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Hardee’s Take on the McGriddle Is Launching Amidst Chain’s Breakfast Expansion

Hardee’s, the sister chain to Carl’s Jr., is starting to expand their breakfast menu with a mix of limited-time offers and new test items. The figurehead amongst those is a Hardee’s McGriddle copycat they’re calling the Hot Cakes Breakfast Sandwich.

hardee's mcgriddle
Photo courtesy of Hardee’s. Background: Jonathan Weiss // Shutterstock

Consisting of a sausage patty and folded scrambled eggs in between two hot cakes, the sandwich also comes with a side of syrup to get the full McGriddle experience. It’s not exactly the same as having syrup crystallized into the pancake batter, but you still get that blend of sweet and savory that the breakfast sandwich is known for.

A major difference between this sandwich and McDonald’s original is that the Hardee’s sandwich does not have cheese on it as a default option.

The sandwich is going to be available alongside a Hot Cakes Breakfast Platter for a limited time, starting August 19th. Each sandwich will cost $3, putting it in the same price range as the McDonald’s version.

Photo courtesy of Hardee’s

Hardee’s is also testing a couple of other breakfast items at the same time, one of which is this Hand-Breaded Chicken & Waffle Sandwich that comes slathered in maple butter. It appears to be the chain’s answer to Honey Butter Chicken breakfast sandwiches that have begun appearing at national chains like Wendy’s.

The sandwich will be available from August 19th to September 22nd in Columbia, South Carolina, Huntsville, Alabama, and Des Moines, Iowa, for a price of $4.49.

Photo courtesy of Hardee’s

The other item Hardee’s is testing out is a Biscuit Double Cheeseburger that gives you the option for a breakfast burger without the usual inclusion of scrambled or fried eggs. This will be available from August 19th to September 22nd in Little Rock, Arkansas and Nashville. It comes at a cost of $2.99 per sandwich.

These same two test markets will also be trying out extended breakfast hours that last until 2 p.m.

This post was updated to reflect changes in market testing.

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McDonald’s Adds Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuits To Its Official Breakast Lineup

Chicken McGriddles are nothing new to longtime McDonald’s eaters, as they’ve been tested a couple of times and can be ordered via the secret menu right around 10:30 every morning. However, we have our first official signs that McDonald’s may be bringing the cult favorite nationwide.

Photo: Evan Lancaster // Foodbeast

In Southern California, Chicken McGriddles have been popping up on value breakfast menus at several locations. They’re mainly sold as part of a 2 for $3 deal, and some locations even have them on the $1 $2 $3 menu during the AM hours.

Photo: Evan Lancaster // Foodbeast

The other half of that 2 for $3 deal is a relatively new sandwich to the McDonald’s crowd: McChicken Biscuits. These sandwiches aren’t 100% identical to the original McChicken, since there’s no lettuce or mayo inside of the fried chicken biscuit. However, it does give McDonald’s a morning meal option akin to those that Chick-fil-A and Whataburger have been slinging for years now.

Photo: Evan Lancaster // Foodbeast

Both items can be currently viewed on the McDonald’s website, although no official photos of either item have gone up yet. The McChicken Biscuit is listed at 430 calories and 1060 mg of sodium per sandwich, while the Chicken McGriddle contains 390 calories and 1000 mg of sodium.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether this distribution will be spread out across the nation, or if this is just a major regional test. McDonald’s has yet to respond to a request for comment from Foodbeast on the new sandwiches.

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These Guys Created A $120 McDonald’s McGriddle, Here’s What’s In It

Arguably one of Mcdonald’s best breakfast items is the McGriddle. The iconic fast food sandwich features your favorite breakfast staples such as egg, bacon or sausage, cheese, and pancake buns.

Good Mythical Morning teamed up with Josh Scherer, also known as Culinary BroDown, as the trio set out to create essentially the world’s most expensive McGriddle.

To do so, they took the core elements of the breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheese, meat, and bun) and rounded up some elevated alternatives to cook with.

Fancy McGriddle ingredients included ostrich and duck eggs, jamon iberico, black truffle, barrel-aged maple syrup, and vella dry jack. The various meats were blended together and fried, while the syrup was rendered and frozen into cubes to be added to the pancake batter. The ostrich and duck eggs were then turned into an omelet as golden as McDonald’s arches.

The elevated breakfast sandwich tallied up to about $120.43. Here’s the financial breakdown:


For comparison, a regular McDonald’s McGriddle sells for about $3.29. For one of these $120 sandwiches, you could pretty much buy 36 McGriddles from the drive-thru. Maybe less if you decide to splurge on some OJ and a hash brown.

Gotta admit, I would not mind trying half of that $120 McGriddle. It’s just not something I’d see myself eating on my daily commute. Check out the video to see how they pull it off.


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McDonald’s New Chicken McGriddle Is Everything You Want For Breakfast


Photo: FOX35 Orlando

We predicted that fried chicken for breakfast would be a hit for 2017. Looks like McDonald’s is agreeing with us on that part.

After successful tests of the Chicken McGriddle in Ohio last year, McDonald’s has released the sandwich into various locations in Florida. Spoon University reports that this new sandwich has only been released in this area for a limited time, and will be on the all-day breakfast menu until April 26th.

This is an incredible fast food take on chicken and waffles: a crispy fried piece of chicken from the McChicken sandwich, combined with the sweet and pillowy McGriddle pancake exterior. It’s not a massive calorie overload, either  (while McDonald’s doesn’t have an official picture of the sandwich on their website, the nutritional info lists a single sandwich to be 390 calories). Although the 15 grams of fat and 1000 mg of sodium are a bit hurtful.

With fried chicken on the rise in breakfast, we expect this sandwich to be a huge hit, and hope that it comes to restaurants across the country in the near future so we can enjoy the Chicken McGriddle for ourselves.

Until then, enjoy the new breakfast sandwich, Florida. And let us know what you think of it!

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McDonald’s Is Testing Breakfast Happy Meals


This week McDonald’s finally expanded their breakfast menu to include the beloved McGriddle, something that’s been desperately desired since the company announced All Day Breakfast.

Coinciding with that expansion, the fast food chain is now testing Breakfast Happy Meals.

As part of All Day Breakfast, McDonald’s is offering two new Happy Meal kids’ entrees. The two choices are two McGriddle Cakes or a meatless Egg & Cheese McMuffin.

The Happy Meals come with the choice of two sides. Parents, or kids, can pick between apple slices, strawberry yogurt, hash browns (when available), or kid-sized fries (for lunch or dinner).  Beverages available with the kids’ meal are: Minute Maid Apple Juice, Low Fat White Milk, or Fat Free Chocolate Milk.

Currently, All Day Breakfast Happy Meals are testing in 73 restaurants in the Tulsa market. Hopefully, with some success, they’ll expand the offering nationwide.

Though pretty childless at the moment, we’re just happy we can get our hands on some McGriddles in the middle of the day. Finally.

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How To Make The Entire McDonald’s Breakfast Menu At Home


While McDonald’s has begun offering all-day breakfast, much to our delight, we still have to roll out of bed at a reasonable hour to get the full Mickey D’s breakfast menu. Items like the Sausage McGriddle and Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuits won’t be around come noontime.

The guy over at HellthyJunkFood were kind enough to show everyone how to make the 10 most beloved things on the McDonald’s breakfast menu right at home.

Breakfast items include the Sausage Biscuit, Sausage McMuffin, Sausage Burrito, Sausage Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns, Egg McMuffin, Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes, McGriddles, Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel and the Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel.

The channel also includes a side-by-side comparison of both the calorie counts (there’s a disclaimer that says it’s just a guideline) and the costs of the homemade variations versus the fast food originals.

Something to think about when you’re looking to sleep in a bit and still satiate those breakfast menu cravings.

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McDonald’s Testing A Fried Chicken Version Of The McGriddle


It’s been a while since McDonald’s added a new breakfast sandwich. We still remember the southern chicken biscuit fondly. According to Columbus Business First, select McDonald’s in Central Ohio are testing a new McGriddle made with crispy chicken patties.

The Chicken McGriddle can be found at 11 McDonald’s locations in the state. Made with the fast food chain’s pancake buns filled with syrup and a fried chicken patty the new McGriddle is probably the closest one can get to fried chicken and waffles sandwich from a major fast food chain.

McDonald’s recently made breakfast available all day, albeit with a smaller selection. One of the fan-favorite items missing was the McGriddle. A few weeks ago, however, we reported that the company was trying out McGriddles as an all-day option.

In a perfect world, the Chicken McGriddles will make a national release and eventually grace all-day menus.

In a perfect world.

Photo: McDonald’s

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SPOTTED: McDonald’s Testing Chicken & Waffles


It has begun. McDonald’s is taking on the chicken and waffles game, “McD’s Style.”

The above photo was snapped by ever-vigilant Foodbeast reader @wakko824 at an Amerige Heights location in Fullerton, California. The “Chicken & Waffles” combo includes the chain’s recently debuted Mighty Wings paired with a few classic McGriddle pancakes and a side of Hotcake Syrup. We see what you did there, guys.

The move was probably the next logical step for the chain to take after the Mighty Wings launch earlier this month, as the combo simply offers existing items under a new format. However, I’m going to be the jerk that points out McDonald’s is doing it wrong. Mainly because pancakes will never be delicious enough to trick us into thinking they’re waffles.

C’mon McD’s, did you really think we wouldn’t notice?

Still, $3.99 for these, ahem, Chicken & Waffles seems reasonable for fast food home-style cooking. If you get a chance to try them out, let us know in the comments.