Hood Burgers.” Daym put together a McSurf & Turf himself and gave his always-honest opinion on it.

Check out Daym’s review of The Vulgar Chef’s McSurf & Turf burger:

picthx The Vulgar Chef

Fast Food

McDonald’s Canada Offers Vegetarian Wraps, Chain’s First Meat-Free Item in a Decade


For the first time in more than a decade, McDonald’s Canada is rolling out new vegetarian entrees: a Mediterranean wrap and a Santa Fe wrap.

While many are put out that McDonald’s didn’t go the veggie burger route, a failed experiment last seen in 2004, these new meatless options still cater to the 71 percent of Canadians who “sometimes” seek veggie-only options. The Mediterranean wrap comes stuffed with garlic hummus, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, lettuce and a Mediterranean sauce, while the Santa Fe packs roasted corn, black beans, a cheddar and Monteray Jack blend, tortilla chips, red onions, chili lime glaze, tomatoes and a southwest sauce. Both wraps are whole-wheat and are being sold for $4.39 each.

“Wraps play much more to the ethnic and diverse nature of Canada,” said John Betts, CEO of McDonald’s Canada. “And they’re just more popular – particularly with the Millennial group.”

Sigh, again with the Millenials.

According to the Canadian National Post, the McWrap line has been tweaked to suit “Canuck tastes” and Canada’s love of “mixed mouthfeel.” Pause. “Canadians like crispy, crunchy things, so we often add onion crisps or red pepper crisps,” Anne Parks, director of menu management for McDonald’s Canada, told the Post.

As a Canadian myself, I can confirm that, yes, we do love crispy, crunchy “things.” However, I’m pretty sure our brethren here in the States feel the same. Thus, let’s stop keeping all the good stuff for ourselves and start sharing a little. McLobster and Mickey D’s Poutine, that includes you.

H/T National Post +PicThx McDonald’s